The Geller Bunch

by Lili


This is my first drama-drama fanfic :) Itís based on a book Tina recommended to me and I absolutely loved it! The story goes kinda like this: Rachel and Ross got married right after the Chloe incident, be cause she found out she was pregnant. They had a baby girl Erin, then the twins Dylan and Jen, and then Gaby, but when she became pregnant again, two years after Gaby, she just couldnít handle all that anymore and, without letting Ross know about anything, she ran away. She moved out to Buffalo and never came back. Eleven years later, one of her kids takes a trip and they accidentally meet... this causes a lot of twists and turn is everyoneís lives. Now, Erin is 16, Dylan and Jen, 14, Gaby, 13 and Alyssa, the one Rachel was pregnant with, is 11.

The other Friends are in here too :) Monica and Chandler are married and have two kids: Nick, 15, and Katie, 13.

Phoebe and Joey are both divorced and each one has a kid: Julian, 13, and Claudia, 12, respectivally.

The lines between "" are like those black & white monologues they have in Once&Again. If you never saw it, itís just the characters talking about their lives in a black & white screen.

I wanted to thank Gabi, the best friend in the world! And Naty, watch out with the spoon, girl! You guys helped me like no one would with this fanfic and the important things in life ;) Love you always!!




~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ RossíníRach ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

[Scene: some school in NY. Itís around 2:30h and the students were just dismissed. A 16-year-old, Erin, is walking down the school garden, going home. Two other girls, Gaby and Katie, both 13, catch up to her.]

GABY: Hello, you.

ERIN: Hi! How was the test today?

GABY/KATIE: Killer/Toasty

ERIN: What happened?

GABY: Two thirds through the test, that stupid Susan throws a ruler with all the answers on my table.

ERIN: And thatís bad?

KATIE: The teacher thought it was mine.

GABY: So, the Gellers will be at the principalís office tomorrow morning. Fantastic, hu?

ERIN: Let me be the first to say that youíre screwed.

KATIE: We were aware of that... but anyway, how was chemistry class today?

GABY: Already made the potion of loooove? (she laughs with Katie)

ERIN: (smiling shily) Guys, it is nothing like that! Rich is just my... partner.

GABY: Oh, come on! Who goes to school all dressed up like that?

ERIN: I am not dressed up!

KATIE: What did you do to your hair?

ERIN: Baby-liss. Like it?

(Gaby and Katie look at Erin like "aw, please!")

ERIN: (still embarassed) Ok, you are both going to hell.

(they all laugh and continue their way)


[Scene: Rossís house. Ross is in the kitchen with two 14-year-olds, Dylan and Jen. Ross is preparing lunch, while Dylan makes juice and Jen reads something on the table.]

ROSS: Jen, where are the girls?

JEN: They left with Katie, they should be here by now.

DYLAN: Juiceís done.

JEN: Perfect, why donít you go to your bedroom and get that book back you borrowed for me?

DYLAN: Youíre not doing anything, why donít you go?

JEN: You were the one got it!

ROSS: Jen, please, no fight.

JEN: (reluctant) Alright, where is it?

DYLAN: Itís under momís portrait, on my nightstand.

(Rossís face frowns as he continues with lunch)


[Scene: Buffalo, NY. A quite large apartment, very modern. Thereís an 11-year-old girl, Alyssa, layed on the floor of the living room with her belly down, drawing. Rachel enters from the kitchen door.]

RACH: Alyssa!

ALYSSA: (o/s) In here.

(Rachel goes to the living room and kneels down next to Alyssa)

RACH: Hey, kido, what are ya doing there?


RACH: (impressed) Really? Will I get the honor of putting it up?

ALYSSA: Only if ya want to. Itís modern art. See? (points to somethings in her draw and Rachel just shakes her head and smiles) Where are we going for lunch today?

RACH: Weíre going to... (thoughtful face) the kitchen.

ALYSSA: Aw, mom!

RACH: Lyl, how long has it been since we last eaten here?

ALYSSA: Oh-kay...

(Rach smiles widely, kisses Alyssaís hair and gets up)

ALYSSA: Love ya.

RACH: Love ya too and donít forget to clean up this mess before you go to leave.


(Rachel enters her bedroom and lays down on her bed, thoughtful. Then she sits up and opens the drawer of her nightstand. She takes out a picture of her, Ross and four children. Rachel looks really hurt)


"Things got ugly. At least for me, I had no idea of how to handle all that nor how to fix my mistakes. But it wasnít exclusively my fault, it was his too." RACHEL

"I donít blame it all on her. We had our difficulties, it was hard and I know I pushed it... but nothing justifies what sheís done." ROSS

"(smiling) I have flashes of my mom sometimes. Like her smell and how she always took me out shopping after work... not a lot of memories though, but there are tons of pictures of her spread all around the house and that kinda refreshes my Ďarchiveí (laughs)" ERIN

"About three years ago, I was 10 to 11 years old, I got home from school and there was nobody there. I went through the mail and found a letter from grandma Sandra addressed to all of us. But earlier that day my dad was crying again in his bedroom, so I decided not to show it to him, only to my sister Jen." DYLAN

"In that letter, grandma told us that my mom was living in Buffalo. (pause) I thought to myself... Ďif she doesnít love us, like my dad thinks, she would be in India by now, not just four hours away from hereí (pause) I know itís a dumb thought, but that helps me keep my hopes up." JEN

"Mommy left before I was old enough to keep her alive in my head. Thereís a picture of the two of us on my nightstand... I was two in it, weíre hugging in the garden, a month or so before she left. (looks down and then looks up again smiling) She was really pretty!" GABY


[Scene: Rachelís apartment, kitchen. Thereís a guy there, Leo, cooking lunch. Rachel enters.]

RACH: Hi there.

LEO: Rach, I hope you donít mind I got a little out of the recipe.

RACH: Thatís okay, as long as itís eatable.

(Leo laughs)

"I never liked that guy. Heís been there since forever and one day I even thought was my dad. Heís the Ďmaidí (laughs) Mom has second thoughts when it comes to Leo coz she knows I donít like him, but she always treated him nice enough to push my buttons." ALYSSA

(Rachel sits on the counter and Leo finishes the cooking)

LEO: Feeling better?

RACH: (looks down) You always ask that and you know my answer.

LEO: Rach, think about yourself for a change. Each day that passes makes you worse!

RACH: Think about myself, Leo? Thatís all Iíve been doing for the past 11 years! I canít take it anymore!

LEO: Then you shouldíve thought about it earlier, itís too late now.

RACH: Why do you think Iím feeling this way?

(Leo looks at her and hugs her. Sheís almost crying. Alyssa comes to the kitchen door and watches, hurt)


[Scene: Monica and Chandlerís house. A 15-year-old boy, Nick, is tying up his shoes by the main door. Erin, Gaby and Katie enter and the door hits him, knocking him down.]

ERIN: Heya cutie!

NICK: (shooting them a look) Hurtie, you mean.

KATIE: What were you doing blocking our way, loser?

NICK: Love you too, Katie.

(she kisses his cheek)

KATIE: Please, make my day and tell me that mom is not upstairs.

NICK: She is!

KATIE: (frustrated) Ok... It was really nice having you guys as family and I love you and Iíll miss you through the eternity Iíll pass in hell, paying for my sins! (runs upstairs and they all laugh a lil bit)

NICK: Whatís with her?

GABY: PTA meeting. And not for the whole class, if ya know what I mean...

NICK: Uh-oh, what did you do now?

ERIN: I guess they wonít need to tell you, since this maybe the hot topic of conversation and cat fights for the rest of the year.

NICK: (laughs) Okay!

"I saw in Erin something so... brilliant, so glowing that it made her the best person to hang out with. Besides my cousin, sheís my best friend also." NICK

GABY: Erin, I donít mean to rush you, but dadís probably standing by the door by now, we gotta go!

ERIN: (looking at her watch) Youíre right. Iíll come by later, Nick.

NICK: Sure. (kisses both of them) Bye!


(Monica comes from upstairs sounding really mad, followed by Katie)

MON: I just cannot believe this, Katherine! All these years talking and yelling and warning and where did it get me? Precisely nowhere!

KATIE: Mom, please donít freak out! I didnít do it!

MON: I donít wanna hear it! Youíre grounded until second order! (leaves. Katie just stands there with the most frustrated look ever. Nick opens his mouth to say something)

KATIE: NO! (leaves to her bedroom and Nick looks kinda worried)

"If I could just change one thing about my life... I wouldnít! (laughs) I just love it too much, everything about it has a true and beautiful meaning and I bet I learned a lot so far. Like when aunt Rachel went away, I realized that it doesnít matter if my mom is a bitch sometimes, at least I know sheíll always be here and she loves me..." KATIE


[Scene: Rachelís apartment. Rachel and Alyssa are having lunch on the floor of the living room, pretty much like when Alyssa was drawing.]

ALYSSA: This spaghetti is amazing!

RACH: Thanks to Leo! I guess you can notice so far what a crack I am in the kitchen.

