The One With A Lot Of Confusion
(aka The One Where Ross Doesn't Remember Part II)

Written by TFK

Author's note: This story is a continuation of The One Where Ross Doesn't Remember by Starway Man. I really liked his story and asked him if he was planning on writing a continuation. He didn't, but he invited me to write a sequel. Well, here it is. When you are reading this story there are a couple of things you should keep in mind:

SCENE 1    A hotel room in Las Vegas
SCENE 2    A hotel room in Las Vegas
SCENE 3    The lobby of the hotel
SCENE 4    A hotel room in Las Vegas
SCENE 5    The entrance of McCarran International Airport
SCENE 6    A coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas
SCENE 7    Rachel's flashback
SCENE 8    A lobby, McCarran International Airport
SCENE 9    A coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas
SCENE 10  Outside Viva Las Gaygas
SCENE 11  Inside Viva Las Gaygas
SCENE 12  A street, somewhere in Las Vegas
SCENE 13  Another coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas
SCENE 14  An office, McCarran International Airport
SCENE 15  Another coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas
SCENE 16  A restaurant in Las Vegas
SCENE 17  Outside the restaurant
SCENE 18  Outside the coffee shop
SCENE 19  Another coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas
SCENE 20  The park
SCENE 21  Another coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas
SCENE 22  A restaurant in Las Vegas
SCENE 23  Back in New York


[SCENE 1: A hotel room in Las Vegas]

[Fade into the last scene of The One Where Ross Doesn't Remember - The gang has just discovered that Ross and Rachel spent the night together, and think that the Ross and Rachel saga has been started all over again. Ross and Rachel deny it though.]

RACHEL (impatiently): Could we please get a word in? Nothing happened last night!

[Monica looks at her sceptically.]

MONICA : You expect us to believe that?

ROSS : Yes! We still have our clothes on, we just passed out in here last night, that's all!

CHANDLER : Really?


PHOEBE (pleading) : Come on you guys, Jack's almost ready to go! We've got to hurry or he'll miss his plane!

ROSS (grunting) : Just a second.

[He and Rachel get out of the bed, everyone sees that he is wearing a formal tuxedo and she is wearing a white wedding dress.]

[For a moment, no one said anything as the newlyweds stared at themselves, and then at each other with their mouths open.]

ALL (in perfect sync) : OH - MY - GOD!


[SCENE 2: The same hotel room in Las Vegas]

[The gang is still looking at Ross and Rachel in shock. After a few moments Chandler speaks.]

CHANDLER: Well, it LOOKS like you guys had fun last night!

MONICA : Chandler! (hits him)

(Monica turns to Ross and Rachel, who are still looking shocked.)

MONICA : Well, are you going to explain what has happened?

(No reaction)

MONICA (shouting) : Ross! Rachel! Somebody?

ROSS (stuttering): Well, uh, you see, uh. [he looks at Rachel, it looks like he has finally realized what has happened, he starts to freak out] Oh my God!

(Rachel looks even more shocked than Ross and then runs to the bathroom and locks the door.)

PHOEBE : Well, is anybody else having a weird feeling of déjà vu?

(Ross jumps up. He bangs on the bathroom door.)

ROSS: Rachel, open up! We need to talk!

(We hear the sound of Rachel crying in the bathroom)

CHANDLER : Well, I think she can't open the window.

(Monica hits Chandler again, harder this time. Chandler yelps in pain, looks hurt.)

MONICA: Chandler, isn't there anything else you can do except making lame jokes?

CHANDLER (dirty look) : Well...

(Monica looks angry)

PHOEBE : Hey guys, I don't think this is the right moment to start arguing. Remember we have to bring Jack Kelly to the airport?

MONICA (getting very angry) : Phoebe! Focus!

JOEY : Yeah, wait, Pheebs is right. I mean, why donít you girls stay here, we'll go to the airport. You guys talk to Rachel to find out what happened, we'll take care of Ross.

[Cut to Ross, standing at the bathroom door, he turns around.]

