Life Through the Years - part 8

It’s now 2042 and the day after Deidra’s graduation from HS. Everyone(the gang and extended families in the NY area) and Deidra’s friends, neighbors etc.. are at G Chandler’s house for an Open House Party/Celebration

PHOEBE: Dee, where’s your sister at?

DEIDRA: upstairs I think

PHOEBE: well tell her to get down here, it’s a little rude not to say hello to the guests

DEIDRA: alright, I’ll be right back(runs upstairs and see’s Amber in her room laying on her bed staring at the ceiling)

DEIDRA: Ambs?? Are you ok?

AMBER: what, huh? Um yeah..well no, not really

DEIDRA: what’s wrong?

AMBER: oh it’s nothing, it’s dumb really

DEIDRA:listen this is my special day, so you are either going to tell me what is wrong so we can solve the problem, or you are going to have to pretend to be happy, and by the look on your face I don’t see that happening so..

AMBER: fine it’s, well I’m late

DEIDRA: huh?

AMBER: you know, late—the monthly visitor hasn’t arrived yet

DEIDRA: ohhhh, you mean

AMBER: yeah

DEIDRA: have you taken a test

AMBER: no, not yet, I tried to leave to go get one and mom had a fit, saying I had to be here to mingle with the guests

DEIDRA: ok here’s what we’re gonna do, we’ll tell mom that we need to run and buy some more Cookies or something, we grab a couple packs of cookies and while we’re at it also a test


DEIDRA: Ambs—it’s going to be ok, don’t panic until we know for sure

AMBER: I know. But a baby, a baby I’m 15 years old what will I do with a baby.

DEIDRA: lets not worry about it until we know for sure

(they go to the store and get the test)

it’s now about a half hour later and they are both wating for the results.

AMBER: I swear I am nevr having sex again

DEIDRA: Never??

AMBER: ok, nevr without a condom

DEIDRA: you guys didn’t use a condom, how dumb are you

AMBER: I know, I know, spare the lectures ok

DEIDRA: so who was it


DEIDRA: what the?? I thought you two broke up?

AMBER: we did but….

DEIDRA: I see(looks at her watch) it’s time

AMBER: I cant look, you look ok

DEIDRA: (picks up the test) it’s…. negative

AMBER: Oh thank god, omg thank you, thank you, thank you

DEIDRA: seriously Amber, use a condom next time

AMBER: I will, oh you can be damn well sure I will

DEIDRA: good, now lets get down to the party before mom has a conniption

(they go downstairs)

MONICA: so Dee, what are you going to study at school?

DEIDRA: I’m thinking of either pre Med or Nursing

ROSS: oh go Pre Med, you’re smart enough and there are not enough good Doctors around

RACHEL: yea but sweeties Med school is long and tough maybe she doenst want to go to school that long

ROSS: yeah but..(they argue back and forth)

DEIDRA: guys it’s not a big deal, I don’t need to officially declare a major until Sophomore year so I’ll just dabble in both and see which one I enjoy more.

LUCUS: oooh look over there, Molly brought her new man

CHANDLER: so that’s the famous Kyle, we’ve heard so much about

RACHEL: yep, that’s Kyle. You guys know the last guy she dated

PHOEBE: El Jerko?

RACHEL: yes, Kyle is a million times better.. I could go for a mile of Kyle.

MALLORY: (walking over and joining the group) aww is that not cute (they all watch as Molly and Kyle kiss—not a pda gross kiss, but a sweet one)

It’s now August of 2042 and some of the grandchildren are At M/C for a pool party. The ones there are:

Eva-age 11, Annie-10, Lucus-12, Heather-6. (in case you have forgotten Annie and Heather are Mallorys children(Ross and Rachel’s grandchildren) Lucus is G Chandlers son and Eva is Monica and Chandler’s granddaugher who they are raising

ANNIE: dammit Heather stop splashing me

HEATHER: you said a cuss, I’m gonna telll MOMMY(G Chandler, Mallory, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica are sitting on the pool deck talking)

ANNIE: shut up tattle tale

HEATHER: Mommy, Annie said damn and shut up

ANNIE: you just said it too, dork

MALLORY: Annie-no more cussing, Heather no more tattling.

ANNIE: but mom I…

MALLORY: no buts, next swear word out of your mouth and we go home

ANNIE: fine(to Eva) I wish we didn’t have to play with her, she is sooo annoying

EVA: oh she’s not that bad Ann, I think she’s kinda cute

ANNIE: yeah, you try living with her, then you’ll see how cute she is

MALLORY: Annie, Heather—time to go

ANNIE: why?? I didn’t swear again

HEATHER: yeah why, I wanna stay and swim

MALLORY: well first off, because I said so, and 2nd because Wer’e having dinner tonite with Aunt Grace and Uncle Paul(you don’t need to remember these names-they are relatives from Mikes side of the family)

(they leave)

LUCUS: so it’s just us two huh Eva

EVA: yep

AN: Lucus is a normal looking 12yr old boy, about average height and weight with blond hair and blue eyes, Eva is tiny for her age(thin, small boned) with long dark curls and brown eyes)

LUCUS: (swims up to her) tag, you’re it

EVA: why you…(Starts to swim after him)

LUCUS: come on Evvie, why are you so slow

EVA: Shut up Lucus

LUCUS: Ok Eva Gabriella

EVA: Lucus

LUCUS: Eva Gabriella

EVA: see it doesn’t bother me when you say that cause I like my name

LUCUS: I’m tired of swimming

EVA: me too, Grandma??

