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Roni's Ross and Rachel Page
TOW All the Bloopers
Roni's Ross and Rachel Page

If you know of any more bloopers I missed, please email-me.

Total bloopers: 136


Filming and editing (56) Birthday bloopers (2)
Acting bloopers (4) Plotline bloopers (32)
Time and flashbacks bloopers (15) Technical bloopers (22)
Casting bloopers (5)  

Filming and editing bloopers (56 bloopers)

  1. TOW George Stephanopolous
    When Chandler, Ross and Joey are at the hockey game, Ross is holding that big hand one second, the shot switches to game and when it switches back Ross doesnt have it anymore. (thanx to caio)
  2. TOW The East German laundry detergent
    Rachel is holding Ross's ice pack, then he takes it and two seconds later she is in the exact same position holding the ice pack like before. (thanx to Jennifer D.M.)
  3. TOW the Butt
    When Joey is taking a shower while they're filming the movie, he is supposed to be naked, but you can see the shadow of his shorts...
  4. TOW All the Poker
    You can see that there are different shots with Rachel's hands in different places, but she hasn't moved them. This takes place when she has just gotten an interview for assistant buyer. (thanx to
  5. TOW the dozen lasagnes
    When Phoebe is telling Rachel about Paola hitting on her and they are sat at the kitchen table in Monica & Rachel's apartment, the kitchen roll is sometimes done up and sometimes unravelled!! (thanx to Emma)
  6. TOW The Fake Monica
    When Monica comes home drunk, her left black strap is down, but when she drinks from the faucet it's up again.
  7. TOW Rachel finds out
    As Ross, Chandler and Joey are talking on the veranda, you can see the video camera's light reflecting on the window. (thanx to Mike Hamblett)
  8. TOW Mr. Heckles dies
    Rachel and Monica are in their apartment when Chandler comes in talking about dying alone. They are all standing in the living room and you see Rachel with her hand by her face. The next shot it's down by her side. The next shot it's back up by her face. (thanx to Lisa)
  9. TOW Ross Finds Out
    When Ross and Julie announce they are going to have a cat, you can see Rachel wearing a necklace, but in another shot the necklace is on the tray she's carying, then it's on her neck again...
  10. TOW the Lesbian Wedding
    Susan asks Ross to dance and she says "I'll let you lead". Then he gets up and they start to dance, but Ross holds Susan's left hand, which actually makes HER lead. Then at the next cut they are holding the right hand.
  11. The One After The Superbowl, Part 2
    Chandler goes to dinner with Susie (Julia Roberts) and she takes all of his clothes. When chandler walks out of the resturant, if u look really close u could see his shorts behind the bathroom stall door. (thanx to Talent82)
  12. TOW Ross and Rachel ... you know ...
    After the scene where Ross's tie is stuck in his mouth, Rachel is taking it out and laughing, then they start kissing, with her head on his left side. Then there's a cut to a different view and Rachel's head is on Ross's right side. It's a small blooper, but it's a cute one ...
  13. TOW The Princess Leia Fantasy
    When Ross and Rachel are arguing because Rachel told Phoebe about Ross's fantasy, Ross is taking a chocolate bar out of the fridge, takes a bite, then the bar is complete again, then it has a bite out of it again ...
  14. TOW No one's ready
    When they are listening to Richards message chandler is not wearing a tie but in the next scene when they are figuring out whose voice was on the other message he suddendly has a tie (thanx to Elizabeth & Jamie)
  15. TOW no one's ready
    When chandler is talking to pheobe about the fact that donald duck never wore pants phoebes hair actually changes while shes talking to him! Unless shes got fast hands I suggest that this is a blooper! (from Ben Bartle)
  16. TOW No One's Ready
    When Rachel gets out of her room all dressed up (at the end), her jacket is in her right hand, after she kisses Ross it's in her left hand, and before they get out it's in her right hand again.
  17. TOW the Jam
    Near the end when Ross says to Chandler "Women talk" the magazine is only half rolled up but in the next shot it is totally rolled up so either he can roll a magazine with out moving his hands or this is a blooper (thanx to Lauren Brandon)
  18. TOW the Metaphorical Tunnel
    When Phoebe says to Monica "and that's why we don't invite you to play", her hands are in one position, and at the next cut they change position.
  19. TOW the Metaphorical Tunnel
    Rachel says to Chandler "You're not a total looser", and then Chandler turns to her and says "I said, so I'm not gonna LOSE HER?", and then you can see Rachel saying "Oh" and putting her hands together, but in the next cut she has both her hands still on Chandler's shoulders and only then put them together.
  20. TOW the Metaphorical Tunnel
    Rachel says Chandler deserves the good ice-cream and goes to get it. Monica, Chandler and her were in Chandler and Joey's appartment, so she would have to go to the other appartment to get the ice-cream, but just 2 seconds later she shows up with the ice-cream. Fast running!
  21. TOW Frank Jr.
    Joey and Chandler are at their appartment and Joey says "we're out of beer". His pencil is then in his hand. In the next cut, when he's going over to Monica's to get the beer, his pencil is suddenly behind his ear.
  22. TOW Frank Jr.