ROSS : Maybe Joey is right. I mean, I still don't remember what the hell happened yesterday. I need some time to think about it. Monica, will you talk to Rachel?

MONICA : All right, but what do you want me to tell her?

[Cut to Rachel, she's stopped crying but she still has tears in her eyes. She is listening at the bathroom door, we hear Ross talking but we can't hear what he's saying. Suddenly she collapses to the floor.]

RACHEL : Oh, God.

(She starts to cry again)

[SCENE 3 : The lobby of the hotel]

[We see Jack Kelly (JACK) standing in the lobby with a suitcase. Ross, Joey and Chandler are coming down from the stairs. Ross looks completely dazed. He's changed clothes, so he's not wearing his tuxedo any more.]

JACK : Hey Digger, there you are! What took you so long?

(Ross doesn't react. Chandler and Joey look at each other, not knowing what to say.)

JACK : Man, you look like you've got the mother of all hangovers. You know buddy, if you donít watch it you'll kill all the old gray matter up there. Let's go, I've got a plane to catch. Unless you've changed your mind? You wanna come with me?

ROSS : Huh?

JACK : China? The Dig? Remember?

(Ross looks confused)

JACK (to Chandler) : Does he still have amnesia or what?

CHANDLER : Right now I wish we all had amnesia...

(Jack looks at Chandler.)

JACK : Uh, Ace, what are you talking about?

(Chandler wants to start talking, but Jack turns around.)

JACK : Hey, are you guys coming? My taxi's here already .

(He walks out of the lobby, followed by Chandler and Joey, who drag Ross with them.)

[SCENE 4: A hotel room in Las Vegas]

[Rachel is still in the bathroom. Monica and Phoebe are at the bathroom door.]

MONICA (shouting) : Rachel! Will you get out there? I mean, you can talk to us, we're your friends!

(Rachel comes out of the bathroom. It is clear that she has been crying. She walks into the hotel room.)

MONICA : Rach?

(Rachel doesn't react.)

MONICA : Rachel honey, what's wrong?

PHOEBE : Well, duh! She got married to Ross!

MONICA : Yes, I know that Pheebs. But I just want to know about what happened yesterday, and what they are going to do now.

(Rachel turns around and looks at Monica and Phoebe.)

RACHEL : I don't know. I mean, (she sighs) I don't feel so good.

(Monica puts her arm around Rachel.)

MONICA : Come on sweetie, we can work this out. You know what... (she sniffles and screws up her face) Wow, you definitely drank a lot last night. Maybe you should take a shower, we can talk about this later.

[Rachel nods, she goes back into the bathroom.]

[SCENE 5: The entrance of McCarran International Airport]

[Ross, Joey, Chandler and Jack Kelly are getting out of the taxi. Jack Kelly looks questioningly at Ross, who hasn't said a word during the drive to the airport. Jack Kelly turns and looks at Chandler.]

JACK : Ace, could somebody please explain to me what's going on? I have never, EVER seen Digger act like this, with or without a hangover.

CHANDLER : Well, actually it's kind of a long story. I don't know when your plane leaves...

JACK : I must check in within 30 minutes, SO...

(He looks like: Tell Me!)

CHANDLER : Well, yesterday after you left, Ross got drunk... and the next day he woke up a married man.

(Jack looks surprised at Ross)

JACK : Yeah? So Digger, who's the lucky girl?

(Suddenly Ross seems to wake up.)

ROSS : Rachel, oh my God.

JACK : Who?

JOEY : Rachel Green, you know, the girl that almost scratched your eyes out yesterday.

JACK : Ah, well at least you know her! I mean last time I was in Vegas I saw...

ROSS (freaking out) : I REMEMBER! Oh my God, what on Earth am I going to do?

[SCENE 6: A coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas]

[(Well I guess that there are coffee shops in Las Vegas.) The girls enter. Rachel is dressed in normal clothes. They go sit at a table near the window. A waitress approaches them.]

WAITRESS : Can I help you?

MONICA : Yes, three coffee please, black.

(The waitress walks away)

MONICA : So, honey, are you feeling any better now?

