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Roni's Ross and Rachel Page
Roni's Ross and Rachel Page
TOW the Unseen Scenes
Roni's Ross and Rachel Page

Many scenes weren't actually shown to us, but we know they happened. Like Rachel singing Copa Cabana in front of the whole school, Ross breaking up with Jullie, Bonnie, and more.

With the help of people from the message board, I gathered some scenes like that, and put them on this list. Some people were even creative and tried to write those scenes by themselves, and they did a good job...

If you too have an unseen scene you wish you had seen, or wish to write one, email-me and I'll show them here!!


Don't wish you had seen the following scenes ? ...

* Ross's face when Carol told him she's a lesbian
* The one before Rachel's wedding to Barry
* Ross becoming "Red Ross" when he waited in line to see "Dances with Wolves"
* Chandler wearing the panties ...  (the episode with Julia Roberts...)
* The One after "the kiss" in Central Perk  (the end of TOW Ross finds out)
* The breakup between Ross and Julie (he said things flew in the air...)
* What happened, in the prom video, after Ross stood with the flowers in his hands and his mom turned of the video camera?
* What happened after the prom video kiss?
* Ross and Rachel in the planetarium ... ;-)
* Ross and Rachel trying to leave the planetarium
* The breakfast Ross made for Rachel in bed
* Rachel wearing her eye glasses (we know she has a pair, from TOW Ross and Rachel... you Know...)
* How did Ross and Rachel end up in the display area in the museum after they ... in the planetarium? ... ;-)
* Rachel singing "Copa Cabana" in front of the whole school  (mentioned in TOW Barry and Mindy's Wedding)
* What Happened After Ross left Rachel's Apartment when they broke up
* Rachel and Joshua's night club incident
* Rachel wearing her neglige to dinner with Joshua and his parents
* Everybody's thoughts in the Ross-Emily wedding
* A missing scene from TOW All the Kissing
* Ross and Rachel getting married in Vegas
* What DID happen after they got married? ...
* That sink plot in TOW the Unagi
* Monica and Ross playing football at the last GellerCup contest
* Ross smoking marijuana  (mentioned in TOW Ross got High)
* Phoebe stabbing a cop (mentioned in TOW Ross's Sandwitch)
* Ross trying to kiss Rachel in high school and then saying he needed vaseline for his lips (mentioned in TOW the Routine)
* Joey and angela DelVekio (if you remember what I'm talking about...)
* Ross and the cleaning lady


Here are some of the creative writings:

Ross's face when Carol told him she's a lesbian

Scene 1: Carol's Place

Carol: [Opens the door for Ross] Hey, Ross! I'm glad you could come.

Ross: Hey, so what did you bring me over here for?

Carol: Well, sit down. Because you definitely need it.

Ross: [Sits down] Okay, so what is it?

Carol: Well,let's just start with the basics first. We have been in a relationship for some time now. [Pauses as she takes a deep breath] And, I think that we shouldn't see each other anymore. [Looks at her hands]

Ross: [Takes a deep breath] But, why? I mean weren't we happy together? I mean, I was, I don't know about you, but I was.

Carol: Well, what I am going to say to you is; I have been with another woman.

Ross: [His face registers total shock] But, why?

Carol: Well, if you want to put that into a single word, uh... I'm a lesbian Ross.

Ross: [His face is a surprise, then shock, his eyes bulge out, and his ears are wiggling, his hair is a mat of wetness, and his nose is flaring up, and his mouth is open to a big: WHY? he then becomes "Red Ross" he looks like a kid throwing a temper tantrum, smoke can be seen coming out of his ears, and his hair is sticking in all these different directions] HOW?

Carol: [Begins to get nervous] [Walks away from Ross] Well, I was at the gym the other day, and I met this woman whose name is; Susan.And, I don't know we just sort of clicked. [Laughs nervously] I mean, who would know?

Ross: [Still with the "Red Ross" face except redder] Yeah, who would? [Walking around]

Carol: So, are you all right with this? I mean, we could still be friends...

Ross: Yeah, but not bosom buddies! [Glares at Carol]

Carol: Okay, okay I know you are not liking this, but can you at least try to understand what I am going through here? Do you think other people would understand me?

Ross: No!

Carol: Okay... all right, stay angry, I'll just be in the shower if you need me. [Walks away]

Ross: Don't count on it!

Carol: All right why?