    Joey moves the hamper in Monica's bathroom to show her the original floor color, and in the next cut the hamper is back in its place without anyone moving it back!
  23. TOW The Flashback
    Ross and Phoebe are at the pub after Ross found out Carol is a lesbian. He takes out 3 wine cups, but later we see he pours wine in 6 cups. Later it's 3 cups again.
  24. TOW The Flashback
    When Ross moves the balls from the pool table to the holes of the table, only 2 striped balls are left before Phoebe and Ross lie on the table. Later Ross says the balls are getting in his way and takes out 2 full-colored balls from the table. But all the full-colored balls were already in the holes...
  25. TOW The Morning After
    In the final scenes when Ross and Rachel are breaking up, you can see (barely thought) that that are shots with Rachel's hair looking differently, althought she hasn't moved it. It's at the scene when whe's saying "I think you should go now" 'till they break up. You need to be a real Friends fanatic (like me) to notice this ... ;-)
  26. TOW Monica and Richard are just friends
    At the beginning monica says "well you're gonna have to help me out here because only have 3" or something like that and she folds the bills in her hand to give to the guy. But when richard shows up you can see her hand and the bilss have magically unfolded. (thanx to Angela Yan)
  27. TOW a Chick and a Duck
    Ross is with Joey asking his opinion for which blazer to wear when he appears on the discovery channel. He has a blue one in his left hand, and a brown one in a drycleaning bag in his right hand. When they switch shots, suddenly the blue one is in the bag and the brown one is in his hand? What's up with that? (thanx to Annette L.)
  28. TO At the Beach
    They all go to thebeach house for a weekend so Phoebe can visit Phoebe, an old friend of her mother's. When they walk in the door, there's sand all over the floor, and you see that it's wet spots there, because the sand is dark. The camera zooms in on Monica's(?) face, she says something, and the camera zooms out again. Suddenly, all the sand is dry! After 10 seconds!? (thanx to Yasmin)
  29. TOW The Invitation + TOW the Jellyfish
    Where ross and rachel get back together after he "read" the note, and they are in rachels bed, and he yells "WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!!" they show monica outside the room while he yells it. In the one where ross decides whether or not to send rachel the invitation to his wedding, and they show flashbacks, when he yells it, they show him yelling it. (thanx to Smiles08)
  30. TOW Chandler Crosses the Line
    When Ross is talking to Phoebe about "the sound", Phoebe is holding her red guitar in her lap. At the moment she says "Play that Funky Music, White Boy", the guitar disappears. And in the shot Ross gets up to go get his keyboards, the guitar appears again in Phoebe's lap. (thanx to caio)
  31. TOW The Free Porn
    At the scene with the relaxi-cab, Monica and Chandler are sitting in a one-person-chouch together, and Chandler´s left arm changes from lying on the back of the couch to being around Monica´s shoulder several times. (thanx to Nina)
  32. TOW Rachel's New Dress
    Rachel and Joshua are eating and Joshua gets paranoid over the duck and goose being there. Joshua decides to take her to his home. Rachel went to get into something more comfortable and she comes out in a nightie. She positions herself on the couch with a pillow on her lap. Her arm is first by her face. Next shot it's on the pillow. Next shot it's back up by her face again. (thanx to Lisa)
    In TOW all the wedding dresses, when Ross announces he and Emily are getting married in a month, the magnadoodle is empty, but in the next shot it says "get out!".
  33. TOW The Invitation
    In tow the invitation Pheobe is holding up her invitation to Ross's Wedding and it has the address and everything on the envelope but when they show her holding it again it only says her name not her address on the envelope (thanx to Danielle)
  34. TOW all the wedding dresses
    When Rachel is drinking a beer at Joey and Chandler's, the level of the beer in the bottle changes. (thanx to Ellen B.)
  35. TOW Wedding, Part I
    When Rachel is first running out of her room with her suitcases to go to the airport. She has this light sweater-shirt thing on and then it's off, then it's on, then it's in her hands, and then on again..........I think (thanx to Sarah Gillespie)
  36. TOW Wedding, Part II
    There are flashback scenes from the the first part of the wedding episodes, and there Emily shows Monica where she and Ross will get married and says "it's right over ...". However, in the wedding episodes part I, she actually says "it's over .." (without the "right").
  37. TOW Wedding, Part II
    (continues) Other scenes in the flashback of the same episode have bloopers too: when you see Rachel telling Phoebe she's going to London, it is quite different from the way it was in part 1 (thanx to Ina Andersen).
  38. TOW Wedding, Part II
    (continues) Also, when Phoebe tries to stop her, she scream "I do! I do! I do! Rachel, no!". she didn't say "Rachel, no!" in part 1 (thanx to Ina Andersen).
  39. TOA Ross said Rachel
    when Rachel returns from Greece, Ross says to Rachel, "Thanks Rach, you're the best." Then Rachel pats him on the back and says, "No you're the best." She then begins to walk away. she is about 2 meters away from him and scene flickers and she is standing back beside him walking away. (thanx to Alissa)