ALYSSA: You never cooked for me before, mom.

RACH: Excuse me, but I always made your food in your first four years!

ALYSSA: (sarcastically) No wonder why I love Burger King so much... (Rachel playfully picks Alyssaís fork with hers) Hey!

(Alyssa keeps on eating and Rachel just keeps looking amazed at her)

RACH: I love you so much, baby...

(Alyssa smiles widely in response)

ALYSSA: Mom, can I ask you something?

RACH: Depends... is that what I think it is?

ALYSSA: (kind of embarassed) Kinda...

RACH: Honey, weíve talked about this a millon times.

ALYSSA: So what? I deserve to know!

RACH: Maybe when youíre older, sweetie...

ALYSSA: Mom, thatís your avoiding line for 9 years already.

RACH: Fine... (long pause) Your father lives in New York, his name is Ross, heís a good guy and thatís pretty much all you need to know.

ALYSSA: Well, if heís a good guy, why arenít you with him?

RACH: That, Iíll tell you when youíre older.

ALYSSA: Aw man!


[Scene: Rossís house. Ross is having lunch with Jen and Dylan. Gaby and Erin enter.]

ERIN: Dad, we are so so sorry!

ROSS: (stands up) What took you so long? You got me worried as hell!

GABY: We went to aunt Monicaís with Katie. (she hugs him) Sowy!

"Whenever I look at Gaby or hear her talking, thereís an immediate feeling that Rachel is near somehow. The one who looks like Rachel the most is Jen, but Gaby is Rachel... no question about that." ROSS

(the girls sit with the rest. Jen makes a disgusted face when drinking the juice)

JEN: My God! What the heck is that??

DYLAN: (like itís obvious) Cranberry juice!

JEN: This shouldnít be called juice, itís just tasty water. (stands up and goes to the fridge) Is there any soda left here?

ROSS: No, Nick finished it this morning.

JEN: Damnit! (slams the fridge door shut) Why is that guy always on my way?

ROSS: Hey, calm down!

ERIN: Heís literally on my way... (she looks at Erin and just disserts, ignoring what she thought to herself)

GABY: Um, dad, Ashley invited me to go on a trip with her this weekend. Is that okay?

ROSS: This weekend?

GABY: Well, not really. Due to the holidays next week, we should only be back by Wednesday. Can I go?

ROSS: Fine with me. Whereís the trip?

GABY: (smiling) Toronto. Ashleyís cousin is having a Sweet Sixteen party and she invited me to come along.

ROSS: When are you leaving?

GABY: Tomorrow afternoon.

ROSS: Whoa-whoa! And you decided to ask me on the last minute?

GABY: What can I do? She only came up with that today.

ROSS: Okay, but I wanna talk to Ashleyís parents first.

GABY: (happy) Iím going to Canada!!


[Scene: Rachelís house, later on. Rachel is on the balcony, looking distant...]

"It all started 17 years ago. On our aniversary, Ross slept with someone else and we broke up. But two months later I found out I was pregnant... It took me a long time before I had the nerve to talk to Ross about it." RACHEL

~*~ Flashback... ~*~


(Monica and Rachelís. Rachel is on the couch, flipping through the channels, itís late night. Monica enters from her bedroom, sleepy)

MON: Sweetie, what are you doing up? This is unhealthy.

RACH: Iím finishing with my last smidgen of self-respect.

MON: Donít say that... (sits on the couch and Rach lays down with her head on Monís lap) Have you made up your mind yet?

RACH: Yea. Iím going to Camboja sit on a bench and never get out of there...

MON: Rachel.

RACH: I wonít talk to him.

MON: But you know you have to.

RACH: I will find a way he doesnít find out.

MON: (sarcastically) Is going to Camboja one of them?

RACH: Monica!

MON: You will tell him. Even if I have to wake him now and beg for him to come over.

(Suddenly, Ross enters)

MON: (amazed) Unbelieveable!

RACH: What are you doing here??

ROSS: I have to talk to you.

MON: Gone! (heads back to her bedroom)

RACH: What is it?

ROSS: Itís been a while since we broke up, so Iím just assuming that we can be able to talk like two civil people.

RACH: We are only standing each other.

ROSS: (turns the TV off and sits next to her) Look, Iíve been sensing that you want to say something for days, but canít get it out. What is it?

RACH: (feeling awkward) What would make you think that?

ROSS: Rach, I know you. (pause) Well, with Phoebeís help I know you even better...

RACH: (with the "Iíll kill her" kind of look) What did she tell you?

ROSS: That you wanted to talk to me and just canít do it. What is it? You know I would do anything to help.

RACH: (looking down) I canít...

ROSS: Rach...

RACH: (still looking) Iím... Iím pregnant...

(for a couple of minutes, there was no reaction from both parts)

RACH: Oh my God... (covers her face with her hands and cries)

ROSS: (softly) Hey-hey-hey, why are you crying?

RACH: You donít want it, I know you donít!

(he gets her face and lifts her chin)

ROSS: Rachel, I love you. Okay?

(she looks to the side, not wanting to hear those words, but even so she hugged him tight)

~*~ End of Flashback ~*~

"It all happened too fast. I wanted to find myself first, to let myself accept those changes. What kind of person breaks up a relationship and two minutes later is married, for Godís sakes?!" RACHEL


[Scene: Monica and Chandlerís. Katie is on the kitchen counter putting some ice cream in a bowl. Chandler enters.]

CHAN: Hey baby. (goes to the fridge and gets water)

KATIE: Are you going to school tomorrow with me?

CHAN: Well, I have to. I thought your mom could go but she said she had to take a trip.

KATIE: Is she going to Albany again? (Chandler nods) What does she keep doing there?

CHAN: Honey, itís her job. She has to go.

KATIE: Better for me anyway... youíll let me out tomorrow, right...?

CHAN: No-no, Iím not falling for that again!

KATIE: Daddy, please!

CHAN: Katie, last time I went up against Monicaís orders she grounded me, remember?

KATIE: Daddy, she wonít even know you released me.

(the phone rings and Katie gets it)

KATIE: Hello?

GABY (o/s): Itís me.

KATIE: Hey! Whatís up?

(cuts to Gaby layed on her bed, kind of sad)

GABY: Are you alone?

(cuts to Katie. She gets her ice cream and leaves the kitchen)

KATIE: I am now. Are you okay?

(scene keeps cutting)

GABY: Not really...

KATIE: Aw God... itís because of your mom, isnít it?

GABY: Would you kill me if I said yes?

KATIE: Of course not, hon, but youíve been having this almost everyday now. You have to cheer up.

GABY: Yea... but enough about me, whatís going on with you?

KATIE: My mom grounded me.

GABY: It sucks!

KATIE: I know, but sheís going to Albany again tomorrow, so my dad will release me and Iím taking you out with me!

GABY: Nah, Iím going to Toronto with Ashley friend tomorrow.

KATIE: Really?

NICK (o/s): Katie!! I need the phone!!

KATIE: Just a minute! (to Gaby) I have to go now.

GABY: Okay, call me tomorrow before I go?

KATIE: Uh-hu. Bye!

GABY: Bye.

(the camera stays with Gaby. She looks at Rachelís picture on the wall and a tear rolls down her face)

"Even though Erin got to live with mom longer than any of us, I think Iím the one who misses her the most... me and dad." GABY

(someone knocks)

GABY: (quickly dries her tear) Yea?

ROSS (o/s): Itís me, can I come in?

GABY: Sure. (sits up on the bed)

ROSS: Itís almost six and you havenít gotten out of here. What happened? (sits next to her and hugs her)

GABY: Iím feeling a little tired, thatís all...

ROSS: You donít seem tired.

GABY: Sad...?

ROSS: Why?

GABY: Mom...?

ROSS: Oh... (hugs her tighter) You donít expect me to say something that makes you feel any better, do you?

GABY: Youíre as bad as me...

ROSS: Yea. But I think the less we care about it, the better.

GABY: Sheís my mother. Excuse me, but I miss her.

ROSS: Sweetie, so do I. More than any of you. But letís face it, sheís not coming back.

GABY: Iím sorry, but I donít believe it.

(Ross lets go a slight chuckle)

GABY: What?

ROSS: Youíre ***, just like Rachel.

GABY: Is that a compliment?

ROSS: (smiling) Definitely.

(they smile at each other and hug even tighter)


[Scene: JFK Airport. Monica is buying a plane ticket.]

MON: Hi, are there any flights tomorrow to Buffalo?

WOMAN: The first one leaves at 10:30h.

MON: Great. I want one.

"Every now and then I go to Buffalo to see Rachel. Sandra told me that she was living there and goes to visit her all the time. I love Alyssa and I always wanted to tell her that I was her aunt, but Rachel doesnít let me. Nobody knows that I go there." MONICA


[Scene: Rachelís house. She is in the kitchen, on the table, making tea. She looks like her mind is off somewhere else. Leo enters.]

LEO: Rach, is there any juice left? (no answer) Rach?

RACH: (suddenly realizes) Uh? Oh! Right. Um, I donít know.

