Episode 106 - TOW Rachel's Scare


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At five months pregnant, Rachel was getting pretty big. The baby boy was growing quickly, but it would still be four more months until the birth. So, at twenty weeks pregnant, Rachel was taking it easy.

On this beautiful May day, Rachel was going over final wedding plans for her wedding next month, to Ross. June 7th was the big day and Rachel would be very pregnant but very in love with Ross. Rachel couldn't wait to get her baby into the world, but she knew it was going to be a little while until this happened. But, names had been picked out for the baby, but she and Ross just had to decide between Joshua Andrew, Jordan Dillon, and Jared Matthew.

Rachel was also working on the web site she had to run for a clothing company. She was figuring out balances in people's accounts so that she could subtract their purchases. It wasn't a fun job, but at least it was a job and she got paid well for it because nobody else wanted the job.

As two-month-old Ben sat in his baby swing beside the computer, Rachel typed away as she felt her baby boy kicking inside of her. She smiled and rubbed her belly and felt the baby's knee press into the palm of her hand. It was an incredible experience.

Ross was at work at the museum and things were pretty boring around the apartment. Carol and Susan had come for a visit to baby Ben earlier that morning and Carol seemed pretty upset to leave when it was time for her to go to work, but she seemed to be holding up okay, considering the fact that she'd given the baby to Ross and Rachel to raise.

Monica walked into the apartment with five-month-old Katie in her arms. Phoebe walked in behind her pushing Joey's two-month-old daughters in the stroller. Chandler was at work, and Joey was as well, filming all day for a big surgery scene on Days of Our Lives.

Rachel: Hey ladies!

Phoebe: Hey. You want to go with us?

Rachel: Where?

Monica: We're going up to the pharmacy because we need diapers and diaper rash cream.

Rachel: Okay. Good. I need to go anyway. Ben threw up all over Ross' shirt this morning and I need to get something to remove it.

Monica: Okay. Well, let's go then.

Rachel stood up and winced in pain as she felt a contraction. Her eyes went wide.

Phoebe: What is it?

Rachel: Contraction.

Monica: What?!

Rachel: I swear . . . I think that's what it was!

Monica: Do you want us to take you to the hospital?

Rachel: No . . . no I just need to rest.

Phoebe: Don't be stupid, Rachel!

Rachel: Fine. Fine . . .

Rachel took a deep breath. She slowly walked over to pick up Ben. She put him in his stroller and they headed out the door.


Ross ran into the hospital and he spotted Phoebe and Monica. He hurried over to them.

Ross: What's going on?

Monica: She went into premature labor. But they've got her in a room right now. They're trying to stop it, Ross.

Ross: Oh my God . . . I need to see her.

Monica: She's down the hall in room 103.

Ross nodded and hurried down the hall to Rachel's room.

Monica and Phoebe looked at each other. They both looked at their watches at the same time.

Monica: Hey, I have somewhere I need to be right now.

Phoebe: Me too.

Monica: I have an appointment . . .

Phoebe: Me too!

Monica: What kind of an appointment.

Phoebe: A doctor's appointment.

Monica: Me too.

Phoebe: Why?

Monica: Sore throat . . . I might need my tonsils out.

Phoebe: But you got them out when you were twelve! You told us, remember?

Monica: What's your appointment?

Phoebe: Uh . . . I have . . . the flu.

She faked a cough.;

Monica: You're not sick! You look fine!

Phoebe: So do you!

Monica and Phoebe looked at each other warily.

Monica: Fine. I'll tell you if you promise not to say anything yet.

Phoebe: Okay . . . same here.

Monica: I think I'm pregnant.

Phoebe's eyes went wide.

Phoebe: Oh my God!

Monica: Okay. Your turn!

Phoebe: I think I'M pregnant TOO!

Monica: What?! Oh God! This is weird!

Phoebe: This is so awesome!

Monica: Phoebe, who would be the father?

Phoebe: Uh . . .

Monica: You don't know?!

Phoebe: Of course I know!

Monica: Well?

Phoebe: I don't wanna say.

Monica: Why not?

Phoebe: Because this is big news.