  40. TOW All the Kips
    During the scene where Joey finds out about Monica and Chandler, you can see his eyes widen after the "eyelash curler" thing. He looks at Monica, then at Chandler. Cut to Chandler looking distressed. Cut back to Joey, still pointing. Then cut to Monica. In the background we can see Phoebe getting a bottle of water out of the refrigerator. Then a cut to Joey on his chair. In the foreground, we can see Phoebe's legs on the table as she's sitting on the couch.
    Quite the instantaneous leap she took there. :)
    My theory is that the audience laughed for so long that they had to cut a good chunk of it out to fit the time. ^_^ Or it could have just been a reshot, too. (thanx to Richard Lawson)
  41. TOW Chandler's Work Laugh
    When Ross is talking to Janice in Central Perk about him being too whiney, he switches hands when gesturing to her, and then back again. (from Rachel)
  42. TOW All the Thanksgivings
    After Monica cuts Chandler toe, they're all in the hospital. The Doctor that holds the bag with the toe (which is actually a carrot) frist has gloves, the in the next shoot he hasn't, and then he has them AGAIN!!! (thanx to Julie)
  43. TOW Everyone finds out
    Monica and Chandler are in bed and Monica's hair goes from behind her ear to in front of her ear to behind her ear, and so on. (thanx to Jennifer D.M.)
  44. TOW Everyone finds out
    When Monica finds out that Phoebe knows, she is holding a bottle of water in the right hand, the when it cuts to Chandler, he says something, the cut to Monica and the bottle it's is Monica's Left hand, but she haven't moved her hands. (thanx to Alex Fuentes)
  45. TOW Everyone Finds Out
    When Monica says to Chandler "Because you're on my team! And my team always wins!", her hands change position from one cut to another.
  46. TOW Rachel Smokes
    In the scene where Joey looks after Ben for a couple of minutes at the audition, Ben is playing with some coloured toy bricks on a table and is piling them up into a stack. Joey finishes the line "... and the next day you're eating ketchup right out of the bottle". The shot switches to a side view showing Ross walking into the room and seeing Joey and Ben - but the stack of bricks has completely changed. Ross says "Joey", Joey replies "Ross" and then Ross says "Ben... I mean, Ben" and goes over to him. During this exchange Ben lays the new stack of bricks on it's side. When Ross crosses over to Ben the shot changes to show Ben, Ros, Joey and a door opening behind Joey - and the original stack of bricks reappears in front of Ben, fully intact and standing up again. (thanx to Andrew Whewell)
  47. TOW the ride along
    Rachel goes to take the money Ross has lying in his basket, but then the phone rings and she drops it on the table. Later, when Monica goes to take it, it's back in the basket again. :) (thanx to Heather Thorson)
  48. TOW the Ball
    When Rachel enters Chandler and Joey's appartments with the cat and the hand glove, her right hand is on the cat, then on the pillow, then on the cat again.
  49. TOW Joey's big break
    Rachel knocks over a box of cereal and the dispersal pattern changes between the different shots (thanx to Caroline)
  50. TOW Joey's big break
    Chandler holds up three sweater vests and they are folded differently each time the camera cuts back to Chandler (thanx to Caroline)
  51. The One In Vegas
    When Phoebe says "naked alone time" she's starting to turn the left page in her magazine, and in the next cut her hand is on the right page of the magazine.
  52. TO After Vegas
    When Rachel asked Ross and Pheobe if they wanted to go to the cinema and Pheobe said "I've already seen one " but she forgot to say it in TOW Ross Hugs Rachel at the begining (thanx to Kirsten Baxter)
  53. TOW Ross' Denial
    When Ross is trying to get Monica and Chandler mad at each other again, he walks toward Rachel's room to make a point. There's nothing on the carpet. He walks back to Monica and Chandler. Carpet's still empty. Then he leaves. About a minute later in the same scene, Monica and Chandler walk over there and the taped "Squareman" is there. He just magically appeared! (thanx to Shainna)
  54. TOW Joey's Porsche
    When Monica and Chandler see the appartment messed up, at the end of this scene Monica asks Chandler: "when will that be?" and she's holding her hands together, then Chandler turns to Phoebe and tells her "Phoebe, would you take a look at this mess!!" then Monica takes her hands down, at the next cut she's still holding her hands.
  55. TOW Chandler Can't Cry
    When Ross confesses to Rachel that Jill kissed him she says "You know what, you want me to give you something to think about?" and rolls up her sleeves. Then when she's saying "Oh, well thank you for taking your tongue out of my sisters mouth long enough to tell me that" her sleeves are rolled back down. They stayed rolled down while Ross explains why he stopped the kiss. Rachel puts her hands on her hips as Ross tells her about Jill breaking his projector and then they cut to a front-on shot of Rachel - where her arms are crossed and her sleeves are rolled up again (and continue that way for the rest of the scene). (thanx to Andrew)
  56. (14/4) TOW the secret closet
    Mon and Chandler get a bowl. Chandler carries the bowl into the bedroom, but when Mon and Pheebs are talking, the bowl magically appears on the table. this is seeing double!! (thanx to Angie K.)