Ross: Because Susan could do that for you!

Carol: [Slams the door]

Ross: [Walks to her room] [Yells] I guess this couldn't be spoken on the phone!

Carol: [Shouting] No!

Ross: [Walks out] Yeah, I guess not!

The End

(written by AllMines)

The one before Rachel's wedding to Barry

Marriege. Future. Presents. Love... love... love... All those thoughts filled Rachel Green's head, as she was sitting alone in a room full of presents. As an usual bride in her wedding day, the pressure and all the  questions in her head made her nervous. But again, why should she be nervous? Marriege works in television,  she thought. Barry was safe, she knew him for a long time and she knew maybe it would be... nice. But is it enough?

And what about love? She didn't know what that word actually meant... She didn't know if she ever felt that, but maybe just the fact of not knowing if she ever felt it, showed that she didn't. If you feel it, you know it! That's what people say, isn't it? Is it what makes marriege work? Or is it just a tabu, something people say to ilude their partners, an excuse to get what they really want? She didn't know...

Rachel turned around and grabbed this gravy boat. She stared at it really deeply, enchanted with the details of that simple and yet graceful object. She kept looking at it, and that made her think of her own life. All her life was a bed of roses, if you're willing to call it like that. She always had the guys she wanted, the clothes she wanted, was always sorrounded by high society people. But she never stopped to think if that really made her happy, if she ever got interested by all that, the way she was interested by that simple gravy boat.

Rachel stopped for a moment to think about the past, trying to figure what ever made her really happy. One name came to her mind: Monica. Monica Geller was her High School best friend. Monica was a good friend... She liked Rachel for who she really was, unlikely her other friends, who liked to be around her because she was popular. High School politics can be tough... Friendship are sometimes superficial, but she knew she could always count on Monica.

What could have happened with Monica? Last time she saw her was weeks before the wedding, not so long ago, in a bar. Monica was living in the Village, was single and had this quite weird friend, Chandler something.  Sudenly Rachel had the crazy idea of seeing Monica, who hasn't been invited for the wedding. Maybe they could talk, like old times and who knows Rachel would finally know what to do. She didn't think twice. She went to the bathroom and climbed out the window...

Rachel never thought of the consequences of that act. She knew they were serious, but where they would get her too? She didn't know...

(written by Tina Chaves)

The One after "the kiss" in Central Perk

Rachel, a long life-time crush. Ross, a new found concept of what the perfect guy was. The two of them combined: love, hate, discoveries, disapointment... but most of all friendship. A strong friendship full of love and respect. And after the discoveries and fights results in a kiss. A kiss that seemed to last forever...

At the moment their lips met it was like all their problems were gone... No repressed feelings anymore, no big secrets to carry on their back... No more Julies. A whole new place was built in that moment, a place where they were the only ones and that was the most important thing, the only thing that actually mattered. As they kissed their hearts were filled with joy and scare... Scare of the end, of what that was gonna take them to, but love always wins, and they surrendor to it, sinking slowly into that magic feeling...

They slowly started breaking the kiss, relutantly, still uncertain of how to act or what to say... Should they apologize? But... for what? For letting their emotion speak up? Should they just act in the moment? Make love promises and then next they forget about them? Or who knows just drop it in that right moment? Even if they tried, they wouldn't have make it... So they let their hearts do the whole job, they were the ones who got them into there in the first place, right?

They simply looked into each other's eyes and for the first time they saw how good it felt, how it felt right. Both were embarassed and shy... They've been best friends for a long time and yet they've never done that together before... Even though they dreamed about it, wished it happened, when it did they realized how it was like... For a moment Rachel's mind was suddenly brought to the real world, as she remembered of Julie. She looked a little down... Just the thought of being the "other" made her feel awful... Usually she wouldn't bother that much. But this was Ross... she wanted to be the only one for him.

Presenting her feelings Ross simply took away the hair on her face and put it back behind her ears. She looked up at him again and realized his mind was far away from Julie... This was about them and how they could make it work between them, just the two of them.