LEO: Is everything alright?

RACH: Yea, Iím just tired.

LEO: Youíre not thinking about them again, are you?

RACH: Even if I was, do you have a problem with that?

LEO: (defensive) Absolutely not.

"Leo is like... an angel. Heís always there to help me and to lift me up whenever Iím thinking about my family... all that Iíve left behind. (pause) The only problem though is that Alyssa doesnít like him. I donít know what this means, but there has to be something that lets her thinking this way. Also, sometimes he just seems a little too friendly..." RACHEL

LEO: You what? I think you should go out, youíve been way too depressed.

RACH: You think?

LEO: Yea. And Iím coming with you.

RACH: Leo...

LEO: No, itís okay, itís okay. Iím your friend and thatís what friends do, right?

RACH: Fine. Iíll go change.

LEO: There ya go!

(Rachel stands up and goes to Alyssaís bedroom)

RACH: Lyl?


RACH: (entering) Sweetie, Iím going out with Leo, okay?

ALYSSA: Going out - going out or just going out?

RACH: Just going out. Are you gonna be alright?

ALYSSA: Uh-hu, itís only 7pm.

RACH: Okay. (kisses her forehead) I promise I wonít be long.

ALYSSA: Have fun.

"The only thing I never understood was why my mom never had a boyfriend all these years. Sheís pretty, sheís smart, sophisticated. Is it that fact that she has a daughter that scare men away? (laughs)" ALYSSA


[Scene: a nightclub, kinda like After Dark in 90210. Rachel and Leo are on a table, drinking.]

LEO: Iím just saying that someone can find that kind of perfection boring, you know?

RACH: No way! Sheís like... the sweetest person in the world. I love her. You keep getting on my nerves with your selection process.

LEO: I admit it, Iím picky, but Iím sure of what I want for my life. And she wasnít it.

RACH: Then who?

LEO: (gets her hand) You.

RACH: (nervously lets go) What are you talking about?

LEO: I canít believe that for 10 years, you never knew what you meant for me.

RACH: Leo, please...

LEO: What is it, Rachel? Is it because Iím younger?

RACH: No, I have my reasons! And you know the pretty well, so please stop it!

LEO: You havenít have a boyfriend for eleven years because of Ross, but Iím not anyone. Iím your best friend. And I love you...

RACH: (looks down) Donít say that...

LEO: Why not? You donít that kind of hurt! You deserve to be happy.

RACH: (still looking) Stop...

LEO: You canít keep living on your guilt anymore.

RACH: (losing it) Just stop it, alright? You know what? Iím going home!

(stands up to leave)

LEO: Fine. Just donít forget that we live together.

(Rachel just looks at him in disbelief and leaves)


[Scene: Central Perk (yea, it exists! :)), night. Phoebee, Joey, Claudia (Joeyís daughter), Julian (Phoebeís son), and Dylan are on the couch talking.]

PHOE: If you could send a person to Ethiope on a christian mission, who would it be?

JOEY: Joshua Jackson. He looked 19 better than I did!

CLAUDIA: The whole Happy Days gang.

PHOE: Tell me about it!

DYLAN: Monica Lewinsky... she needs it!

(they laugh)

JULIAN: My babysitter.

PHOE: You donít have a babysitter.

JULIAN: Until last year I had! She looked like a porn star!

PHOE: (offended) Hey, donít talk like that about Lola!

CLAUDIA: Dylan, is Jen home?

DYLAN: I guess so. I havenít seen her since this morning.

"Jen and I donít have a very strong relationship, even though weíre twins. She can be really spoiled sometimes and I just canít stand that." DYLAN

CLAUDIA: Dad, Iíll be back by 10, okay?

JOEY: Sure. (she kisses him) Bye.

CLAUDIA: Bye guys.

ALL: Bye.

PHOE: Joey, youíre letting your daughter manipulate the curfew?

JOEY: Of course, sheís responsible enough. Besides, itís not like sheís twelve or anything.

PHOE: Joey, she is twelve.

JOEY: (thinks...) Aw crap! (stands up and goes after her)

DYLAN: Has he always been like that?

PHOE: Eversince my name is Phoebe. There was one time where we all went camping in ***. Rachel was pregnant with you and your sister and Erin and Nick were very little...

~*~ Flashback... ~*~


(a camping are. The whole gang, including Erin, Nick and Phoebeís then husband George, is there on a picknick. Rachel is on her late trimester with Dylan and Jen. Sheís sitting on the grass, looking at the view, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler are taking care of the kids, George and Ross are fishing on the lake and Joey is going through the basket to get the sandwiches :))

PHOE: Nick, look at aunt Phoebe! (sheís putting some tree sticks in her ears and making faces. Nick laughs) See? He loves me!

CHAN: Not as much as his daddy (looks at Nick and makes faces) Coochi-coochi!

(Nick is scared na threatens to cry)

CHAN: Wha..?

PHOE: No one can resist my charisma.

(Chandler rolls his eyes)

MON: You two stop! Youíre scaring my child! (to Erin) Sweetie, are you hungry?


MON: Why donít you go over there and uncle Joey will give you some sandwich?

(Erin nods and walks away funnily enough :) Joey has eaten three of the sandwiches that were in the basket and let half of one on the grass. A bunch of lady bugs went all over it. Erin came behind Joey. She sees the sandwich and gets it. She already took a bite and makes an intrigued face. She puts her hand in her mouth and gets a lady bug)

ERIN: (looking funny at it and smiling) Bug. (laughs and keeps staring at it)

(Joey turns around)

JOEY: Hey, Erin!

ERIN: (showing it to him) Bug!

JOEY: I know, itís cute, hu?

(sees that there are some lady bugs walking on her chin and get horrified)

JOEY: Oh my God!!! (gets her in her arms) Someone help!!

(Erin keeps laughing and everyone runs up to them)

ALL: What?? Whatís going on??

JOEY: Erin ate lady bugs!

~*~ End of Flashback ~*~

(back to Central Perk)

PHOE: We had a pretty good time at the hospital though.

(the boys are laughing)

DYLAN: What did my mom do?

PHOE: If she wasnít so pregnant, due to how mad she was, Claudia wouldnít have been borned...

JULIAN: (laughs) Wow!


[Scene: Rossís. Gaby, Erin and Jen are in Gaby and Jenís bedroom, while Gaby is packing. Erin is reading a magazine and Jen painting her toe nails.]

JEN: Can I say that Iím actually enjoying this?

GABY: Thatís because youíre not doing anything.

JEN: Not true, Iíve painted my fingers and my toes.

ERIN: (reading from the magazine) Girls, last question for test #4: "What kind of girlfriend are you?" Ok, "question #12: A boyfriend is... a) a guy from whom the girl should never expect something big. b) your soul mate, the light of your life, a partner for life. c) a friend that will always be a guy. d) has more authority over you than your parents. e) good enough to give you a bunch of gifts. f) normally needs you more than you need him."

JEN: Wow, they sure have a lot of options in this one!

GABY: I would have to say... none of them, cause I never had a boyfriend myself.

ERIN: Canít you shoot at least one that you expect, like youíve been doing throught the whole test?

GABY: Ok, C.


ERIN: Why am I not surprised? (Jen shoots her a look) Iíd go with C also. And letís see how we went. Jen: "For you, guys are like *** cups: you use them and then throw them away, because they only exist to sirv you. If you find a guy that likes to be treated like an object, you feel stronger. But the lasting is pretty short. Someday, a smart guy will dump you because heíll realize youíre only interested in his beauty and money. So, open the dictionary, look for the meaning for the word Ďgiveí and start to act different with the guys." Did ya hear that?

JEN: Thatís total crap! Iíve only had one relationship and that was fabulous.

ERIN: Uh-hu, and why arenít you still with him?

JEN: (giving up) Fine, I got bored!

(the girls laugh a little)

ERIN: Moving on. Gaby: "To what it looks like, love doesnít really matter for you Ė you like to keep things on the friendship zone. This might happen because you havenít found the one yet. But things can get complicated when a guy understand that you want to eat a cheeseburger than to have a candle-light dinner. Tell him that heís too romantic for you." (thinks) Doesnít really fit...

GABY: Someday, maybe...

(cuts to the living room. Someone has just knocked on the door and Ross is going to answer)

MON: Hey.

ROSS: Hi Mon. (they hug) Come in.

MON: I just wanted to stop by and tell you somethings.

ROSS: Sure, what?

MON: Iím going to Albany again tomorrow and I wanted you to keep na eye on Katie, because I grounded her and Chandler will probably release her again.

ROSS: (chuckles) Right.

MON: And Iíll be back in three days, okay?

ROSS: Alright. Can I bring Katie here? I mean, Erin and Jen will be here.

MON: I think itís better if they stay at my place. Who knows what those girls will do, hu...

ROSS: I know!

MON: Will Gaby be here too?

ROSS: No, sheís going to Toronto tomorrow with her friend, sheís up there packing now. And listen, I have pizzas in the oven right now, why donít you stay?

MON: That would be great!