Phoebe and Joey had yet to tell any of the others that they had been sleeping together. So, now, this was going to be a big shocker.

Phoebe: First I want to make sure it's true.

Monica: When's your appointment?

Phoebe: In a half-hour.

Monica: Mine is in forty-five minutes. Okay. We can do this.

Phoebe: Are you excited?

Monica: Yeah. I am! But, if I am pregnant, it'll only be a month along. I've done the math. That means in 8 months I'll be a mom again, and Katie will be a month over her first birthday.

Phoebe: Maybe we'll be due the same time! I'll be due in January also!

Monica: Wow . . . this is too weird. And Rachel's giving birth . . . hopefully in September. Oh, God, I hope she's okay.

Phoebe: She will be. Come on. Let's go find out if we're pregnant.

Monica and Phoebe headed towards the elevators.

Monica: Do you want to be pregnant?

Phoebe: I don't know. I'm kind of 50/50 on this. It would be exciting, but it's gonna be scary, especially for the father.

Phoebe pushed the twins in their stroller as Monica pushed Katie and Ben's strollers at the same time.

Monica: Yeah. Chandler will be excited. We were going to wait till after Katie's birthday, but I guess that . . . if we are pregnant, he'll be happy anyway.


Rachel was feeling more pain as the contractions slowed down. She was so scared. She didn't want to have her first child this early. Ross walked into the room and hurried to Rachel's side.

Ross: Sweetie . . . you okay?

Rachel: I'm fine. I'm just worried about the baby.

Ross: Me too . . . his heart is beating slow . . .

Rachel: It's been going faster and slower . . . the doctor is really worried. She's gonna keep me here overnight. I don't want to be here, Ross. I hate hospitals.

Ross: Me too . . . but it's for our baby's own good.

Rachel nodded.

Rachel: I know. But he's going to have to fight. The doctor said this is serious although the labor is stopping. If the baby's heart rate doesn't improve, they might have to take him now. He's only about 3 pounds, Ross.

Ross: He'll make it, Rach. Don't you worry about it.

The doctor came in with a smile on her face.

Doctor: Hello Rachel. Ross! You made it! Well, the baby's doing better, and he's taking the medicine that we're giving you. So he's not really in distress anymore. His heart rate is definitely improving. But I want to keep you overnight for observation.

Rachel nodded and looked at Ross. She looked back to the doctor.

Rachel: Is my baby boy going to be okay?

Doctor: He's gonna be fine.


Phoebe walked out of the examining room and into the waiting room, where Monica was sitting with Ben, Katie, Lucy, and Lucia.

Phoebe: She said she could take you now.

Monica: Okay. I feel like I'm getting a hearing test at school.

Phoebe laughed.

Monica: So, did she tell you?

Phoebe: She'll do the tests and then she'll tell me. I told her to tell ours together.

Monica: Okay.

Phoebe: Good luck.

Monica nodded and headed back to the examining room.


Rachel and Ross were talking about their baby boy after the labor had stopped and everything was okay.

Ross: Okay. So, we have Joshua Andrew, Jordan Dillon, and Jared Matthew.

Rachel: Yeah . . . or Joshua Dillon, Joshua Matthew, Andrew Dillon, Andrew Matthew, Dillon Andrew, Dillon Jordan . . . you get the idea.

Ross: Yeah. Well, I like the name Joshua Gellar.

Rachel: Me too. So, Joshua Dillon, Joshua Matthew, or Joshua Andrew?

Ross: Sounds good. I like Josh Dillon.

Rachel: Me too.

Ross grinned. So we have the name picked out?

Rachel: Yes! We do.

Ross: Joshua Dillon Gellar. He better stay in there for a few more months. He's grounded to his womb.

Rachel rolled her eyes at Ross lame joke but she loved that about him.

Rachel: Okay. Joshua Dillon it is then. That was easy. Now if he really turns out to be a girl, we're in a lot of trouble.

Ross nodded in agreement.

Rachel: Okay. I'm getting hungry. Could you bring me salad from the cafeteria? Please? I'm really hungry.

Ross: Sure. I'll be back in a little while.

He kissed her forehead and left the room.


Monica and Phoebe were both sitting out in the hallway nervously with the babies as they waited for the doctor to come back with their test results.

