Life Through the Years - part 7

This continues where part 6 left off. We see Rachel and Ross hurrying down the hallway of a hospital..

ROSS: Oh my god, Joey how is she, is she ok

JOEY: they don’t know yet, there still doing tests

RACHEL: what happened?

JOEY: she went to the restaurant to check things out and ended up just passing out on the floor?

RACHEL: she’ll be ok, she has to I mean it’s Monica

JOEY: yeah, I hope so.

ROSS: damm it why aren’t they telling us anything

RACHEL: it’s going to be ok sweetie

MALLORY: she’ll be fine dad(walks over and hugs him)

ROSS: thanks Mal

STEVE: I hope she’ll be ok, she looked so still though on that bed

RACHEL: is Chandler with her

STEVE: yeah

ROSS: did anyone call Laura

STEVE: not yet, last we knew she was back in another rehab center but no one wants to call if she doesn’t need to come out, her coming would just stress mom out more. Dad explained the situation with Laura to the doctors and they said not to call her unless its absolutely necessary

PHOEBE: so the fact that they don’t think it’s necessary to call her is a good thing right?

STEVE: yeah right now, but her condition could change suddenly

ROSS: so can we see her

STEVE: they said Family could but after the doctor finishes examining her and only for 5 mins at a time

(Chandler appears in the doorway)

ROSS: Chandler, how is she, is she ok??

CHANDLER: she’s still asleep, she woke up and was able to talk a bit, and is now sleeping again, the Drs say she will be ok, She did have a stroke but it wasn’t too bad of one. You can go in and see her for 5 min but only family that means, Ross, Rachel, Mal, Steven and me

PHOEBE: what??

CHANDLER: Phoebe’s I’m sorry I didn’t make the rules

PHOEBE: well tell them I’m a cousin or something

JOEY: yeah, we’re cousins

CHANDLER: fine, but if you get caught you two explain it to the hospital staff

(they go inot her room and talk to her)

what follows is a what is said by the various people who visit her room


CHANDLER: Hey sweetie, the doctors say your going to be just fine. I know you’re scared but you don’t need to worry I’m h ere with you, I’ll always be here, just like I’ve been for almost 40yrs now. I’ll never leave you.

STEVE: Hey mom, you’re looking better than you did earlier. Nice way to get some time in bed, next time try not to scare us all so much. I’m glad you’re ok, you have too much left to accomplish in life to leave us now, but should have known some silly stroke wouldn’t get you, you’re too tough for that

MALLORY: Hey Aunt Mon, you know what I was thinking about. How we used to go to the zoo and buy cotton candy and funnel cakes when I was a little girl, that seems so long ago, I realized today how old we are all getting to be and how quickly time passes by. We have to hold on to the years we have left and make them count, and I’m so thankful that I still have you.

ROSS: way to go sis, just scare the crap out of me, I know you were a bit jealous of my trip with Rachel but this was a hell of a way to get me back. You know I’m just kidding, I’m really glad your ok. You’re my little sister, the tough one, my little sister who stole my dinosaur collection and fought me for cheetos, and I’m not ready to let you go yet

RACHEL: Hey Mon, I’m glad you’re feeling better. As soon as you are up and about we’ll go on a big marathon shopping session, remember how we used to do that back when we lived in the old apartment. That seems so long ago huh, yet I still remember every detail

JOEY: Glad you’re ok Monica, you worried us quite a bit, everyone was so concerned and praying for you to get better and you did. Once your out of the hospital I’ll make you one of my special meatball subs

PHOEBE: anything you need, you just ask Pheebs, I’ll do it for y ou. I remember how you gave me a place to live when I was homeless in NYC and Phoebe Buffay never forgets a favor like that. I love you Mon.


it’s now about a week later and Monica is coming home from the hospital, she’s doing well except her left side is slightly paralyzed, nothing major but she needs a cane for balance.

MONICA: Chandler I had a stroke I’m not decrepit I can still zip my own coat

CHANDLER: I just don’t want anything to happen to you

MONICA: Sweetie I know, and I know what happened scared you but I’m going to be fine

CHANDLER: I know, I’m sorry to be nagging, I just love you so much

MONICA: and I love you(they kiss)

CHANDLER: so are you ok with giving up the restaurant

MONICA: yeah, yeah I am. I didn’t think I would be, I mean that was my life for so many years, such a big part of me, but IR ealzie that I’m not as young as I used to be. This stroke was a wake up call, I have time left and I don’t want to spend it stressing out over menus and invoices

CHANDLER: I cant tell you how glad I am to hear that

MONICA: I bet you could show me though(They begin to kiss)

It’s now May of 2039

RACHEL: Ross are you ready to go yet, oh would you look at yourself, get over here

ROSS: what?