"I donít how I feel about the whole situation. I know that Rachel had her reasons to leave but I have to stand up for my brother sometimes. But I donít feel resentful or anything like that." MONICA

(Ross and Monica are already in the kitchen counter)

MON: So... how are you today?

ROSS: Handling it. Itís been a long time, you know?

MON: But still hurts?

ROSS: Iím healing...

MON: Nothing compared to the first years, right?

ROSS: Absolutely not.

MON: God, I can still remember when you found out!

~*~ Flashback ~*~


*Note: Iím gonna do a whole flashback here, from everyoneís point of view*

(Ross and Rachelís house. Itís 3 in the morning and Rachel is in the bathroom, sitting against the wall, breaking down into tears. Sheís been there for a loooong time crying, so she stands up and leans against the door, watching Ross sleeping. She cries even more. She walks out of the bedroom and enters Erinís bedroom, sits on the edge of the bed and kisses her hair)

RACH: I love you, baby...

(Rachel stays there for a while, still crying, and then goes to Jen and Gabyís bedroom... [and she does the same and then with Dylan too] Then she walks out of his bedroom and goes back to hers and Rossís. She gets two big suitcases, opens the closet and puts all of her clothes in [with hangers and without folding] and then the rest of her stuff. She changes and then takes her suitcases downstairs. Rachel looks around one last time, sobs and leaves)

The morning after... [a Sunday]

(Ross is still sleeping and itís almost 9am. Dylan and Gaby enter the bedroom and climb over the bed)

DYLAN: (whispering) Wake him up.

GABY: (also whispering) You do.

DYLAN: (shaking him) Daddy...

(Ross moves a little and opens his eyes. There are those two smiling kids in front of him :) He smiles too)

ROSS: Good morning!


DYLAN: Auntie Monica is downstairs.

ROSS: Already? (he gets up and doesnít see Rachel) Whereís mommy?

DYLAN: I donít know.

ROSS: (to himself) She must be downstairs. (to the kids) Why donít you go tell auntie Monica that Iíll be right down.

DYLAN/GABY: Ok. (they leave running)

(cuts to them running down the stair way. Monica, Chandler, Katie, Nick and Erin are in the kitchen. Monica is dressed up like in "TOW Chandlerís fake laugh" when they were back home from the tennis game. Sheís getting somethings in the fridge and putting on the counter)

DYLAN/GABY: (at the same time) Daddyís coming down.

DYLAN: I said first!

GABY: No, I did!

CHAN: Kids!

(Ross enters the kitchen)

ROSS: Good Morning.

ALL: Good Morning.

ROSS: Whereís Rach?

MON: Sheís not upstairs?

ROSS: No... Erin, have you seen your mom today?

ERIN: No, but I had a dream about her tonight.

CHAN: Really? How was it?

ERIN: She said she loved me and she was crying too.

MON: (not sure) Nice dream, sweetie...

ROSS: Her nightie is on our bed, so I guess she must have gone out.

MON: Probably.

ROSS: Iíll check upstairs again.

(Ross goes and check every bedroom. When he goes to theirís again, he spots the closet door half-open. He gets intrigued and opens it. All of Rachelís clothes are gone. He mouths "what the..." and checks the drawers and everything is gone. Heís getting kind of desperate and thatís when he sees a paper on the nightstand...)

RACH (v/o): Iím sorry, but I had to do it. Not just because things werenít okay between us, but because I canít handle it anymore. Those were amazing years, Iím sure, but itís just too much for me. Donít expect me to come back and I want you to know that Iíll always love you and our children.



(Rossís expression changed into a very much higher desperation. He paces around the room, not sure of what to do. He sits on the edge of the bed and stares at space for a long time, then looks at the note again and begins to cry... Cuts to the kitchen)

MON: Katie, sweetie, donít touch that blender.

KATIE: Noise!

CHAN: Mon, turn it off. You know how much she hates noise.

(Mon does so)

MON: Ross is sure taking a long time...

ROSS (o/s): NOOO!!!!

(Monica looks worried as hell and she and Chandler run upstairs. They check where Ross is and find him on the same spot, with his face in his hands, crying hard. Monica is horrified and kneels down next to him)

MON: Ross, what happened???

(Ross hands her the note. She reads it, covers her mouth in absolute schock and gets teary eyed. Chandler reads it too and the three of them hug and cry. The six kids are on the door and donít get whatís going on)

~*~ End of Flashback ~*~

MON: Lousy days.

ROSS: Lousy years...


[Scene: Rachelís, the next morning. Alyssa is already up and ready to go to school, having breakfast on the kitchen table. Rachel enters still in her nightie.]

RACH: Morning, sweetie.

ALYSSA: Morning. What time did you two get home last night?

RACH: I donít know about him, but I was here before 11.

ALYSSA: I donít know that because I didnít stay up till late night, no.

RACH: (shooting a look) Good to know.

ALYSSA: Did anything happen?

RACH: What do you mean?

ALYSSA: Why did you get home separately?

RACH: (sits) I donít know... there were some places that he wanted to go to and I didnít so came earlier...

ALYSSA: You havenít gone out in a while. How was it?

RACH: It was ok. It really took my mind off of somethings, I really needed that... (pause) Anyway, Monica is coming into town today, so be here, alright?

ALYSSA: But what time will she get here?

RACH: Around 12noon.

ALYSSA: And you?

RACH: After 3.

ALYSSA: I missed her!

RACH: (smiling) Thatís great.


[Scene: Rossís. The house is frenetic: the kids running around because theyíre late for school, and Ross, for work.]

DYLAN: (on the top of the stairs) Jennifer, whereís my biology book??

JEN: (in the kitchen) I have no idea. Just get mine, I donít have that class today.

DYLAN: Thanks.

(enters one of the bedrooms as Erin bumps into him going down the stairs)

ERIN: Sorry! (runs down with her stuff and entrs the kitchen, where Jen and Ross are) Dad, can I borrow the car? Iím so so late!

ROSS: And I am not?

ERIN: Yes or no?

ROSS: No, Iíll take you. Gaby!

GABY (o/s): Just one more second!

JEN: Are you going to the PTA meeting?

ROSS: What meeting?

JEN: Gaby didnít tell you?

ERIN: (busted face) Oy...

ROSS: No. What?

ERIN: You and Aunt Monica were called yesterday, because of something that happened with her and Katie during a... test...

ROSS: (leaving the kitchen, a bit mad) Gabriela!

GABY: (running down with her stuff) Iím coming!

ROSS: When were you gonna tell me about the school meeting?

GABY: (busted) Now...?

ROSS: (warning tone) Gabriela...

GABY: Okay, I forgot! The principal wants mine and Katieís parents to come down and talk about what happened yesterday.

ROSS: During a test?

GABY: You know what? Youíll talk to her.

ROSS: Okay, but this is not over, young lady!

GABY: You donít think that I know that?

ERIN: Dad, Iím late.. er!!

ROSS: Fine, you three go to the car. Dylan!

DYLAN: Coming! Coming.

(they all leave)


[Scene: Monica and Chandlerís. Same as the previous scene.]

CHAN: Kids, are you ready?

KATIE: Uh-hu. (hugs Monica) Bye mom!

MON: Bye honey.

NICK: (hugs too) Bye mom. When are you coming back?

MON: On Sunday.

CHAN: Meet me at the car.


KATIE: Have a nice trip!

(they leave and Chandler hugs Mon and they kiss lightly)

CHAN: Promise youíll get me something when ya get back?

MON: Of course. (kiss again) And you promise me that you wonít release Katie, otherwise... you know what happens...

CHAN: (scared but not showing) Is that a threat?

MON: (smiling) You know it is. (kiss again) I love you.

CHAN: Love you too.

(they kiss one more time and he leaves)

"I just have the best life in the world. Perfect wife, perfect kids, perfect friends, perfect job... well, not that much. I still hate my job!" CHANDLER


[Scene: the school, a little later. Itís Katie and Gabyís class.]

GABY: (whispers) Ooh, Iím nervous...

KATIE: About what?

(a woman enters the classroom, interrupting)

WOMAN: Um, Gabriela Geller and Katherine Bing.

GABY: That!

(they get up and leave the classroom, meeting Chandler and Ross outside)

GABY: (smiling nervously) Hi daddy!

ROSS: Very funny.

(the woman leads them to the principalís office)

GABY: Dad, please tell me youíre not mad.

ROSS: I donít whatís it about yet.

GABY: Is my trip canceled?

ROSS: That did cross my mind.


(cuts to Chandler and Katie coming behind them)

KATIE: To the movie theatre?

CHAN: (clearly under pressure) Nope.

KATIE: Uncle Rossís?

CHAN: No, you canít go out! Monicaís orders.

WOMAN: (opens the door) Please come in.


[Scene: Erinís chemistry lab. Sheís sitting with a cute boy :) Theyíre like they have been talking for hours, not even paying attention to the class.]

RICH: You sister must be toast by now!

ERIN: (smiling) I know.

RICH: Is your mom pissed?

