Episode 1 of the 7th season - part 2


Next Day ...

Scene: the four are leaving in Phoebe’s Grandma’s cab

Monica: This is going to be so fun!

Phoebe: A whole weekend in a cabin!

Monica: No… not the cabin… the ski resort.

Joey: A ski resort???

Monica: Yeah, remember??

Chandler: We are marooning Ross and Rachel in the cabin… while they are stuck in the cabin, we get to chill out at a first-class sky resort!

Joey: Cool! Hot girls!

Monica: Okay, we’d better get going. We have to beat the storm.

Joey: I’m scared of storms!

Monica: Then let's go!

Joey: I don’t want to now!

Monica: Remember, Hot girls, Jacuzzis, and snow!

Chandler: (in a dream voice directed towards Joey) Hot girls… Jacuzzis… Snow…

Joey: Ok, ok!

Phoebe: Chandler, you have a fiancé!

Chandler: SO, oh sorry Mon

Monica: It’s ok but don’t you ever say that again got that….

Chandler: YES MA

Monica: And don’t ever call me that

Chandler: YES MA

Phoebe: Chandler

Chandler: what

Phoebe and Monica: Shut up

(Later that night Ross and Rachel are in a cab Rachel has a book that she is reading and Ross is looking out the window, Rachel has a gray t-shirt, blue jeans and a dark red coat. Ross has a dark blue sweeter, with blue jeans and a black coat.)


Ross: (still looking out the window) Rach

Rachel: (still reading her book) what

Ross: looks like a bad storm, do you think that we should call Monica and them and see if maybe it would be better next weekend?

Rachel: (looks up at him from her book) No it’s fine Ross

Ross: (kind of whiny) are you sure?

Rachel: (getting mad) yes

Ross: ok

(Phoebe, Monica and Chandler and sitting and talk)

Phoebe: what happened to Joey?

Chandler: (dreamily) Hot girls

Monica: (Yelling a little) CHANDLER

(Ross and Rachel are walking in the snow its about waist deep)

Ross: Rach look at the bird…

Rachel: Shut up Ross (she mad because she’s cold and wet and Ross has been wining all the way, because he didn’t want to get cold) here we are…

(They walk to the door and see a note)

*Dear Ross and Rachel,

It was really snowing when we got here so we went to the ski resort. Hope to see you there… Here is the number

(846-9241) I am in room 4 with Chandler, and Phoebe is in Room 10, Joey is in room 21 but who know how much he will be there!




Ross: see I told you should have called! (Trying to make a point)

Rachel: Shut up (knowing that he is right)

Ross: so know what know?

Rachel: well I don’t think that a cab is coming back up here to get us and they have are stuff, (thinks) I’m going to kill Monica!

Ross: well let’s get inside and dry off and go from there.

(Monica,Chandler,Joey and Phoebe are sitting about talking)

Chandler: So do you think that Ross and Rachel are ready to kill us?

Joey: Maybe not Ross but definitely Rach…..(Trail off as we see a woman walk by. Joey gets up and runs after her)

Phoebe: I am with Joey. Rachel is about ready to kill some one…….poor Ross!

Monica: why would she be mad?

Phoebe: Hello we didn’t even leave them their things.

Monica: Oh she’s going to kill me!

Chandler: you can out run her!

Phoebe and Monica: SHUT UP

(Ross and Rachel are looking for something to change into)

Rachel: OH OH I found two blankets

Ross: what good is that going to do us right know…

Rachel: Oh I don’t know maybe keeping us from freezing to death!

Ross: fine but keep looking…

(Rachel walks out of the room)

Ross: Rachel (wait for her to say some thing) Rachel (waits again) RACHEL (Finely walks out of the room to see Rachel undressing and Raping the blanket around herself)

Rachel: (turns around to see Ross looking at her) Here (hands him a dry blanket and walks out, Ross just looks at her as she leaves)

(Monica and Chandler in there room)

Chandler: Monica (BTW she’s is in the bathroom)

Monica: (coming on of the bathroom) what Hon

Chandler: do you think that we should practice for our honeymoon?

Monica: (quietly) Chandler,

Chandler: so what do you say?

Monica: OK (they start kissing on the bed)

(Joey is sitting in the hot tub hoping to get a girl.)

Joey: (to some girl in a blue swimsuit) how you doin'?

Girl: good and you?

(As Phoebe walks up and sits next to him)

Phoebe: hey Joe

(As the girl walk away because she think that Phoebe is his girl friend)

Joey: Phoebe, now she thinks that you are my girlfriend!

Phoebe: and is that a bad thing?

Joey: well yes because now I not going to have sex tonight!

Phoebe: Oh you are going to have sex tonight, with a blond.