(Rachel gives a weak smile)

(The waitress returns)

WAITRESS : Here you are.

(Monica pays the waitress.)

PHOEBE : Well, Rach. Are you gonna tell us what has happened?

RACHEL : Well, yesterday

[fade to SCENE 7: Rachel's flashback]

[SCENE 7: Rachel's flashback]

[A booth in the MGM hotel bar. The gang and Jack Kelly are sitting there, they are talking but we can't hear what they're saying.]

RACHEL (voice-over) : Yesterday, I suddenly realized how much Ross means to me. I mean, it sorta just hit me, the fact that I'm still in love with him. And after hearing Ross and Jack talking about Margarita, I was so afraid of losing him again. And although I was pretty drunk, I had the feeling that this was the perfect opportunity to get back together with him.

(While Rachel's voice-over was talking the rest of the gang left in ones and twos, only Ross and Rachel are still sitting at the table.)

RACHEL : Shut up and kiss me.

ROSS : What the...

(Rachel doesn't give Ross a chance to finish and kisses him passionately. Ross struggles at first but he quickly gives in)

[Cut to Ross and Rachel who are walking arm in arm in downtown Las Vegas. It looks like both of them aren't very sober, and that's putting it mildly.]

RACHEL (voice-over) : Don't ask me why but after that we decided we should try to find Phoebe and Jack to tell them what happened, but we couldn't find  them.

[Cut back to the coffee shop.]

PHOEBE : Why did you guys want to find us?

RACHEL : Well, you know, I wanted to tell you that you you were right about saying that we're lobsters and all.

(Phoebe smiles proudly.)

PHOEBE : Well, I DO know my seafood.

[Cut back to Rachel's flashback.]

RACHEL (voice-over) : Anyway, we were completely drunk and I was getting really annoyed that I couldn't find the two of you. Ross told me to relax, but I wanted to PROVE that Pheebs was right. So then we passed some sort of church, I think it was called `The Chapel of Loveí. You know, the kind where you can get married really fast.

RACHEL : Ross, I want to prove to Pheebs that she's right. Why don't we get married right away? After all, we're lobsters!

(Ross stares dumbfounded at Rachel. They both look VERY drunk. She kisses him very passionately.)

ROSS (in a drunken voice, but looking very happy): Sure, whatever you want.

[SCENE 8: A lobby, McCarran International Airport]

[Ross and Jack are talking to each other. Joey is sitting next to them reading some sort of sports magazine.]

JACK : So, now you are married to Rachel and you don't know what to do now?

(Ross nods)

JACK : Listen bro, why don't you come with me, we can talk about it, and you'll have some time to think things over.

ROSS : Yeah. Maybe you're right.

(Ross and Jack leave the lobby.)

(Chandler enters the lobby.)

CHANDLER : Well, I called the office to tell them that I won't be there today. Would you believe they asked me to send twenty Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts? Collect?

(He notices that Ross and Jack are gone.)

CHANDLER : Uh, Joey. Where's Ross?

(Joey looks up.)

JOEY : Uhh..., oh, I remember! Jack asked Ross to come with him to talk about what happened.

(Chandler sits down and starts reading some newspaper. Suddenly he looks up, panicked.)

CHANDLER : Uhh, Joey, did you say Jack asked Ross to come with him?

JOEY : Yeah?

(Chandler jumps up)

CHANDLER : Oh my God! Joey, remember what Jack said this morning? He's taking Ross to China!

(Joey jumps up in panic)

JOEY : Holy cow! We've got to stop 'em!

(Joey runs out of the lobby, followed by Chandler.)

[We see Chandler and Joey running through a corridor. Suddenly Chandler sees Yasmine Bleeth (hey, it's my story!), he's distracted by her appearance and immediately stumbles over some luggage. He loses his balance and dives into a giant plant. Everybody turns around and look at Chandler. Chandler gets up, he smiles nervously.]

CHANDLER : I'm fine.

(Chandler tries to walk away casually.)