The rain was pouring hard outside. Rachel was shivering, so Ross held her close to him and slowly she wrapped her arms around him. Rachel never felt that connected to anymore like that before. They didn't need words... They were just speaking the language of love... their hearts were communicating... eye to eye... with their arms around each other... pressing their body's against the other's... feeling their heat, keeping their warm and safe... (God, this is so cliché!!!  )

During that night neither of them could sleep right... Rachel was too excited about what would happen next. She always knew he liked her, his love was strong, that was proofed that night. She was confident, she was in love... Ross felt disapointed at himself. Getting home he finally thought of Julie, the girlfriend. What should he do? Who should he choose? Sometimes it's hard choosing between dreams or reality... Dreams can fade away... But they can also be fullfilling... Neither of them really knew for sure what to do, so they just layed their heads in their pillows and waited. But... Wait for what?

(written by Tina Chaves)

The breakup between Ross and Julie

[Scene: Julies apartment, they are standing in the middle of the room]
Ross: So, I can't see you anymore, what I feel for Rachel is too strong and I can't just ignore it now that I know she feels the same way.
Julie: What about what we feel for eachother?
Ross: As much as I care about you Julie, the feelings can't even compare to how much I love Rachel. I don't want to hurt you, but I have so much  more of a connection with Rachel because I've known her so much longer.
Juie: (Getting up and walking over to a table) Okay I understand, and it's fine that's just great! (throws a vase at him)
Ross: (dodges the vase) Julie, please try to understand how hard this is for me
Julie: Oh yeah, Ross, it's hard for you, well why don't you think about other people for a change!!!! (picks up a plate and throws it)
Ross: (get's hit by the plate) Ow! Julie please can't we be Friends?
Julie: (looks really mad and opens her mouth to say something, but just throws a cup at him. Julie turns and storms into her bedroom and locks the door)
Ross: Julie! Come on! At least talk to me!!(no answer comes from the bedrom and Ross turns sadly away and

(written by Sandpiper and Heather)

What happened, in the prom video, after Ross stood with the flowers in his hands and his mom turned of the video camera?

[Scene: Geller house, Ross is standing there holding the flowers, his mom has just turned off the video camera]
Jack: Ross uh I'm sorry
Ross: ( a sad look on his face) Oh it's ok, I didn't really want to take Rachel to the dumb old prom anyway
Judy: Ross.....
Ross: Mom it's fine
Jack: Judy, just leave the boy alone for a bit
Judy: No, he doesn't want to be left alone (goes over to Ross) sweetie, is there anything we can do??
Ross: No just leave me alone!!!! (stomps up the stairs)
(Judy goes to follow him but Jack stops her) Jack: no, just give him some time alone. He's just been hurt by the girl of his dreams.....he'll get over it in time
[Scene: Ross's room, he throws the flowers down, and takes off the jaket. Then her goes over to his dresser, opens the drawer and takes out a picture of Rachel. Ross looks at the picture for a long moment, then gets up and then goes to his desk and starts to write a letter to Rachel}

Dear Rachel, I'm writing you this letter because I can't live with myself any longer without letting you know how I feel about you. I've had feelings for you for years, I just hope I can get over them since you don't feel they same way. I wish I could find some way to tell you this to your face but it would be too hard, knowing I couldn't have you.
I love you
-Ross Geller
(Ross puts it in an envelope and writes Rachel's address on it, then stares at it for a second, then puts it in the picuter frame behind the photo of Rachel)
Ross: (To himself) coward!

(written by Sandpiper and Heather)

What happened after the prom video kiss?

This is continued from when Rachel kissed Ross after seeing the prom video.

Monica-I can't belive you did that.


(Rachel goes and kisses him.)

 Phoebe-See,he's her lobster!

Monica-Oh,you guys this is so great.

Chandler Pheebs,and Joey-Yeah!

Rachel-I know!

Ross-(to Rachel)Hey,honey why don't we go take a walk?

Chandler-Sure sweetheart.

Ross-Not you,me and Rach.


(R+R are walking down the street holding hands)


Rachel-So...(looking happy)

Ross-What made you kiss me?I mean,do you forgive me for the list and everything?

Rachel-What do you mean what made me kiss you?I mean after seeing that video why wouldn't I want to kiss you?I just can't believe you were gonna drop everything and take me to the prom.That just showed me how  much you care about me and that made me realize what I was missing in my life,ya know.I was just so stubborn not to let you into my life that way before.

Ross-Well,I was pretty stupid for writing that list I mean why would I need to see why I didn't or did need to be with you.All I need to know is that I like you and you like me.

Rachel-Well I do kinda like you.(Rach smiles)

Ross-Good,cause I like you too.A lot.My beautiful girlfriend.(They kiss very passionately.)

