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This is part four of my series and as of now is untitled(if anyone thinks of a good title for me-let me know) :)

Hallway of Ross's apt buidling, he is there with Chandler and is unlocking the door to his apt

ROSS: (bending down to pick up the letter) Hey, I got a letter

CHANDLER: How the hell much do you tip your mailman at xmas to get door to door service

ROSS: The mailman didnt' bring this it's from Rach

CHANDLER: Our Rachel?

ROSS: No, Rachl from Bronx

CHANDLER: Ok, there is no need to get snappy

ROSS: Oh, when I do it i'ts "gettin snappy" but when you make smart ass comments it's cute?

CHANDLER: Yep! Isn't life grand

(Ross just looks at him and shakes his head, he then begins to read the letter)

ROSS: Oh my god

CHANDLER: What, what, tell me, tell me come on what???

ROSS: Ok ya know you are starting to act like Joey on xmas morning and it is not cute

CHANDLER: Sorry, but what does it say

ROSS: Well, she wrote to thank me for everything and for being there for her the past few weeks. Then she went on and said that she wishes we had not wasted so much time fighting and says how much she values me in her life

CHANDLER: Whoa, you know what that means

ROSS: Umm that she values me in her life

CHANDLER: NOOO It means she wants to get back together. A women saying, I wish things could be different is a definite let's get back together sign.

ROSS: Oh my god, do you think so

CHANDLER: Yeah. what are you going to do?

ROSS: I don't know I mean I do care about Rachel as a friend, and I know how hard these past few weeks have been for her. I know how she is, she acts like she is fine but I know she is still really upset. I know she hasn't told you or Mon or Pheebs or Joey, but she is still having nightmares and she's still really upset, and I do worry about her and I want her to be happy and to be safe, but I don't know if I want to get back together you know. I mean, God I want to, it's the only thing I"ve wanted since I was 15yrs old. But everytime we have tried, things have gotten messed up. I don't know if I could go through that again, I don't want to hurt her again. So I'm just not going to do anything

CHANDLER: So if she brings up the idea or brings up the card?

ROSS: I'll just ignore it, in fact I'm prob going to give her some space for a few days, just so she doesn't get the wrong idea about us

CHANDLER: (looks at his watch) Oh my god, I have to go to the store, I promised Monica i'd get some wheat Flour noodles and she needs them by four so she can start making Chicken and Noodles for dinner tonight

ROSS: Wheat flour noodles??

CHANDLER: Dont ask

(he leaves)

Coffee House(Pheebs, Joey and Rach are there-Ross walks in the door) ROSS: Hey Joe, Hey Pheebs



ROSS: Oh, Rach hi(said distantly)

JOEY: Ross, if you were to make a cookie with anything inside, what would you put

ROSS: Come again??

JOEY: You know like one of those big, fat, round, chocolate chip cookies. I'd put chocolate chips, pecans and Marshmallows in mine

PHEEBS: what, no jam

JOEY; Oh!!! Jam!!!!! I like Jam, Yummmmmy Jam is good(goes off into his own world)

PHEEBS: Well I would put chocolate chips in mine of course, and macadamia nuts, sprinkles and fruit loops, what about you Rach

RACHEL: Hmm, I"d put chocolate chips and almonds oh and white chocolate bark and peanut butter cups. How about you Ross

ROSS: Oh my god look at the time, I really have to be going

(he gets up to leave and Rachel follows him)

RACHEL: Ross, wait. (he turns around)

ROSS: Oh, Rach, sorry but i'm really in a hurry

RACHEL: Ross, are you mad at me. You seemed to be ignoring me back there

ROSS: No, i'm not mad exactly

RACHEL: well, what, what did I do?

ROSS: Nothing(in a way that it is obvious that he is lying)

RACHEL: Come on Ross, I know something is bothering you now talk to me

ROSS: Fine, its that letter you wrote

RACHEL: what about it

ROSS: God Rachel why did you have to write that, why did you have to bring that stuff up, stuff from the past. I'm sorry but I dont think us getting back together is going to work

RACHEL: What the hell, I never said I wanted to get back together, oh my god I cannot belive what a jerk you are

ROSS:(yelling by now) I"m a jerk, excuse me, I'm not the one who wrote some sappy letter basically begging me to get back with you

RACHEL: Ok first off it was not sappy. I wrote what was in my heart, I was honest., all I said was that I was glad we were friends NOWHERE in there did I EVER mention getting back together

ROSS: well good because I have no interest in EVER getting back together with you

RACHEL: Well fine by me, like i'd ever want to date someone who is a insecure and pathetic as you

RACHEL: Yeah, well i'd sure as heck never date a self centered, whiny b*tch like you. You are the one who is still acting like a big baby over something that happened a month ago. It's not like you're ever going to run into Kyle again, so grow up and get over it

(with this Rachel gets really upset and you can tell that she is on the verge of tears. Ross instantly regrest what he said but when he tries to apologise Rachel has already ran off)

Monica and Chandler's

Chandler and Joey are there. Monica had been in the middle of cooking but had to run to the store

JOEY: Hey, Hey Eggplants!!! Yes!!!!!! Whooo hoooo(begns dancing around the room)

CHANDLER: Ok Joe. I"m intrigued what is up with your eggplant fascination

JOEY: Dude, eggplants are perfect bowling pins, ya set um up and oh yeah bowling fun!!