Birthday bloopers (2 bloopers)

  1. TOW George Stephanopolous + TOW Five Steaks and an Eggplant + TOW Joey's New Girlfriend
    In TOW George Stephanopolous, Ross says that his birthday was seven months ago. The show aired at 25 October, so this means that his birthday was in March. However, in TOW Joey's New Girlfriend Ross tells Gunther that is birthday is in December. In another episode, TOW Five Steaks and an Eggplant, the gang is throwing Ross a birthday party. This was in October. So ... his birthday is in October, March and December? ...
  2. TOW Nana Dies Twice + TOW the Two Parts
    In TOW Nana Dies Twice Rachel said she thought chandler was gay until Phoebe's birthday party when he spent all day looking at her breasts. This was the 8th episode of the first season, and don't forget that Rachel only met Phoebe in the first episodes of that season. In that same season, in episode 117 (TOW the Two Parts) it is Phoebe's birthday again. How could she have 2 birthday in only 17 episodes? ...

Acting bloopers (4 bloopers)

  1. TOW the Stoned Guy
    Chandler refers to the WENUS as the "Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems". However the line was really supposed to be "Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics". (thanx to Shainna)
  2. TOW Mr heckles dies
    After joey and chandler have been talking in mr hackles appartment, as chandler leaves he says "see you matt" but it sounds so much like "man" that they kept it in. listen out for it you my have to go through it a couple of time but he does say it. Just after joey starts questioning his speach. (thanx to Heather)
  3. TOW Five Steaks and an Eggplant
    At the end, Joey was supposed to jump to the phone and say "Bob here!", but he missed the phone and fell. The blooper was so good so the producers decided to keep it there.
  4. The One With Phoebe's Uterus
    When Chandler says "Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black", I'm sure that must be a blooper, but they left it in cause the other guys reacted so well. The only reason i think this is because there's no need for the bit that follows, and the original line "wants his blue blazer back" would have been the intended joke. (thanx to Neil)

Plotline bloopers (32 bloopers)