RACHEL: wel for starters your tie is crooked, here let me tie it

ROSS: I don’t see what your so stressed about, we’ve been to a ton of these things

RACHEL: yes but this is the first time our grandchild has graduated High School

ROSS: Molly’s not even as excited as you and she’s the one graduating

RACHEL: oh Monica called, her and Chandler were on their way out the door and are saving us seats

ROSS: Ok, come on(they walk out towards the car) oh crap(runs back inside)

RACHEL: what?

ROSS: I forgot Scotts gift, he wants her to have it tonight at dinner

RACHEL: ok, now are we ready? Good, lets go!

(they arrive at the HS and everyone is there—except Courtney and Scott and their spouses/families as it would be too much of a hassle to fly in and they were busy with work etc, but they sent gifts)

AMBER: Hey Dee, in 3yrs you get to stand up there and look stupid

DEE: Hey Amber, in five seconds I’m going to smack you

AMBER: ooh that’s quite a threat from someone who’s (says this loudly) only five feet tall. (Turns to a man sitting behind her) Hi, I’m Amber I’m 12 and I’m taller than my 15yr old sister. (Amber is very outgoing and athletic, Deidra is quieter and more into art and music)

DEIDRA: oh my god, could you be anymore immature

AMBER: Oh my god could you be any more ugly

DEIDRA: yeah whatever, freak

AMBER: oh yeah well you…


LUCUS: I’ll settle this mom, you guys are both ugly

(Deidra and Amber both grab him by and arm and tackle him to the ground)

AMBER: call me ugly again squirt and I’ll shove that remote control car of your up you’re a..

G CHANDLER: angrily Amber!!

AMBER: sorry(whispers to Lucus) don’t forget what I said

EVA: (scoots over next to Lucus, she’s 8 and he’s 9) wow your sisters sure are bossy

LUCUS: yeah, yur’e lucky you don’t have any(A>N Eva now knows all about her mom and that Mon/Chan are her grandparents not her parents-she calls them mom and dad though)

EVA: I cant have any brothers and sisters mom and dad are kinda old for that

LUCUS: yeah but still your’e lucky it’s horrid being the youngest

ANNIE: (she’ 7 now) nuh uh, the youngst is easy you get spoiled, Heather gets so much stuff and gets away with thing,s, I always have to be quiet so she can nap, and nice to her cause she’s little and share my toys, I hate it

BEN: ok, it’s about to start, now when that band starts playing, no talking or fighting from anyone understand

KIDS: yes/we undestand/ok

(Music begins and the graduates walk in) the ceremony goes off beautifully and Molly gets her diploma she is officially a High School graduate. Everyoen goes out to dinner and she gets a cards/gifts money from her relatives(she’ll have a party with friends later in the week) including a round trip ticket for a 3wk trip to Europe from Scott. She’ll start at NYU in the fall and major in Accounting.

It’s now Sept of 2039, Molly is at NYU and involved on campus and with her classes.

She’s walking across campus engrossed in a math excerise when she bumps into a very good looking guy)

MOLLY: oh, Im sorry

ERIK: that’s alright, it’s my fault anyways I was taking up too much room on the sidewalk

MOLLY: no it was mine, I should have had my eyes up

ERIK: we could just say it’s both our faults

MOLLY: yeah, we could(they smile)

ERIK: I’m Erik Sawyer

MOLLY: I’m Molly Geller

ERIK: well Molly Geller im glad to meet you, would you like me to buy you a drink sometime

MOLLY: I’d love it but I’m sorta underage

ERIK: oh, really?

MOLLY: Yeah I’m a freshman I’m almost 19

ERIK: well you look much older, I thought you were 21 easily

MOLLY: thanks, I’m sure my dad would love to hear that

ERIK: so what’s your major

MOLLY: accounting. What’s yours?

ERIK: Math, yeeech. I’m a law major

MOLLY: you’re in law school?

ERIK: yep

MOLLY: so how old are you exactly

ERIK: I’m 25

A/N: I know that the law school would not be on the same campus area as the undergrad classes but just say their in a common area or something)

-they continue talking and agree to have coffee together that night

it’s now two months later-Molly is at Eriks apartment in his bed

MOLLY: we’ve been together for almost 3 months now and you still haven’t told your family about me

ERIK: I know and I will, it just has to be the right time

MOLLY: when will that be

ERIK: soon, I promise, after the new year.

MOLLY: why not now

ERIK: my mom is very picky about who I date, I’m her youngest and she’s kinda protective of me, things are crazy at my house over the Holidays so after the New Year, I promise

MOLLY: Ok, you promise.