CHANDLER: I"m not even going to ask how you know this because I have a feeling that I won't want to hear the answer

JOEY: Well this one time Angela Delvecchio and me wanted to add some fun to our routine...

CHANDLER: STOP, stop right there

JOEY: Are we bowling or not?

CHANDLER: Ok, but what will we use for the bowling ball

JOEY: Come on, this is Monica's kitchen, there has to be something we can use

CHANDLER: (begns to rumage through the fridge and freezeer) Hey how about this frozen pot roast

JOEY: Perfect. (he sets up the eggplants) Ok and Mr. Tribbiani, the famed, handsome, wonderful, talented actor(Chandler is rolling his eyes during this part) takes his mark. The crowd is going wild but the J-man takes it easy, he takes his shot and Whoo yeah baby, three pins

CHANDLER: Am I gonna have to listen to this everytime you bowl?

JOEY: Yeah, I gotta pep myself up

CHANDLER: Oh goody

JOEY: SHut up would ya, it's time for my second turn. (begins talking as he picks up the pot roast) Mr Tribbiani is set to make his move, he's like a hungry polar bear moving in on the panda (Chandler gets a "where the hell did that come from look on his face) and oh yeah baby, 5 pins, leavin me with a grand score of 8

CHANDLER: Yeah and some confused Panda Bears

JOEY: What

CHANDLER: Ok You do know that Polar bears do not hunt Pandas right

JOEY: How do you know, have you ever met one

CHANDLER: Never mind Joe, it's my turn. (he takes the pot roast and holds it in the air then throws it towards the eggplants with a clunk-let's just say If this was a real bowling game, he'd have just gotten a gutter ball)

JOEY: Hey, good job there ya almost got in the general direction of the pins

CHANDLER: Shut up Joe(he gets ready to take his second throw when Monica walk in)

MONICA: Oh my god, what are you doing

CHANDLER: It was Joey's idea

MONICA: Hey, newsflash Chandler, you are a big boy, you can tell Joey no

CHANDLER: Can I just finish this throw

MONICA: Fine (Chandler makes another bad throw)

MONICA: Oh my god, you suck

CHANDLER: Oh, like you could do any better

MONICA: I sure could(takes the pot roast and aims, throws and knocks down all but one eggplant)

JOEY: Yeah!!! Monica you are awesome, wanna play a game with me. Chandler and I were both in our first frame.

MONICA: Ok!!! I am soo gonna whoop your ass

(Chandler Shakes his head in dispbelief as the two of them begin to play)

Rachel and Phoebee's

Rachel is on her bed sobbing, she is still really upset by what Ross said and by other things too

(knock on the door) JOEY: Pheebs, you home?(he walks in) Pheebs you here?

Rachel comes out of the bedroom, and it is obvious she has been crying, she looks really upset and exhausted

JOEY: Rachel, oh my god, are you ok, what's wrong, what happend(he goes over and hugs her and leads her to the couch as she begins to cry again)

RACHEL: It's nothing

JOEY: Ok Rachel Karen Green, I have known you long enough to know that when you say it is nothing, it is usually something major, now what is wrong, come on tell Joey

RACHEL: I'ts just, just... I don't know I mean it's all this stuff. Work has been so busy lately and I haven't been sleeping that well, I'm still upset about the whole Kyle thing. I mean I know that sounds dumb and I should just get over it, but I can't, I try too and I have I mean I don't think about it all the time, but at night, it's like it just creeps back into my mind ya know

JOEY: Rach, what happened is a big deal, I mean sure it could have been worse, we both know that, but it was bad enough. God if you hadn't gotten away from him.... I don't even want to think about what he would have done. It's not something you will just get over, it will take time and I think you're doing wonderful, considering it has only been a month

RACHEL: Yeah, tell that to Ross(said bitterly)

JOEY: Why, what did Ross Say

RACHEL: I wrote him this letter, just a thank you kind of thing, telling him I was glad we were friends and thanking him for helping me and stuff and for some reason he took it to mean that I wanted to get back with him. He started yellling at me and accusing me of playing with his mind and he said all these awful things, well we both did, but he started it. He said that I was selfish and whiny and that I should grow up and get over what happened with Kyle and he said that I was a self centered b*tch. Am I really that bad

JOEY: Oh My god No Rachel. You are one of the sweetest people I know. The way you care so deeply about things and how you are always trying to help others. You are so kind and I love how you seem to just enjoy everything about life. Even if you have a bad day you bounce back so easily. I love seeing the look on your face when you hear of a new sale or get the chance to go shopping (as he is speaking he has moved in closer to her and put his arms on her back and he's stroking her hair back out of her face) I think you are so beautiful Rachel and Ross is a jerk not to see how wonderful you are(with this he leans in and kisses her)

(She kisses him back, and then he pulls away as if he has realized what he is doing.) JOEY: Oh My god Rach I'm soo sorry, I'd better go

RACHEL: Joey, wait

JOEY: Yeah? (she leans in and kisses him) Are you sure Rach? RACHEL: Yes Joey, I mean god it's weird you know, you and me, but it just feels right

(He puts his arms tighter around her and leans her back on the couch til they are lying down and kissing,. Oh and for those of you with inquiring minds, nothing happens, all they do is kiss



Stay tuned for part five!!!!!