  1. TOW the Pilot + The One With the Sonogram at the End
    In the pilot ep we see Rachel come in from running out on her wedding etc. but not once, throughout, do we see a ring on her finger (engagement...per se) however, in the 2nd ep Rachel is upset over losing the ring & she "had it on" & ends up losing it in the lasagna. Ok. Where was the ring in the pilot episode??? (thanx to Lisa)
  2. TOW George Stephanopoulos + TOW Eddie Won't Go
    Monica finds out that Phoebe slept with Jason Hurley a couple of hours after he and Monica broke up, and in TOW Eddie Won't Go she finds it out again, and again she seems surprised.
  3. TOW the Butt
    Rachel is excited for seeing Joey's play, and we learn it's the first time she sees him in a play because Chandler says: "You can always spot someone who's never seen one of his plays before". But after the play Joey says that at least this play's better than the one with the trolls, and everyone say "that's right", including Rachel. But how could she know if she hasn't seen him act before???
  4. TOW the East German Laundry Detergent + TOW George Stephanopoulos
    Monica says to Angela that her brother didn't tell her when he lost his virginity, but earlier, in TOW George Stephanopoulos, Monica even knew the exact date when Ross and Carol did it for the first time, which was Ross's first time.
  5. TOW Nana Dies Twice + TOW the Flashback
    Joey says that he didn't think Chandler was gay the first time they met, but in TOW the Flashback it shows that Joey thought Chandler was gay, but never told him.
  6. TOW The Dozen Lasagnas
    The lasagnas contain meat, but Phoebe, a vegetarian, was eating one later. (thanx to Shainna)
  7. TOW The Dozen Lasagnas + TOW All the Kips
    Chandler says his old roommate Kip left the appartment when he got married, but in TOW All the Kips, it's hinted that Kip left after he and Monica broke up and he got phased out.
  8. TOW the Boobies
    Joey´s father asks for Ross wife. Joey´s father seems to know the gang, including Ross before he discovered Carol was lesbian. But Joey met Ross when he discovered that. How is that possible? Did Joey's father met Ross before his son? (thanx to GIL IRURITA)
  9. TOW Underdog Gets Away
    When they all go outside to see the underdog, neither Rachel nor Monica take the keys and actually LOCK the door, yet it's locked when they came back. This could happen if you can't open the door from outside except with keys. However, in every other Friends episodes, everyone pops in the appartment without having keys ...... Also, wouldn't they always want to lock the door, it is NY ....
  10. TOW Ross Finds Out + TOW The List
    We learn that Monica had a cat while she was younger (Ross and Julie are picking up his old cat toys). But in the next episode, TOW The List, Monica is asked if she is allergic to something and she says "cat hair". How can she be allergic to cat hair and have a cat at the same time? ...
    Also...Another thing on Monica being allergic to cat hair...She pets Phoebe's "mom", but claims to have itchy eyes and a runny nose when Rachel's HAIRLESS cat is 6 ft. from her (thanx to Shainna)
  11. TOW Dr. Remoray Dies
    Ross asks Rachel who she has slept which she includes Ross in her list. Yet, Ross say, "Come on, you know everyone I've been with. All, both of them." Yet there were three people he was spelt with, Carol (1), Julie (2), and Rachel (3). (thanx to Angela)
  12. TOW the Bullies
    When ross says to monica that their dad knows someone she can call for a job, phoebe says that that was the 3rd sign today but she says she passed a buffet (1) they were serving franks (2) and there was a spinning chicken (3) so ross talking about their dad would be #4. (thanx to Fuzzybunny22)
  13. TOW the Metaphorical Tunnel + TOW the Dollhouse
    Rachel agrees with the fact that when a man says "I'll call you", he usually doesn't call. However, in TOW the Dollhouse, Chandler says he told Joanne he'll call her but wasn't going to do it, and then Monica asks Rachel if it never happened to her, that a guy said he'll call but didn't, and Rachel said "they always called", like she didn't know that guys don't mean it.
  14. TOW The Flashback
    in the begining Janice asks the FRIENDS "Who of the six of you has slept with who of the six of you?" To which Ross replies "If sorry the answer would be none of us." This episode takes place after TOW Ross and Rachel . . . You Know and a while after Ross and Rachel have been together. So why did Ross say that nobody has slept together when him and Rachel have already done it? (thanx to Angela)
  15. TOW the Jam + TOW Mrs. Bing
    We learn that Joey has 7 sisters, yet in TOW Mrs. Bing, Joey asks Ross (about his own mother), "you think it's easy giving birth to seven children?" ... So how many sisters DOES Joey have, 6 or 7?
  16. I don't know if you would consider this a blooper, but it has always confused me. In most of the episodes including the one with the prom video, and the one with the lady after Ross' monkey, it seems as though Rachel and Monica were best friends in highschool. They seemed inseperable. However, (I can't remember the exact episode) when Rachel and Monica run into each other at the coffee house where Rachel is with her screaming friends, they acted like mere acquantinces. Monica seemed like she couldn't really stand Rachel. Saying something about "Bet you $10, I'll never see her again." If there were so close in school, wouldn't they have been happier to see each other? Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it's always confused me a bit. (thanx to Eric Smith)
  17. TOW Chandler Crosses The Line + TO That Could Have Been
    In TOW Chandler Crosses The Line, and Ross play the keyboards to Chandler, Rachel, Phoebe and Monica, he says: "I’ve never played my stuff for anyone before, so it’s important that-that you understand it’s about communicating very private emotions.", but in TO That Could Have Been, when Ross and Rachel are in Central Perk, Ross tells her that the last time they saw each other was: "at Sean McMahon’s party. I played you one of my songs, y’know Interplanetary Courtship Ritual." So, did Ross have play or not for other people before? (thanx to Lizse)
  18. TOW Chandler in a box + TOW Ross can't flirt
    Chandler tells Kathy that Joey knows only "bad words" in Italian but then in TOW Ross can't flirt, Joey is talking Italian with he's grandmother (and I guess he's not saying bad words to her....) (thanx to Eliana Avitzour)
  19. TOW The Embryos + TOW Mr. Heckles dies
    In the episode where Mr. Heckles dies, Ross is trying to convince Phoebe that evolution exists. Ross says to Phoebe its a known fact like gravity. Then Phoebe replies "don't even get me started on gravity." In a later episode when Frank and his wife have their eggs and sperm implanted in Phoebe, she says she is just going to let gravity take it's coarse...I thought she didn't believe in gravity.
  20. TOW Nana Dies Twice + TOW the flashback