(written by Rachel)

Ross and Rachel in the planetarium ... ;-)

[Scene: The Museum Ross and Rachel are laying on the fur thingy they were sitting on just talking]
Ross: Tonight didn't turn out so bad after all

Rachel: sure didn't  (they smile then kiss)

[Scene: The display Ross and Rachel are there putting the stuff back]

Rachel: (looks at Ross who is bent over st the waist trying to straighten out the fur pelt thing. Ross turns around and Rachel gets embarrassed cause she was looking at his ass)

Ross: You like what you see?...(smiling)

Rachel: (flirting, they walk over to each other) Maybe

(A security guard walks past and they dive behind the little hut)

Ross: I think he's gone now. (they start to leave but Rachel trips and falls over Ross falls with her...and they land in a position kinda like TOA The Beach)

Ross: (brushes some hair out of her face) You look beautiful like this

Rachel: That's so sweet, why don't we get outta here?

Ross: theres no hurry

Rachel: Oh yes there is! (Gets what he means) oh yeah why bother leaving? (they start to kiss and the scene fades out)

(written by Sandpiper and Chealsea)

Ross and Rachel trying to leave the planetarium

(Ross and Rachel are under the blanket waiting for the kids to leave)
Rachel: are they gone yet?
Ross: i don't know
Rachel: check
Ross: i am soooooo gonna get you know fired!
Rachel: So, how was I?
Ross: That doesn't matter right now, we have to get out of here before someone comes and finds us!
Rachel: well, we've already been caught by those kids and the nuns
Ross: THERE WERE NUNS??? o crap!
Rachel: um, no?
Ross: they're going to tell on me! they are so gonna tell!
Rachel: Ross, it's was i good?
Ross: yes! but we gotta get out of here!
Rachel: (pops her head out of the blanket) (goes back under) we can go
Ross: alright
(they both get up and start to go when Ross bumps into his mananger, his manager looks mad)
Ross: (looks surprised) well..........hello there
Manager: leave now, and NEVER speak of this!!
Ross: you're not gonna fire me?
Manager: no, you're one of my best palientoligists. But if you EVER do this again.....then you'll be fired!
Ross: thank you sir! thank you so much, and i'm so sorry!
Rachel: thank you! Thanks so much!

(written by Hailey)

Rachel singing "Copa Cabana" in front of the whole school

Scene: Girls' dressing room
A bunch of girls are standing around, talking and practicing what they're going to do for the talent show.

Rachel and Monica are together. They both look really nervous.

Rachel: (looks curiously at Monica) Mon, why are YOU nervous, you don't have to go up there!

Monica: But you do!

Rachel: Yeah, like I didn't know that...(looks at herself in a mirror and smoothes her dress) How do I look?

Monica: Perfect, as always.

Rachel: Thanks. (pause, giggles) You know, I heard that CHIP MATTHEWS is coming!

Monica: THE Chip Matthews?! Oh my God, you're so lucky!

Rachel: Yeah, but what if I screw up? I mean, HE's there!

Monica: You've got a point...(pause, thinks) can always picture the audience in their underwear...

Rachel: Eew, we've got TEACHERS in there! (they laugh)

Monica: True...just think of my brother in HIS underwear!

Rachel: Gross, no way, Monica!

Monica: Why not? Do you have a problem with my brother?

Rachel: Well, yeah. I mean, a) he's your brother, b) he's kinda geeky, and c) I think he's got this crush on me...

Monica: Duh!

Rachel: Maybe I'll just picture Chip...

Monica: Oh, yeah, that should work! (A teacher enters the dressing room)

Teacher: Okay, girls, places! Our first act is Rachel Green singing Copa Cabana...

Rachel: (squeals, cuts her off) You mean I'M FIRST??!! I'm opening the whole show?

Teacher: Yes, Rachel...anyway, second...(drones on in the background, going over the know how teachers can sometimes be!)

Rachel: Oh my God, Mon, I'm dead!!!

Scene: backstage
Rachel is peeking out from behind the curtains. She looks REALLY nervous. We see a huge audience and really bright lights, as well as Ross, looking kinda nervous, and a really cute guy, supposedly Chip.

Teacher: No peeking, Miss Green, away from the curtains!

Rachel: Oh, man! (the lights go off) Is there a blackout?! Am I saved?!