Monica: Okay. If I'm pregnant, I'm going to have to tell Chandler right away . . . I'll tell everyone right away.

Phoebe: I don't know what I'll do.

Monica: You're going to keep it aren't you?

Phoebe: Of course I am. But I'm just not sure how to tell everyone. Especially the father.

Monica: But, is he a good guy? Does he like kids?

Phoebe: Oh, he LOVES kids. He has two of his own and he's so sweet and kind and funny. But I'm afraid that three kids might be too much for him.

Monica: Well, I'm sure if he's understanding, he'll be okay.

Phoebe: He's pretty understanding. I am just really nervous.

Monica: Well, maybe you're not pregnant.

Phoebe: I don't know . . . I kind of want to be . . .but you know . . . all the nerves and hormones. I'm just a little on edge.

Monica: I know the feeling.

Phoebe: Maybe you're getting your hopes up.

Monica: I'm trying not to. It'd be okay if I wasn't pregnant, but I kind of want one right away . . . again . . .with all of this talk of it.

The doctor came around the corner and spotted Phoebe and Monica. She smiled and walked over to them. They stood and looked at her impatiently.

Doctor: Monica . . .Monica Bing.

Monica: Yep! That's me!

Doctor: Yes, I can see that! Okay, congratulations! You're gonna be a mother!

Monica: Really?!

Doctor: Yes!

Monica picked up Katie.

Monica: Did you hear that Katie? You're gonna be a big sister!

Phoebe: What about me?

Doctor: Ah yes, Ms. Buffay. Congratulations! You're going to be a mother as well!

Phoebe: I am?

Doctor: Yes. I'll call the both of you to set up your first ultrasounds. See you in a month.

The doctor walked off and Monica and Phoebe looked at each other.

Monica/Phoebe: We're pregnant!


Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey were sitting at the coffeehouse that night. Joey was holding his sleeping twin daughters in his arms while Monica bounced Katie on her knee and Phoebe held Ross' son, Ben. Monica looked like she was going to burst with excitement. Phoebe just looked sick.

Chandler: Honey, is there something you want to tell me?

Monica nodded with a giggle.

Chandler: Okay . . . what is it?

Monica: Remember how we were going to wait until after Katie turned one to start trying for another baby?

Chandler: Yeah.

Monica: Well, we don't have to wait! I'm pregnant!

Chandler: What?!

Monica: I just found out today!

Chandler: You're going to have a baby?!

Monica: Yeah! I'm due in January!

Chandler: That's in eight months! We don't have time to plan for a baby!

Monica: Yeah . . . we do. But we don't have enough room for another baby unless it shares the nursery with Katie.

Chandler: Well, if it's a girl, it would be fine because of all the pinks and stuff. It's a big nursery, you know.

Monica: I guess so. But I think a new apartment would kind of be nice for a new baby.

Chandler: I guess . . . but let's wait and see, okay?

Joey: Pheebs? Are you okay? You seem a little tense.

Phoebe: I'm good.

Joey: Do you need me to walk you home?

He winked at her seductively. Phoebe looked around, hoping nobody noticed that.

Phoebe: I'm okay! I just need a little bit of time by myself!

Phoebe handed little Ben to Chandler and walked away.

Chandler: What's wrong with her?

Monica: I'm not sure. I just . . . I'll be right back.

Monica put Katie down in Chandler's lap too and hurried after Phoebe. She caught up to her outside.

Monica: Pheebs? You're going to tell them right?

Phoebe: I will . . . it's just . . .

Monica: What's wrong? Is the father in there or something?

Phoebe nodded gently.

Monica: Oh my God!

Phoebe: I don't want Joey to know . . .

Monica: Oh! For a minute there, I thought it was Chandler!

Phoebe: Eew! No!

Monica: Hey!

Phoebe: Eew for me! Good for you! Anyway, Joey can't know yet. He's just getting adjusted to his daughters.

Monica: Well, you're gonna have to tell him sometime.

Phoebe nodded.

Phoebe: I will.

Monica touched her friend's arm momentarily out of sympathy and then walked back into the coffeehouse.

Phoebe: I hope . . .