    Rachel mentioned that she thought Chandler was gay when she first met him. If she thought he was gay at first, why did she have this "meaningless sex" fantasy about him later in the car in TOW the flashback? (thanx to Nina)
  21. TOW the worst best man ever + TOW Chandler can't cry
    At the end, Ross, Joey and Chandler all get choked up when Ross decides to make them both his best man. However in TOW Chandler can't cry, Joey says Chandler is "dead inside". If he was why would he start to cry when Ross makes him one of his best man? (thanx to Melika Perry)
  22. TOW Ross Moves In
    Rachel tells Monica she doesn't go for guys right after they get divorced. Has anyone forgot Joshua? He was just getting a divorce when Rachel desperately wanted to go out with him.
  23. TOW All the Resolutions
    Phoebe tells Joey that she doesn't know the actual names of the chords played in the guitar. However, in the episode, T.O.W. the baby on the bus, Phoebe clearly insinuates to Stephanie, the professional guitar player, that she knows Am and D. (thanx to caio)
  24. TOW Chandler In a Box + TOW Joey's Big Break
    When Rachel goes with Monica to the eye doctor they are conversing about how cute the on-call doctor is. Rachel says the comment "So cute I'm thinking about jamming this pen in my eye!" However, in TOW Joey's Big Break, Rachel has a problem with things coming near her eye (and with good reason!), and then Ross starts explaining about her having this weird thing with her eye. Since Ross seemed to be the only one who knew about it, someone could easily assume she had told him about it when they were together. TOW Chandler In A Box happened after they broke up though, so did she develop a weird eye phobia and only told Ross some time after this ep., or did she just temporarily forget???? (thanx to RachelKGreene)
  25. TOW Ross' Denial
    Monica was soooo concerned about Chandler's lounger not matching....Has no one informed her that NONE of her kitchen chairs match?! (thanx to Shainna)
  26. TO That Could Have Been
    When Ross introduces Chandler and Rachel, he says, "and you remember my friend Chandler." But how could Chandler and Rachel ever met if Chandler didn't even meet Ross until college, and the last time Ross knew Rachel was in high school?
    This is interesting (and funny at the same time): this is a dispute I had with Andrew on this blooper. It took a couple of emails and it was so funny that I decided to share it with you:
    Andrew: In reply to the blooper In TO That Could Have Been, when Ross introduces Chandler and Rachel, he says, "and you remember my friend Chandler." But how could Chandler and Rachel ever met if Chandler didn't even meet Ross until college, and the last time Ross knew Rachel was in high school?" - the last statement is incorrect. Ross did meet Rachel after high school, he ran into her at various Thanksgiving holidays - where Chandler was also present (TOW All The Thanksgivings).
    Me: Now it's my turn to dispute your dispute ... In TO That Could Have Been, Ross says the last time they saw each other was in high school, meaning all the thanksgivings we saw were actually flashbacks from the "reality", but in this episode, the reality is different, therefore there were no thanksgivings as we saw them, and Chandler didn't meet Rachel.
    Andrew: I was re-watching the episode again the other day and I noticed that Ros doesn't actually say in the alternate reality that the last time they saw each other was in high school - he says the last time they met was "1987, the day after Christmas, at Sean McMahon's party". He says this in Central Perk when Monica and Rachel are greeting each other. In TOW All The Thanksgivings the first Thanksgiving flashback is set in 1987 at the latest (the 1st isn't dated in the episode but the 2nd is in 1988), which predates the last time they met in the alternate reality by a month or so - which means that Chandler could well have met Rachel either at that Thanksgiving or at the Boxing Day party, if Ross had taken him to either... but even if it's not explicitly mentioned that he did, it's not ruled out either.
  27. TOW Chandler Can't Cry
    Everyone's watching "Bambi" and Phoebe says, "I cried for three days with that one. But on the 3rd day, my Mom killed herself, so I was partly crying for that," or something to that effect. But in "TOW Old Yeller Dies," from a few seasons ago, the whole episode was built around the fact that Phoebe's Mom used to turn off sad movies before the sad parts, so Phoebe had never seen anything sad in a movie. So why would Phoebe have ever seen "Bambi"?? (thanx to Kim Allen)
  28. TOW Rachel smokes + TOW the two parties
    Rachel tells her friends (who smoke) that her dad is a doctor and always told her horror stories.....about ghosts and goblins who supported the princesses right to smoke. (she was going to say horror stories about people who had smoking problems)....yet in TOW the two parties, Rachels dad sent Ross to get his ciggarettes. Does he or does he not smoke? (thanx to Andrea)
  29. The entire time Ross was going out with Elizabeth, the gang teased them about the age difference including Monica. However no one seemed to remember when Monica dated and bedded "Young Ethan" who turned out to be a senior in High school. (thanx to Melika)
  30. TOW Rachel's book
    Chandler and Monica are talking about their future and Chandler talks about how many kids their gonna have and how they are going to have a cat. Monica loves the idea but says "when you were talkin’ about our future you said cat, but you meant dog right." and Chandler says yes. But a few weeks later at Thanksgiving when Pheobe asks if she can keep the dog she found, Monica says no because Chandler is allergic. Why would she suggest getting a dog instead of a cat if he's allergic. Did she find out after? (thanx to Melika)
    Also: In another episode phoebe asks chandler and monica to look after three puppies, to which monica and chandler agree. She then says "I dont mean puppies I mean frank and alice's kids" So chandler sounds fine to look after puppies. So what is it with Chandler and dogs?? (thanx to Rebecca Townsend)
  31. TOW the Proposal (part 1) + TOW in Vegas (part 1)
    Do you remember when Monica meets Richard without a Mustache? A long time after that, in TOW the Proposal (part 1), Monica sees Richard at the restaurant and remarks "I see you let your mustache grow out". Now, that would have been right if it wasn't for one little thing. In the end of the fifth season, before the gang goes to Las Vegas (TOW in Vegas part 1), when Monica is telling Phoebe about her "grabbing a bite" with Richard, she refers to him as tall guy, with a mustache. ???? So Monica already knew Richard had let his mustache grow again. BIG ERROR!!! (thanx to caio)
  32. TOW the Chicken Pox + season 7
    In TOW the Chicken Pox, Monica told Richard she had to sleep on the left side of the bed, however, in season 7 she is seen sleeping on the right side of the bed, a number of times.