(Erin gets a little awkward but tries not to show it)

ERIN: I donít- I donít have a mom.

RICH: (clearly out of place) Oh my God... Iím so sorry!

ERIN: No, thatís okay. I got over that a long time ago.

RICH: Do you mind if I ask what happened?

ERIN: She left about eleven years ago.

RICH: You donít know where she is?

ERIN: Iím not really that interested.

RICH: I donít understand...

ERIN: You donít know my mom.

RICH: Do you?

ERIN: Never had the chance to, unfortunately... (pause. Sheís clearly upset) Okay, Iím a sucker for family. Do you mind if we talk about something else?

RICH: Not at all.


[Scene: outside the principalís office, later. They are getting out.]

GABY: See? I told you.

ROSS: Well, but that doesnít change things.

GABY: Am I going on the trip? Thatís all I care about.

ROSS: You are.

GABY: Yay! (kisses him) I love you.

(cuts to Chandler and Katie)

KATIE: Please tell me Iím released now.

CHAN: You are, but donít blame it all on me when your mom gets back.


[Scene: Rachelís apartment street. Alyssa is getting home from school and is entering the building. Someone stops her.]

ALYSSA: (happy) Monica!

MON: (hugging her) Hi sweetie!

ALYSSA: Oh, I missed you!

MON: Me too!

ALYSSA: Come on up.


[Scene: Rossís, later :). Gaby is coming down with her luggage and Dylan is helping.]

DYLAN: Why do you have to take so much anyway? I thought you were different than Jen.

GABY: Iíll be there for almost a week, do you want me to walk around naked?

DYLAN: I wouldnít let that happen.

GABY: Besides, if I meet someone there, do I have to see him everyday with the same old outfit?

DYLAN: I wouldnít let you meet anyone!

GABY: Youíre acting big-brothery...

DYLAN: Thatís what I am.

GABY: Iím sorry, how much older you are than me again?

DYLAN: Funny. (they hug) Have a good time there.

(Ross comes with Jen)

ROSS: Marthaís Vineyard?

JEN: No!

ROSS: Disney World?

JEN: Urgh, no!

DYLAN: What are you doing now, Jennifer?

ROSS: Sheís deciding where to go to during the summer.

JEN: Nuh-uh, you are deciding! Doesnít my opinion count at all here?!

DYLAN: Where does she want to go?

ROSS: Hawaii, like thatís ever going to happen.

GABY: Itís actually a very good idea.

JEN: Thank you!

ROSS: She wants to go with those bratty friends of hers.

JEN: Daddy, summer starts in a week and Iím still pathless!

ERIN: (coming down the stairs) How Ďbout we all go to Hawaii this summer?

ROSS: You really think that?

ERIN: Sure. How long has it been since we last went away together?

DYLAN: Since that trip to London, right?

GABY: Yes.

JEN: Am I the only one whoís not enjoying this?

ERIN: Iím lost now. You wanted to go to Hawaii and youíre going.

JEN: I wanted this to be a happy ocasion with my friends and it turned out to be a family trip!

DYLAN: (sarcastically) Thatís my sister!

(Jen makes a face and shoots Dylan a killer look)

ROSS: Okay, so in one week, weíre all going to Hawaii.

JEN: (defeated) And thatís the official ending of my social life...!

(dorbell rings and Ross gets it)

ROSS: Yes?

(thereís a man, a woman, a girl and a boy)

MAN: (gets Rossís hand and shakes it) Ross Geller? (Ross nods) Pleasure to meet you in person! Iím Pastor Ike Blair, Ashleyís father. I believe your daughter is coming with us to Toronto.

ROSS: Um, nice to meet you too, Pastor. Dylan, why donít you help your sister put the luggage in the car?

DYLAN: Um, yea, absolutely.

(he, Jen and Erin were containing the laughter, because the Pastor looked more like a fatter version of Danny DeVitto)

GABY: Bye, daddy. (hugs him) Bye you guys.

ALL: Bye!

PASTOR: Goodbye and may the Lord be with you!

ROSS: (not sure) Ditto! (Ross closes the door and the kids start laughing; Ross laughs too, but not as hard as them) I know, I know.

"I had a pretty hard time to realize that Gaby would only go away for a few days, but it brings back every single day without Rachel. (pause) Not that I think that Gaby would run away forever like she did, but... I canít help having this gut feeling that... I donít know, I guess I just get scared... sometimes." ROSS


[Scene: Rachel is getting home. She comes from the kitchen door and doesnít find anyone.]

RACH: Lyl?

MON: (appears on the door) Do I count? (smiles)

RACH: (very happy) Mon!! Oh my God, youíre here! (they hug really tight and for a long time) Sweetie, how are you?

MON: Great. You?

RACH/MON: (at the same time) Handling it.

MON: I know. (breaks the hug) Thatís the same answer as Ross.

(Rach looks down)

RACH: So, why donít go out and have some coffee?

MON: That would be great.

RACH: Lyl, are you dressed?

(Alyssa shows up on the door)

ALYSSA: To kill!

(Mon and Rach laugh and they leave with Alyssa)


[Scene: Rossís, later. Jen, Erin and Dylan are in Erinís bedroom talking.]

ERIN: (laughing) Remember that time that uncle Joey was teaching me how to ride a bike?

DYLAN: Vaguely, but I recall.

~*~ Flashback ~*~


(Central Park, day. The whole gang is there, once again having a picknick :) Erin is 5 and has a pink bycicle. Joey is talking to her before she hops on. The rest of them is either playing with the other kids or watching Joey and Erin)

JOEY: Okay, so you have to promise me that youíre seeing a monster truck here, not a bike.

ERIN: Uncle Joey, Iím a lady!

JOEY: Alright. Anyway, before anything happens, you just have to search sonfidence deep inside yourself. Kinda like this. (Joey gets her bike and rides it, pretty funily :) A woman passes with her bike and Joey turns around to go after her) This bike isnít mine! Iím available! (the girls goes away and Joey hops off)

JOEY:, hop on, start peddaling and donít look down. Iíll be here holding you.

ERIN: Right.

(Erin hops on, and Joey is helping her move while sheís peddaling)

ERIN: Uncle Joey, Iím doing it!!

JOEY: Yea, you are!

ERIN: Woohoo!

JOEY: You go!! (Joey gives her a push and lets go)

ERIN: (scared) Uncle Joey?! (she looks back and Joey is looking at her proudly. She keeps going on and on, faster and faster) Whoooa!! (Rachel and Ross run after Erin while the others crack up) Someone help!!

RACH: Erin!!

(Erin finally hits the bushes, causing a general crack with the people in the park. Ross and Rachel get to her)

RACH: Honey, are you okay?

ERIN: Yea. Just a scratch here (shows her hand)

(Joey catches up to them, still proud)

JOEY: Erin, you did it!

ERIN: (mad) Then why am I in this bush??

ROSS: Joey, what were you thinking?

~*~ End of Flashback ~*~

ERIN: (cracking up) I was mad at him for three days!

JEN: When was it?

ERIN: 2001, 2002, one of these. I was 5... 2002!

DYLAN: The year mom left home, right?

ERIN: (frowns) Yup. (pause) I still remember... when she came home at night from work, she would kiss me and she always smelled like Chanel. (sad smile)

JEN: (sad) Youíre lucky, you have a lot of more memories than we do.

ERIN: Well, at least you have some. I mean, poor Gaby, she doesnít have any.

DYLAN: (getting both of their hands) Donít forget that we still have each other...

JEN: And dad...


[Scene: the highway. Ashley, the Pastor and Mrs. Blair, Ashleyís brother Pete and Gaby are in the car. The camera shows them coming and then stops at a sign that says "Buffalo - 1 mile". The car is now slowing down. The Pastor stops the car and gets out. He looks at the tires.]

PASTOR: Aw crap! (looks up to the sky) Sorry!

MRS.BLAIR: Whatís going on?

PASTOR: Thereís a huge whole in the tire. I donít have a step tire in the trunk, which means weíll have to stop in Buffalo.

MRS.BLAIR: We wonít have to stay overnight, will we?

PASTOR: No. (the engine starts to release some smoke) Now maybe...


[Scene: a hotel in Buffalo. Itís still in the afternoon. The girls and Pete are in the balcony of a room.]

PETE: Will someone please-please-please play pictionary with me??

ASHLEY: Urgh! How can you be so annoying?

GABY: Take it easy, Ash.

ASHLEY: No! I have to get rid of him! Iíll be right back. (storms out. Pete looks at Gaby)

GABY: Hey, donít look at me!

(cuts to Ashleyís parents room)

ASHLEY: Dad, can Gaby and I please get out of here?

PASTOR: Is she pressuring you?

ASHLEY: No, your son is! I canít take him anymore!

PASTOR: First of all, I donít like this behaviour of yours! Second, you can go out but only to the neighbourhood. And third, appologize to your brother.

ASHLEY: Daddy, I love you! (leaves running. Cuts to the other room again) Gaby, come with me!

GABY: Where are we going?

ASHLEY: Far away from here.