[Cut to Joey, who didn't notice what Chandler was doing, reaching the gates. He looks around and suddenly he sees Ross and Jack enter the airplane connection tunnel.]

JOEY (shouts) : Ross, come back!

[Joey jumps over some sort of railing and starts to run. Suddenly two big security guards (GUARD1 and GUARD2) grab him.]

GUARD1 : Sir, you're not allowed to enter this area without a ticket, and you're certainly not allowed to jump over that railing.

JOEY : But I have to stop Ross, he's getting on that plane!

GUARD2 : That's what most people in this area do sir, would you just come with us?

[Cut to Chandler who enters the gates. He looks around and sees Joey being dragged away by the security guards.]

CHANDLER (to himself) : Well, thatís just great!

[SCENE 9: A coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas]

[The girls are still talking.]

MONICA : Okay. So yesterday you discovered you're still in love with my brother, you and Ross got drunk together and you persuaded him to marry you?

RACHEL : Yeah!

PHOEBE : Then why did you hide in the bathroom this morning?

RACHEL : Well, I - I was ashamed. I didn't want to marry him! I mean, not right away, I just wanted us to get back together. This morning, when it all came back suddenly, I felt like I just lured Ross into it. I mean, heís had a tough year, he's been divorced and all - I didn't know how he would react and then I heard...

(She's cut off by Monica's cell phone that starts ringing. Monica picks it up.)

MONICA : Hello? Chandler, what's going on?

[Cut to Chandler at a payphone at the airport]

CHANDLER : Itís Ross! Heís gone to China with Jack! Joey tried to stop them, and now heís been arrested for trying to jump onto the plane without a ticket! We have to pay five thousand dollars to get him out on bail, and my credit limit isn't big enough. I hope you guys have some money!

MONICA (to Rachel and Phoebe) : Do you guys have five thousand dollars? Joeyís in jail and we need bail money to get him out!

RACHEL and PHOEBE : No. What happened?

MONICA : Well, according to Chandler he was arrested when he tried to stop Ross from getting on a plane to China.

(Rachel starts to cry. Phoebe hugs her.)

MONICA : Oops, uh, sorry Rach. Look, Chandler, we don't have the money. Is there anyone you know in Las Vegas who could lend you some?

[Cut to Chandler. He swallows.]

[SCENE 10: Outside Viva Las Gaygas]

[Remember Viva Las Gaygas? It has been mentioned in episode 412 - TOW The Embryos. According to the subtitles (I'm Dutch, remember) it is a gay café in Las Vegas Chandler's father owns.]

[Chandler is standing in front of Viva Las Gaygas. He doesn't look very comfortable. A cab stops and the girls get out. Rachel still looks pretty upset.]

MONICA : Hey, this is going to be nice. I'm going to meet my future father-in-law!

CHANDLER : Do you think thereís any way we could just leave Joey here in Las Vegas?

(Monica looks annoyed at Chandler)

[SCENE 11: Inside Viva Las Gaygas]

[Cut to inside of Viva Las Gaygas. Chandler and the girls enter.]

(The bartender (BARMAN) walks towards them.)

BARMAN : Excuse me sir, but this is a gay café. I don't think our regulars appreciate this sort of clientele. (points at the girls)

CUSTOMER : Yeah, pretty boy. (looks seductively at Chandler.) Why don't you get rid of those girls and have fun with me?

(Chandler starts to freak out and jumps up into Monica's arms.)

CHANDLER : Whoa, major college flashback, Monica help me here!

MONICA : Excuse me, the hero in my arms is Chandler Bing. He would like to talk to his father.

BARMAN : All right. Follow me.

(The girls follow the bartender. Chandler doesn't dare to let go so Monica carries him.)

[Cut to an office. Mr. Bing (MRBING) is sitting there. The barman enters.]

BARMAN : Excuse me Mr. Bing, there are some people here who want to talk to you.

MRBING : Okay, show them in.

(Chandler, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel enter. Mr. Bing looks up.)

MRBING (surprised) : Chandler? My God, itís really you! Iím glad to see you, son. What brings you to my café? And who are these women?