Joey: what does she look like?

Phoebe: I can’t see her just that she is blond.

Joey: (thinks “I know Joey thinking” looks at Phoebe) how you doin'?

Phoebe: good how about you baby?

(Ok now we leave Phoebe and Joey to whatever they are going to do)

(Ross and Rachel and sitting by the fireplace which some how they got wood for, still in their blankets)

Ross: Rachel

Rachel: what (still mad)

Ross: I am sorry that I didn’t listen to you.

Rachel: you should be.

Ross: Rach how come ever time we talk it turns in to a fight?

Rachel: I don’t know, maybe if you hadn’t sleep with some one else this wouldn’t be happening.

Ross: God how many times do I have to say I am sorry Rach.

Rachel: I don’t know Ross you tell me?

Ross: (trying not to get mad) Can’t we just work through this?

Rachel: I don’t know!

Ross: it’s been four years Rachel! (She doesn’t say any thing) you know what Rachel? Do you

Rachel: know what?

Ross: the night that you said we should have a break.

Rachel: (cutting him off) you slept with some one else Ross.

Ross: Rachel Listen to me.

Rachel: fine

Ross: I was going to ask to marry me…(it gets real quit)

Rachel: you where?

Ross: (shyly) yes

Rachel: god why didn’t you tell me Ross?

Ross: I don’t know I guess because I thought you would blow up at me.

(Back to Monica and Chandler, they are still in bed be just laying under the covers)

Chandler: how was that?

Monica: that was great, Ok I am going to get dressed and find Phoebe.

Chandler: oh why not just stay here with me?

Monica: sorry but I told Phoebe that I would go skiing with her later!

Chandler: Fine

(In and Hotel Room you see Joey and a blond kissing on the bed. Then you see that it is Phoebe, J )

(Back to Ross and Rachel, Ross is asleep on the floor and Rachel is sitting in the chair thinking)

(Flash back, as with or with out you plays)

... There fist kiss ... The prom kiss ... The Brake up ...

(Back to reality, we see Rachel sitting in the chair crying)

(Monica is knocking on Phoebes Hotel room)

Monica: Phoebe are you there, maybe Joey?

(Monica is now Knocking on Joey hotel room door)

Monica: Joey

(You see J&P running around trying to hide Phoebe)

Monica: JOEY

(From inside)

Joey: Coming, Hey Mon what can I do for you?

Monica: Oh Joe I am sorry I didn’t know that you had a girl in here!

Joey: that’s ok Mon

Monica: have you seen Phoebe?

Phoebe: (from hiding) Hey Monica

Monica: OMG you two you two OMG (runs out)

Joey: why did you do that?

(Back to R&R they are up, Rachel looks like she didn’t sleep at all last night and has been crying all night, Ross looks great. And it looks like Rachel is in a real bad mood to)

Ross: Good Morning Rachel

Rachel: (she mumbles some thing like hi)

Ross: what's up with you? You look horrible.

Rachel: thanks, and I didn’t sleep last night at all (knowing that now she will have to tell him why)

Ross: and that would be why?

Rachel: um I was will kind of thinking of um

Ross: of um what

Rachel: (yells it and walks out of the room) US

(Ross looks after her in shocked)

(Monica comes running back in to hers and Chandler room, Chandlers this in bed)

Chandler: I know you couldn’t stay away for long

Monica: (out of breath) Phoebe, Joey

Chandler: what about Phoebe and Joey

Monica: (has her breath back now) Phoebe and Joey sleep together!

Chandler: OMG

Monica: I know

(Phoebe and Joey)

Joey: (nerves) so Phoebe how are you?

Phoebe: Joey we just slept together and you ask how I am!

Joey: well I don’t know what else to say, or what to do, I mean are we together or did we just have a one night stand?

Phoebe: I don’t know what do you think?

Joey: well I think that we could be good together don’t you?

P: so we are together?

Joey: Sure why not!

(Ross and Rachel, Rachel is sitting in her room crying and Ross walks)

Ross: Rachel (shdoesn’t say anything) Rachel don’t cry, it’s going to be ok!

Rachel: (in a kind of scratchy, mad voice) how do you know?

Ross: what do you want from me I mean do you what to get back together or stay “friends”? I still love you Rachel I allways have and allways will love you Rachel you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Rachel: (she's not mad any more just dumstruck “ or you could say she’s in a blond moment) I don’t know Ross.

Ross: Rachel I can’t keep doing this, either we don’t get together or we do I need to know right here and right now!

Rachel: well I um

Ross: what yes or no

Rachel: No I mean yes yes lets be us again!

(They kiss much like there first kiss! “with or with out you plays”)


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