(Gaby joins her and they leave Pete with a confused face. From the hall, we can hear Ashley say...)

ASHLEY (o/s): Sorry!


[Scene: a mall in Buffalo. Rachel and Monica are window shopping. Alyssa comes behind them drinking a milk-shake, not even paying attention to what theyíre talking about.]

RACH: So tell me everything. How are my kids?

MON: Rach, theyíre fabulous! I know I say that evrytime I come here, but itís because they really are! Erin is the number one student of math class.

RACH: Aw, really??

MON: Dylan and Jennifer are still at each otherís throats.

RACH: What else is new...

MON: And Gaby is everyday more and more like you! She went on a trip to Toronto today with her friend.

RACH: (in disbelief) And Ross let her?

MON: Right away. Heís changing.

RACH: Any dates that I should know about?

MON: Nope. Zero, nada. Heís in total abstinence, just like you.

RACH: I donít know if thatís good or bad...

MON: Um, Rach, I have to go to the bathroom, so why donít you wait for me in that candy shop over there?

RACH: Sure. Alyssa, candy?

ALYSSA: Hell yea!

(they get in and Monica goes to the bathroom. Guess who comes...?)

GABY: I donít know... New York malls are somehow better...

ASHLEY: Maybe, but these are still really great. Check this out!

GABY: Candies?

ASHLEY: Of course, camon!

(gets her hand and they get in... while Rachel is with Alyssa in one alley, Gaby is with Ashley in the other one. Gaby stops, not feeling well)

ASHLEY: Gab, are you alright?

GABY: Yea... I suddenly felt kind of dizzy... Iím gonna go outside, okay?

ASHLEY: Sure, I wonít take long.

(Gaby leaves the candy shop and stands by the door, with her hand on her chest, still not feeling well. Cuts to Rachel)

RACH: Done?

ALYSSA: Yea, I just wanted some gum.

(Rachel pays and they get out. Rachel is putting the change in her purse as she walks out. She bumps into someone....)

RACH: Oh, Iím sorry!

GABY: (turning around) No, itís totally my fault. (Rachel smiles at her and she just stares at Rachel... sheís estatic, in absolute shock)

RACH: Are you alright, honey?

GABY: M... (still speechless, without taking her eyes off of Rachelís) Mom...?

RACH: "Mom"? Who-who are you?

GABY: Gabriela... (tears roll down her face) Geller...

(thatís when it hit Rachel. Sheís just staring, like Gaby, tries to smile but gets teary eyed. Alyssa is totally confused)


RACH: My Gaby...

(after this line, Gaby just breaks down and hugs Rachel, who hugs her back and tight, already crying too. Thatís when Alyssaís mouth drops open, totally lost)

GABY: Mom!

RACH: Oh my God...! (they break the hug and look sweetly at each other) God knows how much Iíve missed you...

(Gaby smiles and sobs. They hug again. The people that pass looks either sweetly or weirdly. Monica comes from the ladies room, sees that and her eyes pop out)

MON: Holy cow.....!

ALYSSA: Do you know her?

(Monica just stands next to Gaby and Rachel hugging, with her mouth drop open in amazement)

ALYSSA: Monica, who is she??

MON: My God...

RACH: Sweetie, Iím so sorry!

GABY: As long as youíre here...

(Rachel smiles widely and breaks the hug)

RACH: Let me look at you.

(Gaby dries her tears and smiles. Then she looks at the side and sees Monica. Frowns in shock)

GABY: Aunt Monica?!

RACH: Yea, sheís here.

MON: I thought you went to Toronto!

GABY: And I thought you went to Albany!

RACH: You know what? Why donít we go home and talk about this? (caresses Gabyís hair) Hu?

(Gaby smiles and hugs her once again)


[Scene: Rachelís apartment. Alyssa enters first, mad, and goes straight to her bedroom, then Rachel enters hugging Gaby and Monica come and closes the door.]

GABY: Who is she?

RACH: Sheís your sister.

GABY: I have a little sister? Cool!

(they go to the living room and sit on the couch)

MON: Well, Iím gonna leave you two alone while Iíll go talk to Alyssa.

RACH: Really?

MON: Can I tell her everything?

RACH: Yes.

(Monica leaves and thereís a silence between Gaby and Rachel)

RACH: Wow, I have so much to say...

GABY: Yea, me too.

RACH: I donít know how to apologize for all these years, for all the pain I put you through.

GABY: I know you must have felt terrible too, but I canít simply forget how hard it has been for me to grow up without a mother. You get used to it, but itís still really painful.

RACH: Oh Gaby... (they hug) I was so selfish when I left, I was only thinking about myself. I spent all this time wondering what couldíve been if I stayed.

GABY: I wouldíve been easier, happier, I thought about it everyday of my life... (breaks the hug) But, hey, I never was angry at you or "if I see my mother, Iíll kil her", no! (Rache laughs softly) I now put all those feelings behind me, mom.

RACH: You have no idea of what this means to me, sweetie.

GABY: Have you ever thought about coming back?

RACH: Every second. But I know Ross, he wouldnít let me.

GABY: Why not?

RACH: He hates me for what I did! Besides, I told him I wouldnít go back.

GABY: Mom, he doesnít hate you! He cries everyday because of you, he never had a single date since you left. You call that hate?

RACH: Well, Monica never put things this way before...

GABY: Tell me about it... She knew where you were all this time and never told any of us...

RACH: Honey, donít blame her. I was the one who didnít let her tell you about it.

GABY: Why not??

RACH: Have you got any idea of what this would have caused in your lives? Your father would go crazy, if I know Jennifer, she would run away from home (Gaby laughs), Erin wouldnít care not to get hurt... only you and Dylan would.

GABY: Why didnít you recognize me at the candy shop?

RACH: Gaby, the last time I saw you you were only 2. Youíve changed, girl!

GABY: Aunt Monica never brought you any pictures of us?

RACH: No, sheís always forgetting.

(cuts to Alyssaís bedroom. Sheís on her bed, still mad. Monica knocks)

MON (o/s): Can I come in?

ALYSSA: Okay. (sits up, wrapping her arms around her legs, ya know the thing)

MON: (enters and sits on the edge of the bed) I assume you must be wanting to know whatís going on.

ALYSSA: Would you mind explaining??

MON: Lyl, just calm down and listen to me. Itís a long story.

ALYSSA: Shorten it.

MON: Ok... when your mom first told me she was pregnant with you, she just flipped out. Not only because she was scared, but because she already had four children.

ALYSSA: Four?? Howís that possible??

MON: And... Iím actually your aunt, your fatherís sister.

ALYSSA: Oh my God... where are the other four?

MON: They live with your dad in New York and Gaby, that girl out there, is one of them.

ALYSSA: Thatís explains the weeping... does she know about me?

MON: She must know by now. (pause) Donít you wanna give your auntie a hug?

(Alyssa grins and hugs Monica)

ALYSSA: Now tell me why she flipped out.

MON: Alright. There was this coffee house, where your mom, your dad, me and our other friends used to hang out. The last time I saw Rachel, she was sitting there, on the counter...

~*~ Flashback ~*~


(Central Perk, day. Rachel is on the counter with a cup of tea in front of her, but she barely touches it. She looks really upset. Monica enters)

MON: Hey.

RACH: Uh-hu...

MON: What are you doing?

RACH: (sarcastically) Iím undercover. Photographing the ups and downs of NY everyday fashion.

MON: Really?

RACH: I know, itís pathetic... my job, my life... nothing like I thought it would be... (she looks at Monica and they almost crack) Could I be a bigger whiner?

MON: Honey, everyoneís life start up one way and ends up another. Mine is just the way Iíve planned it, but not without the twists and turns that had in the middle... I wouldnít think Iíd be here when I went throught them...

RACH: How do you know? Living the moment?

MON: I guess you just do...


RACH: Iím pregnant.

(Monica smiles and so does Rachel, but then she [Rachel] frowns)

MON: What? (pause, noticing Rachelís expression) Iím happy for you...?

RACH: Maybe... but thatís my moment. The one that changes my life around.

MON: Yours, Rossís, the kidsí.

RACH: They donít know about it yet. I havenít told them.

MON: Did you just find out?

RACH: Mon, I have four kids, Iím pregnant with the fifth and Iím only 32. How can I possibly handle it all by myself?

MON: Rach, how pregnant are you?

RACH: Four months.

MON: (surprised) Four months! Alright, then youíre gonna have the baby no matter what Ross thinks.

RACH: (teary eyed) I have no right to push all that over him, this bunch of children, I almost feel sorry for him! But everytime I wanna tell him he just does something childish and I just canít do it, you know?

MON: Rach, heís gonna be fine! Heíll take it wonderfully, you know that. Youíve been through it a million times!

RACH: (laughs, still crying) I know, but you guys are just baby freaks, thatís the best news someone could possibly give to you (Monica laughs) but I donít feel okay with it! Until I had Gaby, everything for me was on the edge of happiness but now... (breaks down)

MON: Sweetie... (hugs her)

~*~ End of Flashback ~*~

ALYSSA: Wow... so she walked out on her family because I was unwanted?