CHANDLER (nervous) : Uh, hi Dad! Well, this is Rachel.

(Rachel and Mr. Bing shake hands)

RACHEL : Nice to meet you!

CHANDLER : This is Phoebe.

(Phoebe and Mr. Bing shake hands)

PHOEBE : Ditto!

CHANDLER : And this is my girlfriend, Monica.

(Monica and Mr. Bing shake hands)

MONICA : Itís great to meet you, Mr. Bing. Or may I call you Dad?

(Chandler looks really panicked at Monica)

CHANDLER (hurriedly changing the subject) : Yeah, Dad, Iím sorry to bother you, but weíre in trouble. My roommate Joey was arrested at the airport and we need five thousand dollars to get him out on bail. We'll pay you back, we're just short of credit right now.

MRBING : Oh, I see. Well son, I haven't seen you for years! You know what, I'll come with you. I'd love to see how that cute Italian boy is doing.

(Chandler turns away, looks disgusted)

[SCENE 12: A street, somewhere in downtown Las Vegas]

[Cut to a busy street in downtown Las Vegas. Two men get out of a cab. They turn around to cross the street. Yep, it's Ross and Jack Kelly.]


[SCENE 13: Another coffee shop, somewhere in downtown Las Vegas]

[This is another coffee shop than the one where the girls were in previous scenes.]

[It isn't very busy at the coffee shop. A number of booths offer the customers some sort of privacy. In one of the booths we see Gunther (GUNTHER) and his roommate Jasmine (JASMINE - she was mentioned in episode 316: The One The Morning After)]

JASMINE : Come on, roomie! Cheer up. We come all the way to Las Vegas to have some fun and you're still down? Why don't you tell me what's up with you and Rachel?

GUNTHER (shocked) : Me and Rachel, what are you talking about?

JASMINE : Gunther, I've been in your room.

(Gunther looks caught but he's also relieved that there's finally someone to talk with, he sighs)

GUNTHER : It's so frustrating. She is the woman of my dreams, and I would never treat her bad. After she broke up with that idiot Ross I gave her all the time she needed to get some closure so she could fall in love with me. But it looks like she doesn't want to get over Ross. Even after he married Emily she didn't pay attention to me. (maniacal glare) I hate Ross!

(Ross and Jack enter)

JASMINE : Speak of the devil.

(Ross and Jack sit down in a booth next to the one where Gunther and Jasmine are sitting. They haven't seen Gunther and Jasmine.)

ROSS : Jack, I really appreciate this, but don't you think it would be better if you go to China?

JACK : Listen Digger, for the 132nd time: we are blood brothers, and I KNOW that I need to help you now. I get the feeling Ace and that Italian nitwit didn't really want to help you.

ROSS : No - no, itís not that. They're just also close friends with Rachel.

(Gunther, who's listening, looks up, curious)

JACK : That's right. I mean, I think Iím able to look at this problem much more objectively. And besides, heck, those dinosaur bones in China have been there for millions of years. I think they can wait a few days more before I start digging them up.

[Cut to Gunther]

GUNTHER (mumbles) : Great, another dinosaur geek.

[Cut back to Ross and Jack]

JACK : So you got married to Rachel.

[Cut to Gunther. I don't think it's necessary to imagine the expression on his face. He jumps up and runs out of the coffee shop. Jasmine follows him.]

JASMINE : Gunther, wait!

[Cut back to Ross and Jack, they haven't noticed Gunther and Jasmine running away.]

ROSS : Yeah, we got married. But it was a mistake. Iím not in love with her, and she's not in love with me. It was just a stupid drunken mistake. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

JACK : Really?

ROSS : Oh man, I don't know, I was drunk at the time!

JACK : You wanna tell me more about you and Rachel?

ROSS : Jack, I fell in love with Rachel like in the 9th grade. I mean, sheís always been the girl of my dreams. Well, until I married Carol. Me and Carol, we were happily married, until, uh, she decided to switch teams, if you know what I mean. So we got divorced, and around the same time Rachel and my sister became roommates. I fell in love with Rachel all over again. And after she found out she fell in love with me too. We spent a wonderful year together.