MONICA: what?

EVA: can we go jump on the trampoline

MONICA: yes, as long as you don’t do any flips

EVA: Ok. Come on Luke(they run to the trampoline and start jumping-while they are jumping Luke jumps and bumps into Eva knocking her off it, she bangs her head as she falls of the edge(not hard like a concussion just hard enough to hurt)

LUCUS: Oh Evvie, I’m sorry are you ok

*A/N: the only one who ever calls her Evvie is Lucus, he’s called her that since they were about 2yrs old)

EVA: yeah—(she’s crying a tiny bit and rubbng her head)

LUCUS: Aww Evvie, need me to kiss it and make it better

EVA: um, yeha that’s ok

LUCUS: (he kneels down next to her and pushes her hair back) it looks ok, thers’ no bump or anything

EVA: really? That’s good

LUCUS: yeah(They look at each other and he leans in and kisses her)

EVA: what was that?

LUCUS: I’m sorry

EVA: no it’s ok, I liked it. (grabs him and they kiss again)

LUCUS: wow!

EVA: Yeah, wow!

G CHANDLER: Luke, time to go home

LUCUS: Coming(runs off and yells back to Eva) Bye Evvie and thanks

EVA: (stares at him) bye

The next night(she’s having Annie over to spend the nite)

EVA: so guess what I did last nite

ANNIE: what??

EVA: aren’t you at least going to guess

ANNIE: no, cause I suck at this game, just tell me

EVA: I kissed a boy

ANNIE: Ahhhh! Who, who who???

EVA: Luke?

ANNIE: Luke who.. oh, you mean….

EVA: yep

ANNIE: wow, so how was it, how did it happen?

EVA: (tells her how it happened) it was really nice

ANNIE: so are you two gonna go out?

EVA: I guesss so, we talked about it today, when I called him

ANNIE: Oh how cute, and we’ll all be at the same school in the fall so…

EVA: I know I’m soo glad to be in middle school finally

ANNIE: are you trying out for any sports?

EVA: Cheerleading and I want to do track in the spring

ANNIE: oh yes, yes yes do track it’s soo much fun!!! You’ll get on cheer too, you are so tiny and so good at gymnastics and all

EVA: yep! Are you doing volleyball again

ANNIE: uh huh, we had tryouts last week and I have to go to camp the first week of August

EVA: cool! So do you wanna do makeovers

ANNIE: ok! I got this new eyeshadow, glittery stuff and a bunch of new nail polishes

EVA: whoo hoo, lets do our fingernails and toe nails

(They continue talking and giggling)

it’s n ow December of 2042

EVA: Here Lucus this is for you(hands him a gift)

LUCUS: (unwraps it) oh woww, that is so neat, here’s yours

EVA: aww, thanks (Kisses him)

TONY(A guy from there school-it’s the last day of school before winter break) Hey Eva

EVA: Hi Tony

LUCUS: Hi Tony(mimics her)
EVA: do you have a problem of some sort

LUCUS: yeah you talking to 50 different guys a day

EVA: It’s not like I’m flirting with them I’m just talking

LUCUS: yeah talking and touching and complimenting them

EVA: when did I touch

LUCUS: oh I don’t know that Matt guy, when you were feeling the softness of his sweater

EVA: I cannot belive you, you are such a pig

LUCUS: what because I don’t want my girlfriend touching other boys

EVA: no because you are annoying me(walks off)

LUCUS: what your’e just going to leave

EVA: yeah

LUCUS: well Merry Christmas(he says it angrily)

EVA: yeah same to you(she runs into the girls bathroom and starts crying)

ANNIE: Eva, what’s wrong

EVA: what areyou doing here

ANNIE: Mercedees told me you were crying, what’s wrong

EVA: Oh just Luke being stupid again, I think we broke up

ANNIE: again?? That’s the 2nd time since school started

EVA: yeah but this time it’s for real, I cant be around him if he’s gonna be a jerk

ANNIE: I’m sorry Ev(they hug)

AN: ok I know this was a really short chapter but the next one will be longer. I also need to say that not much is going ot happen over the next couple years so I’m skipping ahead in the next chapter to 2045) There is stuff that happens from 2043-45 but it’s a lot of birthdaysa nd anniversaries and a couple I’ll tell about, but not all as that would get really boring J

Ch 9 coming very very very soon J