Voice: Welcome to the Lincoln Jr. High Talent Show! Please give your attention to our first act, Miss Rachel Green, singing "Copa Cabana"! (the audience cheers, we can see Ross cheering wildly. The curtains open and a REALLY bright spotlight shines on Rachel. Someone hands her a microphone, and we can see her really  flustered. Music starts to play)

Rachel: (singing) Her name was Lola...(voice cracks, we hear Chip and some people in the audience laugh.

Ross looks really upset at them. Rachel notices Chip laughing and looks like she's about to cry. Her voice grows really shaky, like she IS gonna cry, still singing badly)...she was a showgirl...(audience continues to laugh)...with yellow...feathers in her hair...(a tear rolls down her cheek)...and a dress...(runs off the stage sobbing)

Ross: Oh my God, Rachel! (Chip and his friends are cracking up...he runs backstage, where Monica is comforting a crying and very disturbed Rachel) You did fine...are you ok?

Rachel: WHY would I be okay? I just humiliated myself in front of the whole school, and to top it off, CHIP MATTHEWS laughed at me! I'm mortified!!! (*Aww...poor Rach!  Take it from me, with experience...middle schoolers can be cruel, I know exactly how she would I'm really into this story!)

Ross: That's cuz he's a jerk! I think you did great, Rachel, really. I never would have had the guts to go up and even ATTEMPT at doing something like that!

Rachel: Thanks, you guys. (she hugs Ross and Monica)

(written by Amanda)

What Happened After Ross left Rachel's Apartment when they broke up

Ross: This can't be it ( weepy)
Rachel: Then how come it is


(Ross leaves the apartment and goes to Central Perk and Gunther is there working late cleaning dishes the coffee shop is empty except for Ross and Gunther)

Gunther: So how did it go with Rachel?
Ross: (Went over to the couch and sat down while Gunther is cleaning at the counter) We broke up
Gunther: (Drops his cup and the cup breaks Gunther smiles) Thats too bad
Ross: My life is reined now, she was the best thing that every happened to me. When i was younger i dreamed of having her and then i got her and i had to wreck everything
Gunther: I know but their will be others
Ross: No!! No!! (Gets up and goes near the door and turns around to look at Gunther) Gunther yesterday was special
Gunther: I know your anniversary
Ross:( interupts Gunther) No I was going to take her to the planetarium (reaches into his pocket and pulls out a black box) to ask her to marry me. (silence) But i will never get her back again.(Throws the box and it lands on the couch Ross leaves)
Gunther:(picks up the broken cup on the floor and throws it away and goes over the couch and see's a black box and then sits on the couch and opens it and see's the ring and the closes the box) He will get her back

Scene fades

(written by Laurie Hefferan)

Rachel and Joshua's night club incident

The One With the Nightclub...
Remember this episode, where Rachel goes to Joshua's nightclub? Well, I'm just writing that scene where she isn't able to go in...just trying something out.

Scene: outside nightclub
It's raining, and we see a man standing at a door. He's looking and checking names off a list as people enter.
We see a cab pull up, and Rachel gets out, wearing a really nice, short, black dress. She puts her umbrella up and goes up to the man.

Rachel: (whispering to herself) Okay, you can do this, him over, make him realize how great you really are! (she smiles nervously)

Man: Name, please?

Rachel: Rachel Green.

Man: (looks down the list, and a few drops of rain smear the ink) I'm sorry, miss, but there is no Rachel Green on the list here. If you'll please step aside...

Rachel: What?! But Joshua said he'd put me on there! Um, can I please see the list?

Man: I'm sorry, I really don't feel at liberty to do that.

Rachel: Please, my friend said he'd put my name on the list, here...(pulls out the card that Joshua gave her) See? He gave me this.

Man: Alright miss, but make it quick. (hands her the list and looks over her shoulder)

Rachel: (reading down the list) Lynn Farnsworth, Patrick it is, Rachel...(voice trails off) Rachel Greep...sir, the rain must have made it run...(girl jumps out behind her, let's dub her "Rachel")

"Rachel": I'm Rachel Greep, I'm Rachel Greep!!! (waves her hands around)

Man: Yes, ma'am, go right on in! (smiles and lets her in)

Rachel: No, no, I'M Rachel, I'm the REAL Rachel!!! (sighs, distressed, and sits on the wet curb) Thanks a lot!!! (frowns, puts up her umbrella...another woman comes from behind her and grabs the handle) Hey, hey, what do you think you're doing???!!! (pulls on her end of the umbrella, but the woman won't let go)

Lady: Give it to me, it's raining!!!