MON: No-no, not at all! She was scared. But I have to admit that I would never have thought she would run away.

ALYSSA: Yea...

MON: So anyway, how are you feeling so far?

ALYSSA: Iím okay, I guess. Itís good to know all that and to feel that I know more about my mom than I ever could have imagined. What are their names?

MON: Your siblings? (Alyssa nods) Erin is sixteen, Dylan and Jennifer are fourteen and Gabriela, the one in the living room, is thirteen.

ALYSSA: And Iím the baby, that is so cool! (Monica laughs) Can we go outside?

MON: Letís just wait a minute, they have a lot to talk about.

"I donít feel that Iím mad at my mom, I really donít. When aunt Monica told me all that I could just die out of joy! Knowing all that just gave me something that Iíve been pursuing for all my life long, a big family. What mom did was wrong but I donít blame her." ALYSSA

(cuts to the living room)

RACH: You know, I would give everything just to be with now all right now. I wish I had never did what Iíve done to you. As it turned out, it wasnít that hard to have a lot of kids, Alyssa didnít give me any trouble.

GABY: Do you think she will take it well?

RACH: Sure, sheís very mature for her age. She would probably get in here and give you a big hug!

GABY: Everyone will be so thrilled when they see you!

RACH: You think...?

GABY: Absolutely! Actually, weíre going to Hawaii next week, maybe you could come with us.

RACH: Oh honey, I donít know...

(Leo enters)

LEO: Hi.

RACH: (serious) Hi. Where have you been?

LEO: (sarcastically) I work, you know? (to Gaby) Whoever you are, Iím Leo Wyatt. (offers his hand)

GABY: (shakes it, a little confused) Gabriela Geller.

LEO: Geller?

RACH: Sheís my daughter. Now will you excuse us?

LEO: Whatever. (leaves the apartment)

GABY: Iím lost now...

RACH: Heís not my boyfriend, if thatís what youíre thinking. He just lives here with us. And feel free to hate him coz Alyssa hates him too.

GABY: Okay! But why are you so cold with each other?

RACH: Well, he was really sweet until yesterday, when he said somethings I didnít enjoy that much... but anyway, tell me more about you!

(Monica and Alyssa enter the living room)

ALYSSA: Missing us? (sits next to Gaby) I hear youíre my big sister. Nice to meet you, Iím Alyssa Green!

(Monica and Rachel laugh at the scene)

GABY: (laughing) Gabriela!

RACH: Um, Gaby, are you getting back to the road trip?

GABY: No, Iím staying here with you. And youíre coming with me to the hotel to talk to the Pastor.

RACH: Do you wanna do that now?

GABY: (giddy) Okay!


[Scene: the hotel. Rachel and Gaby are getting there [a hallway]. They knock on the door and the pastor opens.]

PASTOR: Gaby! You took long.

GABY: Yea, but I wonít stay with you here.

PASTOR: What do you mean?

RACH: Sheís staying with me here and soon weíre coming back to New York.

GABY: (smiles) Really?

RACH: Yes.

PASTOR: Iím sorry, but this girl is under my care and thatís how it remains.

GABY: Pastor, sheís my mother.

PASTOR: Oh! Ok! Phew! (throws her suitcase out in the hall and closes the door)

RACH: (surprised) Nice to meet you too, sir...

(Gaby laughs)


[Scene: NY streets. Dylan, Joey and Erin are walking. Erin has shopping bags :)]

JOEY: Are you sure your dad wonít mind?

ERIN: Sure not! Jennifer spent his whole credit card on shoes last month, why would he care that I bought some shirts?

DYLAN: But you do know what happened to her also.

ERIN: I know how to talk to Ross Geller, okay? Trust me.

JOEY: (pointing to a window) Erin, look! Cokeís stuffed white bears!

ERIN: Awww! I want that one!

JOEY: Remember that day with the claw and all?

ERIN: Oh right! (they laugh hard and Dylan looks embarassed)

"Joey is, without a doubt, my best friend. He was the one who heard my first word, who saw me walk for the first time, he used to take me out to candy shops almost everyday, he taught me a lot of stuff. I donít know why people say he dumb..."ERIN


[Scene: now a montage :) There are some shots of Rachel, Monica, Gaby and Alyssa spending the whole day together. The song on the background is... "You Learn" by Alanis Morissette :) The lyrics come along with the shots.]

"I recommend getting your heart trampled onto anyone. I recommed walking around naked in your living room. Swallow it down (what a jagged little pill) It feels so good, swimming in your stomach. Wait until the dust settles..."

They are in those coffee places, not like Central Perk, but the ones that have the tables outside, on the sidewalk. Theyíre having sudaes and laughing and talking. Rachel points at something on the sky and the girls look up. Monica na Rachel steal their cherries, but they noticed that, so theyíre now picking at each otherís sundaes :)

"You live, you learn. You love, you learn. You cry, you learn. You lose, you learn. You bleed, you learn. You scream, you learn..."

The sun is going down and now they are in a park, sitting around on the grass talking. Rachel is hugging Alyssaís back and Gaby is leaned against hers. Monica comes with four big cups of soda and sits next to them.

"I recommed biting off more than you can chew to anyone. I certainly do. I recommed sticking your foot in your mouth at anytime, feel free. Throw it down, the caution guards you from the wild. Hold it down, to the ray. You will see when the smoke clears..."

Now itís just Gaby and Alyssa at a candy shop, already acting like sisters, laughing and fighting at the same time :) Then they leave and meet Monica and Rachel at a line and we can see that theyíre about to enter a movie theatre.

"You live, you learn. You love, you learn. You cry, you learn. You lose, you learn. You bleed, you learn. You scream, you learn..."

Theyíre now getting out of the movies. Alyssa is crying really hard, hugging Rachel. Gaby is sad and Monica wants to laugh at all that :)

"Wear it out, the way a three-year-old would do. Melt it down, youíre gonna have to eventually anyway. The fire trucks are coming up around the bend..."

Alyssa is feeling better now and they are at McDonaldís :) She is now laughing with Monica and Rachel is tasting Gabyís fried potatos with ice cream :) **Go-od!**

"You live, you learn. You love, you learn. You cry, you learn. You lose, you learn. You bleed, you learn. You scream, you learn...You breathe, you learn. You choke, you learn. You laugh, you learn. You choose, you learn. You pray, you learn. You ask, you learn. You love, you learn."

Theyíre back at home now. Itís evening.

ALYSSA: Boy, am I tired!

GABY: Try to survive a home-making with three siblings on a Sunday and youíll probably die!

RACH: Gaby, we have an extra room here, if you wanna use it.

ALYSSA: She can sleep in my bedroom, canít she?

RACH: Sure, but itís up to her.

GABY: That would be fun!

ALYSSA: Ok! (grabs Gabyís hand and they head off to her bedroom)

(Rach and Mon sit on the couch)

RACH: (smiling) Ah, theyíre getting along, arenít they?

MON: Itís perfect. And I havenít seen you this happy, girl!

RACH: Imagine when i meet them tomorrow...

MON: Do you really think that this is a good idea?

RACH: That is the most rational choice I can make right now.

MON: But donít you think you should wait a while?

RACH: More?!

MON: I mean, Gaby can go back home and let them know that she found you, itíll probably make it easier for them.

RACH: Now that I have the courage to go back to New York and try to get my family back, you think I should wait more??

MON: Rach, Ross wonít deal with this over night! You have to give him some time. The kids are all you care about!

RACH: Thatís not true! I accepted the fact that he hates me and I wonít be part of his life anymore!

MON: Donít say that, he doesnít hate you.

RACH: But he should... donít you think?

MON: You think whatever you wanna think. How Ďbout this: when are you planning on leaving to New York?

RACH: I will go pack mine and Alyssaís bags now. Weíre settling down there so Iíll have to get everything ready. Weíll leave tomorrow morning.

MON: Iíll go with you, so Iíll have to find na excuse to everyone for having my trip shortened.

RACH: Youíre not telling them that knew about me?

MON: What? And have my head chopped off by everyone? No, thank you.


[Scene: Rossís. Itís around midnight and Erin and Jen are layed on the couch, under the covers, sleepy, sharing a bowl of popcorn, watching TV.]

ERIN: This video is boring or what?

JEN: Change the channel.

ERIN: Whereís the remote?

JEN: There over the TV set...

(they both look at it for a while)

ERIN: Ah, forget it...

(Dylan enters, wrapped in his covers too :))

DYLAN: Whatís up?

ERIN: Oh, a saving soul! Could you grab the remote over the TV before you sit?

(he does so and sits on the armchair)

DYLAN: You guys better go to sleep, coz dad just made me turn the computer off.

JEN: How is he?

DYLAN: Heís fine, why?

ERIN: No crying yet today?

DYLAN: He seemed perfectly good to me. But I bet he will snap at you two if her sees you here.

JEN: (flipping the channels) Charlieís Angels!! (sits up and watches it smiling widely)

ERIN: My God, we werenít even projects of people when this first aired!


