The One With All the Love Games - Part II

- A FanFic by Nina -

So, we are at Monica and Chandler's. Phoebe, Rachel and Monica are there and they have just started playing Truth or Dare. Continuing from where we stopped...

Phoebe: So...who was the love of your live?

Rachel:: Oh, come on Pheebs. This again? Do I really have to answer that?

Phoebe: Yes, you do.

Rachel:: That's what I thought. Well...the love of my life was Ross, as you already know, by the way. He was the only man I have ever really loved, you know. All the others were just shallow and nothing compared to him.

Phoebe/Monica: Wow! (they look amazed)

Rachel:: What?

Phoebe/Monica: Nothing....

Rachel:: So, who's next?

Monica: Me! Rachel? Truth or Dare?

Rachel:: Again? Ok, what is going on here?

Monica: Nothing, I just feel like choosing you. Now, would you just answer me! Man, those margarittas are just not working!

Rachel:: Truth!

Monica: Let me see....did you forgive Ross for what he did to you while you were dating?

Rachel:: You mean the "copy girl" incident?

Monica: Yes.

Rachel:: Oh...Monica, it is just so hard to think about it again, you know...Yes, I forgave him while ago. I know he didn't mean to hurt me like that. It was a huge mistake. But you know, it's Ross. How can I not forgive him? I love him to much for a friend, I mean.

Phoebe: Yeah, right. As you really expect us to buy that.

Rachel:: Well... I do, because it is the truth.

Monica: You can be honest with us, Rach. We are your friends and we love you. There is no need to hide it from us. We know you, and we know that you love Ross. It's so obvious, honey.

Rachel:: Why, why it's so obvious?

Monica: Because it is.

Rachel:: I can't see that.

Monica: You know you can. And as I said, why are you doing this to yourself? Have you ever thought that Ross might feel the same? And that you both are losing a great chance to be happy again?

Rachel:: Well ... I see, I am happy, Mon.

Monica: Not like you used to be when you were with him.

Rachel:: Yeah, ok ok, I know, you are right.

Phoebe: Monica is always right!

Monica: Thanks, Pheebs. And yeah, I am.

Rachel:: But I just can't put myself, and Ross, through all that again. Even you guys suffered with that, remember?

Phoebe: We did, Rachel, but I think that we would suffer more if we continue to see two great friends that have a great chance to be happy and just don't do anything about it.

Rachel:: What should I do, Phoebe? Am I suppose to go to Ross' and just out of blue, tell him that I still love him? And that I probably never stopped loving him? Just like that? I really don't see this happening. It's been a long time, and I just think we've missed it, I've missed my chance. It is just too late.

Monica: No, it is not! It's never too late when you love someone, Rachel. Don't you realize that? If you don't, I can't help you. No one can, honey.

Phoebe: Monica is right, Rachel. You should know that. How would you feel if in 10 years you look back and see that you could have done something to be happy and you just didn't?

Rachel:: Phoebe, how am I suppose to know that? And how come you guys are so sure that it will work this time?

Monica: We are not sure, Rachel. I wish I was, but no one can know these things. But I just think that you both have everything to make it work this time. You guys have known each other for years, and are friends. You really care about each other. And besides, you have already dated, so you know your mistakes, and you know what you shouldn't do. This is great Rachel. And there is one more thing: You love each other. That's the main thing.

Rachel:: How come you can be so sure he loves me?

Phoebe: Because he does, Rachel. It's so obvious too. Don't you see the way he looks at you? I am telling you, if someone looked at me like that I would be soooo melted.

Rachel:: Really Pheebs? (all happy and kind of ashamed)

Phoebe: Totally! And I have never told you that, Rachel, because I promised Ross I wouldn't. But I just can't hold it anymore. You have to know.

Rachel:: What Phoebe? Just tell me!

Monica: Yes, I am curious too!

Phoebe: Well, remember when you guys got married in Vegas?

Rachel:: Yes.

Phoebe: ...and Ross didn't get the annulment? Well, Ross and I talked a lot that time and I found out why he didn't want to get the annulment. Because he secretly loved you. He re-loved you, Rachel. And then you were going to move in with him and he was all happy about it. But then you said that you weren't so sure about moving in with him anymore, because it could get awkward if you dated other people. So, he almost freaked out and tried to make Monica and Chandler change their minds, so you wouldn't have to move in with him anymore. He just couldn't stand the fact of you dating another guy, Rachel. He loved you back then as he loves you now. I am sure, And you know how perceptive I am. I feel things Rachel. I have this substantial gift. That whole "three failed marriages" was just a lame excuse. He loves you. That's the real truth.

Rachel:: Oh my God! I am shocked!

Monica: I know! Me too!

Rachel:: Ross loved me back then?

Phoebe: And now too!

Rachel:: Phoebe, are you sure?