Rachel: No duh! That's why I have it! (pulls again) LET GO!!! (woman pulls, Rachel lets go, pulls her arm back, and punches the woman in the face) Now THAT'S for...for tryin' to steal my umbrella and for not being Joshua...(starts crying) This sucks!!!

Man: (offers her a tissue) I'm sorry, Ma'am, company policy.

Rachel: Yeah, whatever, thanks for nothing. (sees Joshua) Oh my God, Joshua! (calls) Joshua!! (he doesn't notice) Oh, will ANYTHING ever work right for me?!

(written by RanmaFull)

Rachel wearing her neglige to dinner with Joshua and his parents

[Scene: A resturant Rachel she is wearing her nite, Joshua and his parents are there]

Dad: So then I said to the bell hop your country sux!
Rachel: Oh ha ha
Mom:Where is the waitress I could really go for some wine
Rachel: Yeah me too! [A waiter walks by carrying a huge pitcher, he stops behind her and trys to look down her front] What the hell are you doing?
Waiter: Oh sorry I- [he trips and drops the pitcher on her, which is filled with icy cold water, she jumps up and screams then runs to the bathroom, Joshua bangs his head on the table over and over and over again]

(written by Sandpiper)

Everybody's thoughts in the Ross-Emily wedding

all the thoughts are in brackets, the actual script is NOT:

Minster: Now Ross, repeat after me. I Ross...
Ross: I Ross...
(Ross: it's getting closer...)
Minister: Take thee, Emily...
(Ross: here goes ...)
Ross: Take thee, Rachel...
(Rachel: OH-MY-GOD!! He said my name!! YES!!!! I KNEW he loves me!!)
(Emily: I'm going to kill you)
(Chandler: OH-MY-GOD! Monica looks so good in that dress...)
(Joey: OH-MY-GOD! So we won't have cake???)
(Ross: Why is everyone staring at me?)
(Rachel: So are we married now?)
(Monica: OH-MY-GOD! There's a chair that is not aligned with the whole row!!)
(Chandler: MONICA!!)
(Monica: Sorry, I meant, OH-MY-GOD, Ross said the wrong name!!)
(Phoebe: Maybe I dialed the wrong number and this is the wrong wedding...)
(Ross: Oh, now I get it)
(Ross: OH!!!!!)
Ross: Emily. (A slight chuckle.)
(Ross: Oooops....)
Ross: Emily.
(Ross: Will she kill me??)
(Emily: I'll kill you!!)
(Ross: She will kill me....)

(written by me - Roni Raab)

A missing scene from TOW All the Kissing

TOW All the Kissing (when Rachel told Ross she loves him)
initially it was suppose to be like this:

Rachel: Thank you for being so... nice.

Ross: I love you, Rach.

Rachel: (Smiling) I'm just glad I didn't give you the cassette tape of our songs.

Ross: What songs?

Rachel: With or Without You. Everybody Hurts. Rhiannon.

Ross: Rhiannon? Why Rhiannon?

Rachel: You remember. That time in the living room... on Monica's laundry.

Ross: Not me.

Rachel: Really? (Realizing) Oh, right

(this is a REALLY missing scene from TOW All the Kissing, sent in by Benito Blanca)

Ross and Rachel getting married in Vegas

(Scene-Casino,they're walking after seeing the statue of the naked man)
Ra(chel)-Hey,ya know what'd be really funny?


Ra-Is if we get married,y'know that thing you did with those girls,Karen and Emilo.

Ro-Oh yeah that was fun,I married Karen,who is a lebanese,Emilo,who is a Brittainer or some kind of Brittian person,and now I'm gonna marry Raquel the doodle faced girl.

Ra-It's Rashel,no Raja,oh who cares what my name is.


Ra-Oh it's Rachel.

Ro-What is?

Ra-My name.

Ro-Oh yeah.(He has a look on his face that says,"No,that's not right either.")

(So,they're walking and they're looking for a chapel and they see one,The Little White Chapel.And next to it is a Pizza Hut.)

Ra-We should get married there.

Ro-Ok,but since you picked the chapel,I pick Pizza Hut for our wedding dinner.And plus they got a newlywed special.