ERIK: yes I promise(they begin to kiss and…..)

It’s now Christmas day and everyone is of course at Monica and Chandler’s

DEIDRA: Molly, come here I need to talk to you

MOLLY: yeah

DEIDRA: so, are you still with Erik

MOLLY: oh yeah

DEIDRA: does your dad know

MOLLY: yeah, I told him, I mean mom and him were getting suspicious as to why I’m never in my dorm room

DEIDRA: did he go crazy

MOLLY: oh yeah, but mom convinced him that I’m now an adult and can make my choices

DEIDRA: boy, sure wish I could meet someone

MOLLY: what about Jake?

DEIDRA: eh, he only cared about sex

MOLLY: Dee Dee, you mean you??

DEIDRA: (quietly) yeah

MOLLY: oh my god, wow!!

DEIDRA: what, I’m almost 16

MOLLY: yeah but, it’s hard for me to even think of that, I still think of y ou as the little girl who used to tag along after me

DEDIRA: ten dollars says Amber has it by the time she’s 13

MOLLY: Dee you’re horrible, she’s not that bad

DEIDRA: you dotn live with her, she’s nuts, she’ like a 12yr old slut

MOLLY: Deidra(laughing)

It’s n ow Feb of 2040 and Erik has still not introduced Molly to his family, he keeps making excuses, she’s falling deeply in love with him and believs all of his excuses

MOLLY(Knocking on his apt door) Erik, Erik are you home? (turns the knob and finds the door open-so she walks in and down the hall) Erik, are you home, I decided to stop over and.. Oh my god, what the hell are you doing

ERIK: Molly, I didn’t know you were here, what are you doing, I thought you had to study

MOLLY: what am I doing, what am I doing, I think I should be asking that of you(he’s in bed with a women)

WOMEN(her name is Claire) Erik, who is this

MOLLY: I’m Molly, I’m Eriks’ girlfriend, who are you

CLAIRE: Im Claire, I’m his wife

MOLLY: what!!!!!!!

CLAIRE: Im his wife.

ERIK: you two just calm down, Claire I have no idea who this is, this is that loony girl that ‘s been foloowing me around Campus I told you how she keeps writing me notes and stalking me

CLAIRE: oh yeah, (to Molly) I suggest you get the hell out and leave my husband alone

MOLLY: Erik, you lie, I’ve been sleeping with you for months now, tell her the truth

ERIK: I don’t know what you mean, now get out of my apartment before I call the police(picks up the phone and makes a show of dialing the police’ number)

MOLLY: fine, you know what you two deserve each other(she walks out crying and returns to her dorm room where she curls in a ball on her bed and begins to sob-suddenly she walks over to a drawer and pulls out an envelope, then picks up the phone and dials)

MOLLY: Mom, hey are you and dad gonna be around tonight? Ok, yeah well I need to talk to you both so I’ll see you at dinner this weekend.

About 3 days later

BEN: so what’s this about Molly

KATE: Mol, are you ok?

MOLLY: No, but I think I know how I can be.

BEN: why, what happened

MOLLY: I caught Erik with another women

KATE: oh my god

BEN: What!!(in the way of a father who wants to kill the man who just hurt his daughter)

MOLLY: oh it gets better, he was with is wife

KATE: What!!!!!

BEN: wait a minute, young lady you dated a married man

MOLLY: no dad, he didn’t tell me he was married

BEN: you mean he cheated on his wife and he lied to you about being married

MOLLY: yes, and it’s been eating me up inside. I cant stop thinking about it

KATE: you’ll be fine, just give it time

MOLLY: mother I’ve given it a few days and I’m still just as upset, I cant eat, I cant sleep I cant concentrate I need to get away

BEN: get away where?

MOLLY: I still have the tickets Scott gave me for graduation, they didn’t have an expiration date, I want to go to Europe

BEN: it’s almost the end of the semester

MOLLY: I know, I’ll finish up this semester but I want to go to Europe over Winter break

KATE: if that’s what you want, then do it

MOLLY: thank you, dad are you ok with this

BEN: you’re almost 19, what you choose to do is your business. You are coming home after the 3wks are up though right?

MOLLY: of course

BEN: alright then(hugs her)

It’s now about a month later

BEN: Dammit Kate, how could you have just told her yes

KATE: because she’s 19, she’s an adult and she made her choice, we cant tell her what to do, part of her growing up is not always doing what we want

BEN: but it’s Europe, Europe and what about school

KATE: she’ll finish up school when she comes home at the end of the semester

BEN: what about m oney?