(silence, Ross looks depressed)

JACK : So what happened?

ROSS : We had a fight and she said she wanted to take a break. I was so depressed, I got drunk and ended up having sex with a girl from the local Xerox place. She found out, and she was so mad at me that she didn't want to get back together again.

JACK : Well, it wasn't very smart to go sleep with another girl, buddy.


(A couple of customers look up to see what's going on)

JACK : Yeah, actually, maybe you're right.

(Ross looks confused)

JACK : I mean, it wasn't very bright to do the wild thing with that other girl, but I don't think that I have any right to judge you. Heck, I might have done the same thing if I were in the same situation. You apologized to her, right?

ROSS : Of course I did, I apologized like a million times, but she didn't care! She was so mad. We had, like, these huge fights. It was hell, I hated it. I hated myself for hurting her, but I also hated that we weren't friends anymore. Then she introduced me to Emily. Emily and I fell in love, and we decided to get married. But at the wedding in London I made a big mistake.

JACK : What did you do?

ROSS : I said 'I take thee, Rachel' instead of 'I take thee, Emily.'

(Jack starts to laugh. Ross looks annoyed.)

JACK : Sorry, bro.

ROSS : Emily and I got divorced almost right after the wedding.

JACK : And Rachel?

ROSS : Well, since I met Emily, Rachel and I became friends again. You know, she didn't want to come to my wedding at first, but she showed up at the last moment.

JACK : Have you ever asked her why she did show up at the wedding?

ROSS : No.

JACK : You've never thought about that?

(Ross looks quizzically at him)

[SCENE 14: An Office, McCarran International Airport]

[The office of the head of the airport security service]

[Chandler and Mister Bing enter. The Head of security service (THEBOSS) looks up.]

THEBOSS : Oh my God, Eric. (I don't know the first name of Chandler's father, let's call him Eric.) I told you I am sorry but we were on a break!

MRBING : That's not why I'm here John but we'll have to talk about that later. I'm here to pay the bail for Joey Tribbiani.

(Chandler looks at his father and at the head of the airport security. He shivers.)

[Cut to a waiting room. The girls are sitting there.]

RACHEL : He ran off to China. Oh, way to go, Rachel. With my luck heíll end up with Julie or Margarita or some other bimbo over there.

PHOEBE : Hey Rach, cheer up. He'll come back and then you can talk about your feelings. He doesn't know how you feel.

(Mr. Bing, Chandler and Joey enter the waiting room.)

CHANDLER : Guess who's back?

JOEY : Guys! I'm sorry for the trouble I've put you in, but yíknow, I felt I hadda stop Ross.

PHOEBE : That's okay Joey, you did the right thing.

(They all hug.)

MRBING : You know what? Let's go to a restaurant and eat. It's already 1 PM. My treat.

(They leave the waiting room)

[SCENE 15: Another coffee shop, somewhere in downtown Las Vegas]

[Cut back to Jack and Ross. Ross still looks quizically at Jack.]

JACK : You mean you never asked her why she came to London?

(Apparantly Jack and Phoebe have talked about the Ross and Rachel relationship, otherwise he couldn't know.)

ROSS : No.

JACK : I've talked with Phoebe yesterday.

[Cut to a flashback. Phoebe and Jack are in a casino. They are talking about Rachel's attempt to scratch out Jack's eyes.]

JACK : That Rachel girl, does she always react so agressive?

PHOEBE : No, but Ross is very important for her.

JACK : Really?

PHOEBE : Yeah, Monica and I think that she's still in love with him, although she denies it totally of course. But yíknow, she flew to London to try and stop his wedding.

[Cut back to the present time. Ross looks shocked.]

ROSS (stutters) : What? But..uh...

JACK : You heard me right, Digger. Apparently she was still in love with you, even back then. And yesterday I noticed how she looks at you in that VERY special way, just like Margarita and Carol used to look at you back in college. And besides, she almost yanked my head off yesterday when I Ėahem!- cured your amnesia.