Phoebe: Rachel, I am telling you.

Rachel:: What I am going to do about it? I don't think I will ever have the guts to talk to him about "us" ever again. It would be too weird. I don't even know how I would go about it.

Monica: Relax, sweetie, we will think of some way. Won't we, Phoebe?

Phoebe: Of course, Rachel. Relax and drink more margarittas!

Rachel:: No, thanks you guys, but I really need to go to bed now. This was just too much for a day. I have to think about it. I have to think about Ross. Oh my God! I don't even know how to face him anymore!

Monica: Go get some rest, Rachel. We'll talk tomorrow, right?

Rachel:: Right. Good night.

Phoebe: Good night, Rachel. Good dreams.

Monica: Good night, sweetie. And if you need anything, I am here.

Rachel:: Ok thanks.

[Rachel just walks to the door. She is kind of speechless and just can't think straight. Her whole life went up side down in one day. She really needs a rest.]

SCENE - Cut to the hallway between the apartments -

[Chandler is just leaving Joey's as Rachel is closing Monica's door. Chandler just realizes that Rachel is not normal. And she barely sees Chandler. She is in another world.]

Chandler: Rachel? Are you ok?

Rachel:: What? Oh...Chandler. I am ok. Thanks.

Chandler: All right. Good night.

Rachel:: Good night.

[Rachel enters her apartment and Chandler enters his.]

SCENE - Cut to Joey and Rachel's -

Joey: Rachel! I am glad you are home! I have to ask you something really important.

Rachel:: Oh Joey, are you sure? I really don't feel like talking right now. I need to lay down.

Joey: No, it will only take a minute. I promise. I have to know about that Phoebe's hot friend. Do you know her? I am so in the mood for a date with a hot girl!

[Rachel just can't believe what she is hearing.]

Joey: So?

Rachel:: Joey, good night.

Rachel: walks to her room and closes the door. And Joey is all confused.

Joey: Oh man, is she jealous??

SCENE - Cut to Monica and Chandler's -

[Chandler walks in and see Monica and Phoebe on the couch.]

Chandler: So? How was the truth or dare game? I saw Rachel on the hallway and she didn't look very good to me.

Monica: Chandler, I don't even know how to tell you everything that we talked to Rachel.

Chandler: And I don't even know how to tell you everything about Ross either. God, those two really need some alone-happy time for themselves.

Phoebe/Monica: Totally!

Monica: So, you go first! Tell us everything. Everything! Every little detail, all right?

Chandler: All right, Mon. I will. Well, first I arrived there and he was looking at some pictures...

Monica: I knew it!

Chandler: ...Anyway, he looked sad and he showed me some pictures of him and Rachel. He said that looking at the past hurt because Rachel and him were so great together and then it all ended. And that Rachel is the woman he loved most in his whole life.

Phoebe: I knew it! Awww....that's so sweet. I think I am gonna cry. But hey, wait! Loved?

Chandler: Yes, that is what I asked him too. And he said that they didn't have to go through all that again. And that it was too late. And then I told him that sometimes the best thing for us happens when we are not ready for it.

Monica: You really said that, Chandler?

Chandler: Yes, why?

Monica: That's so sweet!

Chandler: Thanks. And then I told him that maybe Rachel and him are meant to be together now, because they are both more mature and won't make the same stupid mistakes from the past.

Phoebe: And them what?

Chandler: Then he told me the time he and Rachel dated was the happiest time of his life and that after that his life got worse each day. So I told him to seek his happiness and to do something about it. But before that, he had to know if he still loves Rachel. And them I left.

Monica: You left? You didn't ask him if he loves her?

Chandler: Monica, he was all thinking and he didn't realize that I left. I thought it would be better to let him think it over, you know, realize this on his own.

Phoebe: Yes, Chandler is right.

Chandler: And what about Rachel?

Phoebe: She admitted it, Chandler. She loves him! She even said that she forgave him. Chandler: Nooooo!

Monica: Yes! Yes! I am telling you, those two are totally getting back together. Oh, I am so happy we helped.

Phoebe; Yes, but it's not all done, you know. We still have a lot to do.

Chandler: Yes, tomorrow I will see if Ross found the answer for that question.

Monica: Oh my God, I can't wait to see Rachel's and Ross' face when they meet tomorrow.

SCENE - Monica and Chandler's - the next morning -

[Monica, Chandler and Phoebe are having breakfast. They are talking about the next part of the plan.]

Monica: So, let's just strike up a conversation about the past. And about our trips and all. But we have to focus on the stuff we did when Ross and Rachel were together. That's very important.

Chandler: I agree. And maybe we should keep the beach trip aside, you know. That was not a very happy moment for them.

Phoebe: You are right. The beach is out of question.

Monica (looking at Chandler): I guess that trip was not very good for all of us.

[Chandler just remembers that and makes a disgusting face.]