Time and flashbacks bloopers (15 bloopers)

  1. TOW the Prom Video
    Chandler makes fun of Monica's size and seems surprised that she was so big. He met her when she was fat during Thanksgiving. (thanx to Shainna)
  2. TOW No One's Ready
    The gang's supposed to be ready at 8pm. While Ross was yelling at them, the clock in the kitchen said it was 4 o'clock...In fact, it's always 4 o'clock on the show. (thanx to Shainna)
    Correction: However the reason the clock constantly points to four o'clock is because it is in fact a cookie jar made to look like a big cartoon style alarm clock. You see, it looks like an alarm clock pointing to four o'clock and says in big, bold, black letters "Cookie Time." As far as I know, there is no clock whatsoever in the apartment. (thanx to Antihategrl)
  3. TOW the flashback
    Ross just found out that Carol is a lesbian. The pilot is supposed to be one year after that flashback (because Rachel sais she was getting married to Barry in a year), but only in the pilot Ross says that Carol moved out her stuff. This means the Carol and Ross lived for a year after he found out she was a lesbian before she moved out. Does that make sense to you? ....
  4. TOW the girl from Poughkeepsie + TOW Metophorcal Tunnel
    Mon says (after being told on her hat to quit bitch) that she's never been picked on so much since kindergarten, when they had to bring someone over from the junior high to see-saw with her, but in "TOW Metophorcal Tunnel" at the end when little Ross is singing "I am Bea, I drink tea, won't you dance around with me" he spills something on him (probably water???) and gets up then runs away crying. After that, Mon comes out saying "Ross" than she cleans up the mess, which at that time she looks 7 maybe 8 and is small, and very skinny too! Does that make sense to you? (thanx to Missy for this good blooper!)
  5. TOW Rachel quits
    (Addition to previous blooper) Monica says she started gaining weight after she had joined the girl scouts and ate all the cookies she was supposed to sell. I don´t think she could´ve been Kindergarten age then, because who would let a 5 year old walk around for ours by herself selling stuff? She must´ve been a few years older. (thanx to Nina)
  6. TOW All the Rugby
    Ross said that he was "Red Ross" when he stood with the guys in line to see "Dances with Wolves". However, Ross met Joey in 1993 (see TOW the Flashbacks), and the movie came out on 1990, so they couldn't have stood in line together for that movie because ... they didn't know each other then!
  7. TOW the pilot + TOW the flashback + TOW All The Thanksgivings
    Rachel met Chandler 3 times, and each time she met him it was like they never met. First it was in TOW the pilot, where Monica introduced Rachel to everyone and also to Chandler. The second time was in TOW the flashback, when Chandler was trying to hit on Rachel. The third time was in TOW All The Thanksgivings, when Ross brought Chandler home and introduced him to his family and Rachel.
  8. TOW the Jellyfish
    everyone is wearing the same clothes from the last day at the beach and also in the apartment when they are hearing the story of the jellyfish. So you would think that both those things happened on the same day, but when Monica, Joey and Chandler are telling the jellyfish story, Chandler says "Sometimes at night I can still hear the screaming" and Joey says "Oh yeah, I just scream through the wall to freak you out". How can he hear the screaming at night when the whole thing just happened that morning? (thanx to Kerry)
  9. TOW Rachel's New Dress + TOW the Flashback
    Ross said that for 6 months before he and Carol split up, all he heard about was how Susan is great. However, in TOW the Flashback, he said Carol met Susan the week before, and at the day he said that (or in the next few days) he found out Carol is a lesbian. So either six months passed in the same episode, or Ross and Carol stayed together for another 6 months after that, or this is .... a blooper!
  10. Carol moves out a year after telling Ross she's gay. You would also assume that knowing that Carol's gay, she and Ross wouldn't be sleeping together. Yet in the second episode, you find out she's pregnant. And not for very long, as it takes the whole season for her to have Ben. So, they must have been sleeping together right up until she moved out, which in the first place, seems to take a long time. (thanx to Neesha and Sarah-Jean)
  11. TOW the Flashback + TOW the Thanksgiving Flashbacks
    Joey moved in with Chandler, that was 1993, right? But in TOW the Thanksgiving Flashbacks, Joey appears in Monica's and Phoebe's apartment in 1992... Joey moved in, then out and then in again? or what? (thanx to Alex Fuentes)
  12. TOW Ross' Wedding
    Joey says he met Ross in a coffee house back home, but the coffee house didn't exist then, it was a bar. (thanx to Shainna)
  13. TOW Phoebe's Dad + TOW Joey's Bag
    Phoebe tells the gang that he left before she was born, but then in TOW Joey's Bag, Phoebe's dad explains how he was a bad father and how he burned the formula, put her daipers on backwards and always made her cry. (thanx to Isabel)
  14. TOW Joey's Porshe
    Pheobe said that Denise, her roomate, would be moving by in on December 26th and then Rachel comented on her might being Santa Clause. Still I remember it, but it is past Dec 26 and Rachel hasn't moved out yet!!! (thanx to CarlyP44)
  15. TOW They All Turned 30
    rachel is monicas age right? and ross and chandler are the same age, one year older than rachel and monica. but in 1988 when rushing chandler through the hospital he was called a 20 year old male, now at that point rachel was 19, so tow they all turned 30 was wrong, it should have aired in 1999 not 2001 (thanx to R88SMILE2000)

Technical bloopers (22 bloopers)