(Ross gets up.)

ROSS : I've got to talk to her.

(He sits down again, defeated.)

ROSS : I don't know where she is.

[SCENE 16: A restaurant in Las Vegas.]

[Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe and Mr Bing are sitting at a table.]

[Monica is talking with Rachel, who looks depressed.]

MONICA : Come on Rachel, cheer up. He didn't say it was a mistake or something.

RACHEL : Don't lie to me, that's exactly what he said it was.

MONICA : You heard that?

(Rachel nods)

MONICA : Well, maybe he didn't mean it. Remember, we're talking about Ross, my loveable-but-idiotic brother. Heís been in love with you since the 9th grade. Maybe he's still in love with you but he didn't dare to tell you because it could ruin your friendship with him. Remember the fights you guys had after you broke up? I mean, he hated that, he was in emotional hell. That could be why he thinks it's a mistake. He's afraid to go through all that again. And he didn't know that you're still in love with him.

RACHEL : The last time I told him I loved him was when he was married to Emily.

MONICA : And how did he react? Did he say he didn't love you? No. Maybe you're still in his heart. There's only one way to find out: you've got to talk to him!

[SCENE 17: Outside the restaurant]

[Gunther and Jasmine walk along the restaurant.]

JASMINE : Come on Gunther, there are other girls in the world. There are a lot of opportunities out there!

[The gang exits the restaurant]

PHOEBE : Gunther! What are you doing here?

(Gunther doesn't react)

JASMINE : Don't worry about him, he's depressed. He just lost 100 dollars in the casino.

PHOEBE : Oh, poor Gunther. Rachelís depressed too. She wants to talk to Ross but heís in China.

JASMINE : In China? No way. Really, we saw him ten minutes ago in that coffee house around the corner.

[Monica, Phoebe and Rachel turn around and glare at Chandler and Joey]

CHANDLER (backing away) : Uh, Joey told me he went to China!

JOEY : I swear I saw them boarding that airplane!

PHOEBE : All right. We'll talk about that later. Come on Rach, we gotta find Ross.

[SCENE 18: Outside another coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas]

[Jack and Ross leave the coffee shop while at the same moment the rest of the gang comes around the corner. They face each other. Rachel and Ross look at each other.]

ROSS : Hey.

RACHEL : Hey you.

ROSS : I think we have to talk.

(Rachel nods)

ROSS (turns to the gang) : In private.

MRBING : You know what. Why don't you guys go for a walk in the park. We'll be here in this coffeehouse waiting for you.

[SCENE 19: Another coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas]

[The gang, minus Ross and Rachel of course, Jack Kelly and Mr. Bing are sitting in the coffeehouse. Jack, Joey and Phoebe are sitting at one table, while Monica, Chandler and Mr. Bing are sitting at another table.]

[Cut to the table where Chandler, Monica and Mr. Bing are sitting]

MRBING : So, Chandler. How are things going with you?

CHANDLER : Dad, I donít want us to get into an argument, so letís just say Iím fine, youíre fine, everybodyís fine.  Like you really care about that anyway.

MRBING : Look, Chandler, I know I've been a bad father. But I'm sorry for that. I don't expect you to forgive me, but at least try to accept me for what I am.

(Chandler doesn't react)

MRBING : I know you've had your problems after Nora and I got divorced, but it looks like you ended up all right. I mean, you and Monica make a cute couple.

(Monica looks happy, Chandler produces a weak smile)

MRBING : So when are you kids gonna get married?

CHANDLER (splutters) : MARRIED?

MRBING : Hey, I may be gay, but I would still love to have grandchildren.

(Monica looks enthusiastic, but Chandler looks panicked.)

[Cut to the other table with Joey, Phoebe and Jack Kelly]

JOEY : I swear I saw you guys enter that airplane.

(Jack and Phoebe laugh)

JOEY : Hey, I did what I had to do!

(Jack and Phoebe keep laughing, Joey looks frustrated.)