(So,they go into the chapel.)

Ra-We'd like to be married.

La(dy)-What are your names?

Ro-Ross.And hers is......


Ro-Yes!(He's still confused about it.)

La-Ok go right in.

(They're in a pink room with pink chairs,etc.)

Ro-Wow,it looks like the church took an overdose of Pepto-Bismal.

Ra-There is the marrying guy up there.

(A minister is waiting.)

Min(ister)-Ok,what are your names?

Ro-Ross and..Rachel,(mumbles)I guess.

Min-Ok so,do you have rings?

Ra-No,we don't want them.

Min-Ok.Now,Rachel,do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband to love honor and charish till death parts you?

Ra-Yeah ok.

Min-And do you Ross take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife to love honor and charish till death parts you?

Ro-Alright,hey man could you hurry it up,I'm hungry.Plus the newlywed special is only for a limited time.

Min-Alright,now by the power invested in me and the state of Nevada,I now pronounce you,husband and wife,you may kiss the bride.

(They kiss very fast then high five.The minister give them rice.they run out of the church.Then they throw the rice.)

Ro-Hello Mrs. Ross!

Ra-Hello Mr. Rachel!


(They both run out in separate directions and puke.Now you can see C+M looking bewildered as Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" plays and the screen fades to black.)

(written by Rachel87)

Ross and the cleaning lady

[Scene: Ross and Chandler's dorm, Chandler is there watching something with women in swimsuits, enter Ross](they don't look as stupid as in TOW The Thanksgiving Flashbacks)

Ross: Dude what are you doing here I told you Carol is coming over!
Chandler: Sorry I forgot (knock on the door)

Ross: That's her now!!!!

Chandler: Okay, okay man don't have a heart attack I'll just hide in the bathroom and wait till you guys leave

Ross: Okay fine (Chandler goes to the bathroom, and Ross gets the door)

Carol: Hi, Ross

Ross: Hey (they kiss)

Carol: Listen umm we have to talk

Ross: This dosen't sound good

Carol: No it's not umm I think we need sometime apart

Ross: What, what did I do?

Carol: Nothing it's just, I don't know I just need sometime to think about stuff and well I'm sorry. (He doesn't say anything) Maybe I should go

Ross: Yeah fine

Carol: Bye (she leaves, Chandler comes out of the bathroom)

Chandler: I'm sorry man

Ross: I don't get it!

Chandler: Hey why don't we go out and have some drinks hu?

Ross: No, no thanks

Chandler: Come on man just go out and have some fun

Ross: Okay, okay (they leave)

[Scene: The hallway, Ross and Chandler are pretty wasted]

Chandler: Oh man that party was (mumbles incoherently)

Ross: I know thanks for taking me to it man, your my bestfriend (hugs him)

Chandler: Okay, yeah whatever (Ross goes into his dorm but Chandler goes into the one across the hall, he plops down on one of the beds)

[Scene: Ross and Chandler's dorm, enter Ross, a woman jumps up holding a feather duster as if the throw it at him]

Woman: Oh it's just you

Ross: Wha? Oh hi Roni (Roni I'm not basing this character on you I'm just using your name cuz I can't think of another one, so please don't get offened)

Roni: Hey, go to a party? (she returns to her work)

Ross: (giggling) Yeah it was great!

Roni: Well me and the dust bunnies have been having the time of our lives here

Ross: Oh must suck to have to work on a Friday night

Roni: Well yeah

(she bends over to pick pick up something on the bottom of her cart of cleaning suff, Ross cheaks her out, she turns around and catches him looking at her)

Roni: (smiles) You like what you see hu?

Ross: Ummmm.....

Roni: (walks over to him and sits on his lap) Ya know I've always thought you were kinda cute

Ross: You did?

Roni: Uh hu (kisses him, he looks really shocked then he gets into the kiss)

[Scene: the hallway outside Ross and Chandler's drom, there is a scream, the door to the apartment across from Ross and Chandler's opens and Chandler comes out]

Woman: Get the hell out!!!!! (hits him)

Chandler: Wait, wait this must me some kind or mistake!

(hits him more the goes back inside, Ross opens the door to his and Chandler's, him and Roni are both convering themselves with a sheet)

Ross: What's all the screaming?

Chandler: Okay there are four of you but this is still very interesting! (Ross and Roni look at eachother then at the floor)

(written by Sandpiper)


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