  1. TOW the Pilot
    In the uncut version of the pilot, Barry is referred to as Dr. Barry FINKEL, but in every other episode his name is Barry FARBER.
  2. TOW the Pilot
    At the beginning of season1, in the pilot, Monica and Rachel lived at appartment number 5, and Chandler and Joey at number 4. In every other episode the numbers changed from 5 to 20, and from 4 to 19.
  3. TOW the Butt
    This is another thing you may have not noticed, but not really a blooper: Did you know when Joey is Al pacinno's butt dubble, when he's showering they show behind the directer and there's a box and it says Monica? (thanx to Steve)
  4. TOW the Baby on the Bus
    They changed the stereo for one of the scenes. They usually have this grey stereo but in the scene where Monica is talking to Ross about their childhood there's a different stereo (black) in the background. Then about a minute later Joey and Chandler get home with Ben and the grey stereo is there again. Also, a Danish stereo appears in 3rd season. So basically, they've had 3 different stereos so far (the grey one, the black, the Danish)! (from Ai-Vy Orstrom Moller)
  5. TOW the Baby on the Bus
    An addition to the previous blooper - that Danish stereo is a Bang & Olufsen, which is VERY expensive. Monica is out of work and Rachel is a waitress, mmmm....doubt that they'd be able to afford it! (from Mark Hunter)
  6. TOW the Two Bullies
    When Phoebe goes to meet her father for the first time but the dog stops her and Joey says "It's just a little dog" it shows the dog trying to get into the cab on the window. But in the bottom right hand corner of the cab there is a man's head there which is bold with a bit of hair. (thanx to Amy)
  7. TOW The Princess Leia Fantasy
    Rachel DID get the hair wrong. Princess Leia never wore twin buns after the first movie.
  8. What is up with the girl´s kitchen? Maybe it´s just me, but I think the wooden pole(not the one Monica banged Ben against) is sometimes there and sometimes not. (thanx to Nina)
  9. Do you notice that the foosball table always changes? First it has no glass over it then they have the glass over it. Then it changes colour. (thanx to Amy)
  10. On the outside of Central Perk u see the sign say "Central Perk" and when they have an inside shot of Central Perk the sign is in the same direction it was on the shoud be backwards on the inside but its not..... (thanx to CrazyIssa)
  11. if you have ever watched Mad About You, when the show the exterior of Paul and Jamie's apartment building, it is the same shot that they use to show the exterior of Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler's apartment building on Friends! (thanx to *lauren and steff*)
  12. TOW The Embryos
    At the end, when Monica & Rachel are unpacking their stuff. Monica is looking for a garbage bag, and if you look at the top of their heads you can see a black thing sticking out. (thanx to Lakersgurl)
  13. TOW All the Haste
    Rachel lives in Joey's room, Monica lives in Chandler's. However, when Rachel looks out the window to yell at the singing guy, she is yelling from the last window in the building. Chandler has a window above the bed. That would make his window the last in the building, not Joey's, since his room his closer to the end than Joey's. Also, unless the building shrinks for the hallway where they come in or something, it doesn't allow for the building to be any longer past Chandler's room. (thanx to Shainna)
  14. TOW All the Wedding dresses + TOW the Wedding
    Monica picks up Emily's dress, but when we see Emily wearing it in TOW the Wedding, the dress has lace it didn't have before, and a jacket that wasn't before.
  15. In all the episodes in season 5, Ugly naked Guy's old apartment [now Ross'] appear to be lower than Monica and Rachel's, and pretty far apart. Yet in TOW Giant Poking Device, they are able to poke Ugly Naked Guy by leveling the "poking device", emplying that the apartments were both on the same floor, though on different buildings. (thanx to Karla)
    Addition: i would like to add that with the little bit of sticks that joey had and from seeing how their apartment is on a corner u would think that it was har to get that stick to poke him. and u know it cant be an aprtment next to monicas becuz the balcony faces the street. (thanx to Talent82)
  16. TOW Ross Moves In
    When Monica and Rachel moved into Joey and Chandler's apartment Rachel said that the guys' bedrooms were only big enough for Monica's mattress. However, in TOW Ross Moves In, we see Joey's inside room and it's big enough for the football table and Joey's bed, with plenty of room left over.
  17. TOW Phoebe hates PBS
    In the opening scene, when Rachel goes to Monica's bedroom door she is wearing a pair of brown shoes. When we see her feet next, her shoes have changed to brown strappy shoes and then when we see her feet again the shoes have changed back to the first ones again. This is all within the few minutes of the first scene!! (thanx to Lucy)
  18. TOW Rachel's Inadvertant Kiss
    When Joey spots the hot girl over in Ross apt. block then when he goes over to see her, his shirt changes from a black fleecey top to a shiny wine coloured shirt. (from Mark Hunter)
  19. TOW The Girl Who Hits Joey
    Chandler knocked half of Monica's hair over her face. That may not have been a blooper, but it looked like it. (thanx to Shainna)
  20. TO After Vegas
    This is not so much a blooper as it is something cute to pay attention to - in this episode they put "Arquette" at the end of everyone's name, as a gesture to Courteney Cox's new marriage with David Arquette.
  21. In season five, the inside of Ross' new apartment was blue. In season six, its like a bugendy color. I dont remember anybody painting... (thanks to John)
  22. TO After Vegas
    Ross and Rachel wake up, still having the drawings on their faces. But a few minutes later, when they come down for breakfast, the drawing magically disappears!! It's hard to believe they got it off so quick, becuase they sure had a hard time trying to get it off the previous night...
    An added comment by Andrew: Here in the UK the day before they screened the episode for the first time they screened a behind the scenes documentary about the filming of it. I seem to remember that in the documentary the blooper is pre-empted by one of the makeup people or someone. They go up to the producer and mention to her that the ink is supposed to be permanent so should they have it on for the entire episode. She says no - she says that whenever she's gotten so-called permanent markers on herself they don't wash off straight away but they do fade away anyway, so they should start off in the bed scene with slightly faded markings and then make them fainter throughout the episode. Now I've not checked back with the episode to see if they are faintly visible during the breakfast scene or whether they've completely gone but it wouldn't surprise me if they decided to just lose the markings fairly quickly. They only have one night in which to film it and I can imagine it would have made the life of the makeup artists hell and made the very long shoot even longer.

Casting bloopers (5 bloopers)

  1. The woman who played Carol on TOW the Pilot is Anita Barone, while the woman who played Carol at all the other episodes is Jane Sibbett.
  2. In TOW the Evil Orthodontist, Mindy is played by Jennifer Grey. In TOW Barry & Mindy's Wedding, she's played by Jana Marie Hupp.
  3. In TOW the Birth, the woman who played Carol's nurse when she had the baby also plays Estelle, Joey's agent. Her name is June Gable.
  4. In TOW The Baby on the Bus Phoebe is singing outside Central Perk and then a guy drops a condom in her guitar case. This actor is later known as Frank Jr., Phoebe's half-brother. His name is Giovanni Ribisi. (this probably isn't a blooper but never mind)
  5. In the pilot episode, the actress who plays the waitress (which gives Rach her coffee) is actually the same actress who later plays Jasmine, who works with Phoebe in the massage place. Her name is Cynthia Mann. (thanx to Lilfroggy83)


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