KATE: she told you that she has money saved up, Ben this is what she wants, she wants to stay in Europe for a few months it’s not the end of the world

BEN: I know, I know but she’s my little girl I miss her

KATE: I know, I miss her too, but we have to let her go.

BEN: I know. (they look at each other) so…

KATE: so

BEN: how about dinner, my treat

KATE: well of course it is

BEN: alright then(They leave)


Dear Molly,

I was so happy to get your letter, I’m glad your having such a great time, London sounds amazing, the photos you sent of Big Ben and of the Castles were incredible. Dad is fine so are Grandma and Grandpa. Aunt Monica is just fine, she’s still going to therapy to gain strength back but is doing better everyday. Lisa is anxiously awaiting her due date and has gotten huge, Scott said he’s beginning to think she’s carrying Quads instead of just twins.

Well I’m sorry this is so short but I need to go get some laundry done



Dear Mom and Dad,

You’re right Germany is a gorgeous country, I’m in Munich right now and everything about it is incredible. I miss you all a lot though. I sent Scott and Lisa a card congratulating them on the birth of Matt and Justin.Courtneya nd Grant sent me some cookies that Sarah and Andy made, and as my year here is coming to a close I’ve made a decision. I know you may not agree, but you always said I need to feel free to make my own choices, I’m going to go to New Zealand for a couple months. I have money saved up from working in the Hostels and when I worked at the café the few months I lived in Paris, so don’t’ worry about money. I know you want me to go back to school and Don’t worry dad, I will but I need to do this first. I leave on Tuesday and I’ll call as soon as I get there. And don’t worry it wont be for a year this time, only for a few months.



It’s now March of 2041

G CHANDLER: Dee, where’s your sister at?

DEIDRA: in her room

G CHANDLER: ok, thanks

DEIDRA: why?

G CHANDLER: because she hasn’t put away the laundry she told me she would put away two days ago

DEIDRA: so what else is new, I mean oooh what a shock, Amber not doing what she’s supposed to

G CHANDLER: yeah I know

DEIDRA: Mom, she’s 14 and out of control, you need to do something about her

G CHANDLER: what, lock her in her room forever(thinks) actually

DEIDRA: mom, I think they’d call that child abuse or like neglect or something

G CHANDLER: yeah prob, huh. Anyways, would you go get her for me.

DEIDRA: yeah(runs up and knocks on Ambers door)

AMBER: what(loud music blaring inside)

DEIDRA: mom wants you to put your clothes away

AMBER: I will, now stop annoying me

DEIDRA: listen her snot girl, get out here and put your clothes away now

AMBER(opens the door) don’t tell me what to do, you’re not the boss of me

DEIDRA: well you know what Amber, someone has to be, you acft like a 5yr old and Mom works all day, the world does not revolve around you-now go put your clothes away.

AMBER: fine, if it means you’ll stop nagging me I’ll do it(waks over and grabs the clothes) there mom, I put the laundry away are you happy, did I fulfill all your dreams


AMBER: what?

G CHANDLER: you know what young lady, that attitude is going to stop right now, I am sick of this

AMBER: fine(runs in her room and slams the door)

It’s now May of 2041 everyone(Including Courteny/Grant, Scott/Lisa and their families and Molly who’s home from her trip) are in a huge reception hall, tables are covered with fancy dishes, a table against a wall is piled with presents and balloons and decorations cover the wall. The room is filled with about 200 family and friends of Monica and Chandler

ROSS: 40yrs ago my little sister married my best friend, I have to admit there were times I wondere if it would work out, but as we can see it did and I couldn’t be happier or prouder of you guys. You’ve been through so much and stuck together, so I just wanted to say congratulations(Everyone drinks-the kids who are underage have sparking champagne)

LUCUS: Mom, mom


LUCUS: mooom, when are we going to eat

G CHANDLER: Soon, after the speeches are over, now hush Lucus

LUCUS: Mooom, you know I hate being called that, it’s Luke

AMBER: shut up dork

LUKE: you shut up

AMBER: excuse me

LUKE: you heard me, you shut up I’m not scared of you

AMBER: well you better be

LUKE: well I’m not

AMBER: well you…

G CHANDLER: would you two quiet down

CHANDLER: so I guess I’m the last oen to speak, and then yes I promise we can eat then(everyone starts to clap) gee, thanks. Anyways I just wanted to first of all say thank you to all of you for being here, I’m glad we could take this time to get together, for 40yrs I have been married t othis incredible women and I’ve been friends with her for close to 50. They have been the best years of my life and I never dreamed that id’ find someone so special to share my life with, and I just wantd to say how honored I am to have her I my life. I love you Monica(walks over and hands her a single red rose and the two of them kiss as everyone claps)

End part 7, part 8 coming in a couple of weeks J