[SCENE 20: A park in Las Vegas]

[Ross and Rachel are walking in the park. Nothing has been said since Mr Bing told them to go to the park. Rachel sits down on a bench. Ross sits down next to her. Rachel looks at Ross, who is staring in another direction. Finally Ross breaks the silence.]

ROSS : Rachel, why did you never tell me why you came to London?

(Rachel looks shocked)

RACHEL : You know?

(Ross nods)

RACHEL : You wanna know why Ross? Because I was still in love with you. And I didn't want to lose you to that British chippy. But I saw how happy you were with her, so I didn't tell you. I mean, I've tried to get over my feelings and to move on. But yesterday I realized how important you were to me. I don't want to live without you!

ROSS : So you lured me into a quick Vegas marriage?

RACHEL (getting angry) : Damn it Ross! Of course not! We were drunk last night. And besides, I didn't lure you into anything, you were there part of it all the way.

(Ross keeps silent)

RACHEL : Look, I'm sorry Ross. But the truth is, I don't think I can live without you in my life. I know weíve had our problems, and I know we'll fight again, but I love you. And if Iím an idiot for feeling like that, so be it.

(Silence. Rachel looks at Ross who looks away. Finally he turns his face to Rachel.)

ROSS : No, youíre not an idiot. God help me, I love you too, Rachel.

(They kiss)

[SCENE 21: Another coffee shop, somewhere in Las Vegas]

[Cut to same scene as before. Ross and Rachel enter, arm in arm.]

ALL : Awww.

ROSS : Well guys, great news. We're married, and we love each other.

ALL : Oh, great, that's so sweet, I knew you were lobsters! (etc)

RACHEL : Well, I think Ross and I have to recelebrate our honeymoon night, so if you excuse us. We're gonna find a motel to spend the afternoon.

JACK : Well, I guess I'll be leaving Las Vegas tomorrow then, anybody want to go to the casino with me?

PHOEBE : You bet, I'll go, last time was a real blast!

MONICA : I think Chandler and I will go with you too, we definitely need to relax.

MRBING : All right kids, have fun! Let's have dinner tonight at a restaurant to celebrate this happy moment!

ALL : Okay, great, see ya!(etc)

[Ross & Rachel and Chandler & Monica leave arm in arm, Jack Kelly and Phoebe leave together.]

MRBING (To Joey) : Well, that means only the two of us are left.

(Joey looks uncomfortable)

MRBING : Hey, how you doin'?

(Joey screams and runs out of the coffee shop)

[SCENE 22: A restaurant in Las Vegas]

[This is a very expensive restaurant. The gang is sitting at a table. Ross and Rachel are acting like every couple acts in the early stage of a relationship.]

[Cut to Chandler, Monica and Mr. Bing.]

MRBING : Chandler, I hope you can forgive me one day. I've been a bad father, but I am really sorry.

CHANDLER : It's all right Dad, Monica and I have been talking. Sheís right, itís time I did forgive you.

(They hug)

MRBING : That makes me very happy, son. And I'm also very proud of the fact that my boy found this wonderful girl. Promise me that youíll make her happy.

CHANDLER : You bet, I'll do everything I can to make her happy.

(He and Monica hold hands, and look lovingly at each other.)

[Cut to the same restaurant, it's later.]

(The song 'With or Without You' by U2 is playing. Ross and Rachel are dancing close together. We see close shots of their faces, both look very happy. They kiss.)

[The screen fades to black]


[SCENE 23: Back in New York]

[Cut to a shot of Monica. She's asleep in her bedroom, alone. Cut to a shot of Chandler. He's also asleep in his bedroom, alone. Both are having the same dream.]

[A hotel room. Chandler and Monica are in the same bed, asleep.]

[Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey enter]

ROSS : Hey guys get up, we've got a plane to catch.

[Chandler and Monica get up. Chandler is wearing a tuxedo, Monica is wearing a wedding dress.]

ALL : OH - MY - GOD!

[Cut to Monica, she's still asleep, with a happy smile]

[Cut to Chandler, who jerks up awake with a stifled yell and looks terrified]


That's it. I hope you liked it!
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