Phoebe: Ewwwwwwwwww!

Joey and Rachel: enter.

Joey: What Phoebe?

Phoebe: Oh...this cereal is all icky!

[Monica just approaches Rachel and whispers.] Monica: So, Rach, are you feeling better?

Rachel:: Yes, a little. I can't believe I have to work though. I can't keep my mind out of Ross, you know.

Monica: I know, sweetie. But it will all be ok sooner than you think.

Rachel:: What you mean?

Monica: You will be together again.

Rachel:: Mon, I think it's really sweet what you are doing, you know, getting worried about us. But let's face it: what are the odds? I love Ross but our past is too complicated. I rather not keep my hopes too high. I don't wanna get hurt.

Monica: But you won't. Trust me.

Rachel:: Ok. Let's just wait and see. Time is the best medicine in this case.

Monica: I guess you two don't need more time apart. You need something else.

Rachel:: You know what? I am going to the bathroom and get the hell out of here before Ross arrives. I don't think I can face him.

Monica: You will have to face him sometime, Rach.

Rachel:: I know, I know, but I don't think now is the right time.

Rachel: goes to the bathroom. Monica sits to finish her breakfast as Ross enters.

[Monica, Chandler and Phoebe look at each other and just don't know what to do. Joey sees that and gets all confused.]

Ross: Hi (that famous Ross' hi)

All: Hi Ross.

Joey: Bad night, hu?

Ross (looking at Chandler): I couldn't get any sleep.

[Monica and Phoebe just cheer a little because of that.]

Chandler: I am sorry, Ross.

[Rachel is coming back from the bathroom and sees Ross. And he sees her. There is this awkward silence and they look very uncomfortable.] Ross: Hi Rachel. How are you?

Rachel:: Oh, I am ok, Ross. Thanks. And you?

Ross: I am ok too.

Rachel:: Good. Good.

Another awkward silence.

Chandler: So, did you guys see that airplane crash?

Joey/Phoebe/Monica: Yes, so sad.

[Rachel and Ross just keep looking at each other. They are speechless and just don't know what to do.]

Rachel (thinking): "Oh my God! He looks so gorgeous! And I look like a fool. I don't even know what to say."

Ross (thinking): "Man, she is so pretty! Each day she gets prettier. And I get dumber. I should talk to her. Let her know how I feel, even if she doesn't feel the same."

[They keep looking at each other and Rachel looks down. She doesn't know what else to do. Ross then looks down too and gets all sad again.]

Monica: So, you two, sit here and let's have some breakfast.

Rachel:: No Mon. I can't. I really have to go. I am late. Bye you guys.

All: Bye Rach!

[She is just leaving as Ross grabs her hand.]

Ross: Rachel?

Rachel: is almost freaking out. Her heart is beating very fast.

Rachel:: Yes Ross. (looking at him and trying not to show her excitement)

Ross: You are forgetting your purse. (he looks at her very deeply)

Rachel:: Thanks Ross. Bye. (look at him for a while and then storms out)

Ross: Bye. (looks at her and follows her with his eyes )

[Monica, Phoebe and Chandler see that. Joey is confused, again. Ross just goes to the couch and sits.]

Joey: So Phoebe. You still didn't tell me about that friend of yours, you know, the hot one.

Phoebe: Joey, don't be ridiculous! (whispering) There is no girl.

Joey: WHAT????

Phoebe: Shhhhh! I made that up to make Ross and Rachel jealous, so they could realize they still love each other.

Joey: Man, I am so confused.

Phoebe: Well, it is long story, and I will tell you as soon as Ross leaves, ok?

Joey: Ok! And are you sure there is no other girl?

Phoebe: Joey!!!

Joey: Ok, ok, I got it.

Phoebe: Thank God! Better idea, let's go to your place. I'll tell you everything there.

Joey: Ok.

[Chandler stands up and goes to talk to Ross, who is on the couch, wondering. And with a very sad face. Meanwhile, Joey and Phoebe leave the apartment and Monica goes to her room. Now it is just Chandler and Ross. Ross looks very bad.]

Chandler: So man, what's up? Did you get to any conclusion? Did you think about that?

Ross: Chandler, that was all I could think about last night and all I can think about now. What am I going to do? When I saw her here I just felt this thing, you know, I just wanted to kiss her and tell her everything. I am such a loser! I can't do anything right. I am afraid she won't feel the same.

Chandler: You are not a loser. You are just afraid and that's normal. But trust me, man, there is no reason to be afraid. I should say that luck is around. And you won't regret to tell her your feelings. Ross: Do you know something? Did she tell you something?

Chandler: Ross, why don't you talk to her?

Ross: You are right. I shouldn't be afraid.

Chandler: But you still didn't answer my question.

Ross: Yes, Chandler, I love Rachel. I love her.

End of the part II

To be continued...

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