[Scene: Rachelís, Saturday morning (the morning after). There are suitcases everywhere and they are running around. There are a few boxes too.]

MON: Rach, the movers will be here in 48 hours to get your stuff. Calm down!

RACH: I have to make sure weíre not leaving anything here... Lyl, hand me those bags over there.

ALYSSA: Mom, weíre gonna be late to the plane! Letís go.

GABY: Yea, come on.

(they get most of the bags, leaving Rachel alone in the apartment with the boxes and two suitcases. She looks around, smiling, gets the suitcases and gets out. Cuts to the entrance of the building. The girls are putting all the stuff in the cab while Rachel talks to the door man)

RACH: So, it will only take a day to move all of the stuff. Today they should take it all to New York and you wonít have to worry about us anymore, okay?

DOORMAN: Weíre gonna miss you around here!

RACH: Aww, Iíll miss here too, but I have to go.

DOORMAN: Oh, i do have something for you.

RACH: What?

DOORMAN: Leo told me to tell you that yesterday he packed up his stuff and moved out.

RACH: (surprised) Really? Where?

DOORMAN: Sri Lanka, I guess. Yea.

RACH: (slight chuckle) Sri Lanka?! Wow! Nah... but itís better this way. (hugs the door man) Bye Howie!

DOORMAN: Goodbye dear!

(she gets in the cab and they leave off)


[Scene: Rossís kitchen. Ross and Dylan are having breakfast. Erin enters wrapped in her covers, looking like a mess.]

DYLAN: Wo-how, look at you!

ERIN: Not now, okay?

ROSS: Are you feeling okay?

ERIN: Jennifer must have poisoned me... (sneezes) Sorry.

(Ross stands up and puts his hand on her cheeks and forehead)

ROSS: Sweetie, youíre burning!


ROSS: How are you feeling?

ERIN: My whole body hurts, specially my head, Iím feeling nauseous, my nose is blocked and Iím also (sneezes) sneezing a lot too...

ROSS: Okay, then go back to bed that Iíll make you some tea and take your temperature.

ERIN: Alright, thanks... (leaves)

(the camera shows Dylan and he is covering his face with a napkin)

DYLAN: Is she gone?

ROSS: Smart ass! Your sister is sick, you should have a little compassion.

DYLAN: But that doesnít mean I have to get sick too, right?

(Ross just rolls his eyes)


[Scene: the lobby of the airport.]

GABY: Mom, can I borrow your cellphone?

RACH: Sure. (gets it in her purse and hands it to Gaby)

GABY: Thanks. (dials a number) Hello? Hi Jen, can you put dad on the phone? (listens) Okay, funny. (listens) I donít, why? (listens)

(while she talks, Rachel looks at her teary eyed)

GABY: That should help, but if you donít find yours, get mine, itís under my bed. (listens) I know you do. Just call dad, itís important! (listens) Bye. (to Rachel) Get this silly beamer off, mom! (Rachel laughs softly) Dad? Hi, itís your runaway daughter. (listens and laughs) Listen, I just wanted to say that Iím in Buffalo and Iím coming back today. (listens) Things kind of changed and Iím coming by plane. (listens) No, theyíre staying. (listens) Something kind of happened here that changed my plans... (listens) You will? Dad, you donít have to... (listens) Dad! (looks at the phone and hangs up, frustrated) Heís picking me up at the airport...

RACH: What?!

GABY: I tried to tell him but he wouldnít listen. I think heís mad at the Pastor...

RACH: Oh gosh...


[Scene: Rossís. He just hang up the phone and looks really worried. Jen enters carrying rollerblades on her hands :)]

JEN: Hey dad.

ROSS: Where are you going?

JEN: To the park with the girls.

ROSS: And those would be...

JEN: (like sheís said this a million times) Sandy, Anne, Julia and Lucy.

ROSS: Canít you tell them to wait?

JEN: (confused) Why should I?

ROSS: Your sister is coming back from that trip today.

JEN: From Toronto? (Ross nods) Already??

ROSS: She said that things changed and sheís in Buffalo and is coming back in two hours.

JEN: And what do I have to do with this...?

ROSS: Youíre coming to the airport with me! If she has a missing leg, I need someone to hold me when I faint!

JEN: Dad, sheís fine! She even lend me her rollerblades, see?

ROSS: Youíre going. You can go to the park, but Iíll pick you up in two hours.

JEN: Aw, damnit!! (leaves)

ROSS: I heard that!


[Scene: the plane. Gaby and Alyssa are sitting together.]

ALYSSA: So, what happens when we get there?

GABY: I donít know what are momís plans, but I guess weíll go to our house tonight.

ALYSSA: Out of the blue?

GABY: I think it makes the reunion more exciting, donít you think?

ALYSSA: But isnít it a lot to take in just one day? "Hi, kids! Iím your missing mom and this is your sister I didnít tell anyone I had!"

GABY: (laugs) Kinda!

"From the moment I met Gaby, I knew she would be my favorite sister of all. I donít know the other two yet, but I met her first, so I guess it makes her the number one."ALYSSA

GABY: Oh wait, dad said he will pick me up at the airport...


(cuts to Monica and Rachel)

RACH: Ooh, Mon, Iím shivering!

MON: Do you want my jacket?

RACH: Mon!

MON: Iím sorry, but I was trying to break the tension.

RACH: You can see you couldnít.

MON: Only two hours and weíll be a whole family again.

RACH: Itís not that easy.

MON: I see weíve exchanged sides...

RACH: Ooh, hand me that snapple! (Monica barely touches it and Rachel gets it violently and drinks, really nervous)


[Scene: Central Park. Jen is rollerblading with her friends, but theyíre sitting now.]

JEN: Okay, peeps, I have to go now.

JULIA: But wonít your dad take long?

(Rossís car horns)

JEN: No, I donít. Bye!

(leaves to the car and the camera follows her)

JEN: Youíre early. (enters and they leave off)

ROSS: Gabyís arriving in ten minutes.

JEN: Then youíre tem minutes early!


[Scene: JFK airport! :) Their plane already arrived... they are on baggage claim.]

RACH: Mon, Iím panicking...!

MON: Youíre metting them tonight, relax!

RACH: No! Ross is coming to pick up Gaby here!

MON: What?!

GABY: Listen, Iím going with Alyssa to the ladies room, okay?

RACH: Donít be long, honey.

GABY: Donít worry. (they leave and the camera stays with them :))

ALYSSA: Is he here yet?

GABY: I donít see him. (pause) My God, I donít even wanna see dadís face...

ROSS: Did someone mention my name?

GABY: (turns around and smiles nervously) Dad...! (hugs him) And Jen!

JEN: Thatís the last place I wanted to be, believe me. (hugs Gaby)

(Alyssa is staring at Ross and Jen in shock)

ROSS: And whoís your friend?

GABY: (still nervous) Sheís Alyssa.

ROSS: Nice to meet you, Alyssa. (no answer) Is everything okay with her?

GABY: Itís her first time in New York...

ROSS: Ok, then letís go get your luggage. (they leave to baggage claim) So, who did you come with besides Alyssa?

GABY: You donít wanna know...

ROSS: Yes, I do!

(they stop and Gaby puts both hands on Rossís shoulders)

GABY: Daddy... are you feeling alright today?

ROSS: Gabriela, whatís going on?

GABY: (points over his shoulder) Check it for yourself...

(Ross looks back and so does everyone else. At first, they donít see nothing much, just a bunch of peopleís backs. Ross aproaches, intrigued. It shows Gaby, Jen and Alyssa looking after what heís gonna do. He keeps looking to see if he reconizes everyone. Heís five feet away from Rachel...)

ROSS: Gaby, who are you talking about?

(at this time, Monica and Rachel both turn around. Rachel faces Ross. Ross faces Rachel. Monica keeps waiting for whatís gonna happen. Jenís jaw drops. Alyssa is still staring. Gaby makes a face, waiting for an explosion)

ROSS: Ra...

(Rachel covers her mouth and starts to cry. Ross still havenít noticed Monica. Heís just staring at Rachel without any reaction. Seeing that, Rachel hugs him tight, but doesnít get a hug back for a few seconds. Then he closes his eyes, starting to cry too, and runs his fingers through her hair)

RACH: Oh my God...

(Ross suddenly breaks the hug and pulls her away. She gets confused, still crying, and he leaves off, lost)

GABY: (going after him) Dad...

(the camera stays)

JEN: That canít be...

RACH: Jennifer?

JEN: Yes. Why? Surprised?

RACH: Please, forgive me...

JEN: (teary eyed, but coldly, still in shock) You donít know me...

RACH: Honey, what can I do to make it up to you?

JEN: Just go back to wherever the hell you came from. (runs away and that makes Rachel cry even harder. Monica holds her as she breaks down. Alyssa sits on the floor, buries her face in her hands and cries)


To be continued...

Note: This fanfic was split in parts because it could get too long. All the parts will come together, so donít worry about the cliffhangers :) Youíll be reading the continuation in two seconds anyway :)